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Free Images Hosting

Images are important components in any online business. While most websites have the FTP facilities to upload and store images, there is still a huge need for dedicated image hosting and sharing platforms that make it easy for non-techies to easily store and share their images.

For bloggers and online marketers, image hosting platforms are great places to help them store, re-use and share their images.

If you are like me working online with a huge storage requirement, you’ll be interested in this free image hosting platform. [Read more...]

Ngah Benoit ~ Blogger of the month

Ngah Benoit

Hi everyone, I’m excited to bring on board one very interested starter. This guy is the first blogger I’m meeting in my country that means business.

As a matter of fact, he’s benefiting from my free coaching service. I met him just about 1 month ago and he has been able to put up an impressive blog. [Read more...]

Earn $1 to $500 by posting a Guest Post on your Blog [infographics]


It’s becoming almost very easy to make money blogging these days. If Adsense is failing you, Paid guest posting is an excellent way to get pretty nice series of earnings paid to your account.

No Joke!

GuestCrew is standing by to put some money into your wallet as a blogger and help you gain some more exposure as an advertiser.

Here is a very simple-to-understand guide (infographics) on how to use this money making platform for bloggers and advertisers. [Read more...]

25 Amazing Responsive WordPress Themes for Your Start-Up

Responsive WordPress Themes

Launching a new business is always a challenge. Your brand is not known on the market, and a simple mistake in your marketing and PR strategy can have a lasting negative impression. That’s why every representation of your start-up should be carefully thought through: after all, there is no second chance to make a first impression.

The website is one of the key concerns for a start-up: this is where all your online marketing efforts will be driving leads, and this is where leads will decide whether or not they become your customers.

How Do You Launch a Top-Notch Website on a Budget?

Start-ups often have restrained budgets, but even if you have plenty of funds to invest in a website, it is always a good idea to spend less while receiving the same! The cost of a stunning website doesn’t have to be four figures. With an open-source content management system and an affordable ready-made design theme for that CMS, launching a website needs much less time and costs. Here’s how to do that. [Read more...]

Efoghor Joseph Ezie ~ Blogger of the week

Efoghor Joseph Ezie

Hi everyone, this week, we are meeting a friend and good blogger from Nigeria. Joe is an common face arround and a very active blogger. He has featured on my blogs as guest authors providing in-depth content for his readers.

When it comes to blog commenting, just does not joke about it. His comments often challenge the entire blog post. [Read more...]

What is the best Paypal Alternative?

best paypal alternatives

If you are doing some business online and not living in the US, Canada, Uk or a few other countries, I’m sure one of your biggest issues is looking for the best Paypal alternative.

Paypal is unarguably the most widely used payment processor on the Internet today. What makes it most attractive is security and ease of use. Integrating Paypal payment button on your website or even on a very complex shopping card is with no stress.

Over the years, Paypal has worked extremely hard to gain the attention of many online business owners and Internet Marketers. As a matter of fact, some buyers will not buy on an online shop where Paypal is not an option. [Read more...]

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