30 Days Challenge – How to Make Your First $1000 from Fiverr

For most of us, Fiverr is a website where we could buy goods and services for cheap prices. For some others it is a place to make a few bucks online.

But for me, it is everything.Literally I mean… it is everything!

For the past month I’ve been making a full time living from Fiverr. So recently, I quit my day job and now I am living an internet lifestyle by being my own boss.

What is Fiverr

OK… For those who are living under a rock who still don’t get what Fiverr is, let me explain. Fiverr.com is a marketplace where people buy and sell small services for just $5.

In this article, I’ll take you behind the scenes of my Fiverr earnings and show you how I earn full time income being a part time Fiverr seller.

I hate screenshots since they can be faked easily! So watch the video below.

It all started 30 days ago…

There is a big myth…

Most of the people believe it is almost impossible to earn money online if you are just getting started.

We’ve also been taught that earning a full time income online is basically impossible if you don’t have a popular blog or massive social following.

Let me share my story. I started selling some gigs on Fiverr a month ago. Till now, I’ve not promoted my gigs from my blog or using social media and still I managed to earn  4-figure income with ease.

All I have done is by leveraging the potential of Fiverr Search which is what I call FSO (Fiverr Search Optimization)

3 Simple Steps I’ve Taken to Make $100 per day from Fiverr

As I said Fiverr has huge potential to make money. Even if you don’t have massive following still you could make awesome money.

Here are some few simple steps by which even a child can make at least 4-figure income from Fiverr…

Step 0: Identify your unique quality and sell on Fiverr.

Most of the bloggers get it wrong. They thought selling gigs on Fiverr is not for them as Fiverr pay them only $4 for their awesome creativity and time.

In fact, you don’t need to spend a lot of time for the services you provide on Fiverr.

Here is an example.

This seller is making $4 for every 10 seconds he spent in front of camera.

Step 1: Make your gigs awesome and standout

It is true that there are a lot of gigs listed on same category offered by different sellers around the world on Fiverr. So if you started selling something, your gig has to be awesome and standout from other gigs listed on Fiverr.

Let’s see how Fiverr search works and how a buyer buy your gig.

Imagine that your gig is new on a particular category.

As your gig is new, for some amount of time, Fiverr will give priority for your gig in search result. So whenever someone search related to your gig, chances are there that your gig will be shown among with the other higher reputed gigs for some amount of time.

In this period, if your gig performed well which means your gig got some quick positive feedback and collected by many, then automatically Fiverr continues to give priority for your gig on search result.

On the other hand, if your gig fail to perform well, automatically it will get dumped inside the search result.

So make your gig awesome by displaying a video or at least an awesome graphic that compel people to buy your gig.

make money on fiverr

Step 2: Start selling related gigs

Once you got busy by getting some orders for your gig, the next step to take is to offer more related gigs. I mentioned to sell related gigs because you can even promote your gig from your existing successful gig if you sell related gigs.

For example, if you sell graphic designs services on Fiverr, chances exist that  your old customers will be interested to buy your new related gig so that promoting new gig will be much easier.

Step 3: Aim on positive feedback and higher levels

On Fiverr, money lies on higher levels. Even if your sales won’t increase you could earn more money if you are on higher level.

In fact, almost 50% of my income is by selling extra gigs.

Each levels open new opportunities, benefits and tools that will help a seller generate higher income.

Level 0: You’re total newbie seller. You could sell gig only for $5.

Level 1: You’re active for a month and made at least 10 sales with awesome ratings. Now you can sell multiple gigs at a time (maximum of 4) and you can sell 3 extra gigs even for $20 each.

Level 2: You made 50 orders in past 2 months with excellent ratings. Now you can sell up to 8 multiple gigs at a time and sell 4 extra gigs even for $40 each.

Top Rated Seller: Unlike other levels on Fiverr, this level has been given to the seller by Fiverr editors manually. You could sell an extra gig even for $100 if you are a top rated seller.


Not every gig created will break sales record. It is quite normal that some of your gig may fail to get much exposure and even a single sale.

But try creating various gigs. If you fail to make any sale in the first week, remove that gig and list a new one.

Be ruthless to non-performing gigs.

My strategy is to always stay out of trouble and follow the rules. If your aim is to get a big sale outside Fiverr, note that according to FiverrToS, sellers should not communicate with the buyer outside Fiverr and shouldn’t make sale outside Fiverr.

They are so strict with their rules so obey it and have some fun!

Have you ever tried selling on Fiverr? What is your overall Fiverr experience.. Let’s talk via comments.

Meet Shahzad Saeed

Shahzad Saeed has written 1 post in this blog.

Shahzad Saeed is a full time Fiverr seller who makes up to $100/day from Fiverr.com. He recently bought a blog, WPBlogTips.com where he shares his money making secrets.


  1. Yeshua Quijano says:

    Wow! I never thought you could earn that much on Fiverr. I might try this sometime when time allows. So tell me, what are your gigs on Fiverr?

  2. I too want to be a part of Fiverr for earning some quick bucks. I have heard guys saying that its very tough to earn bucks on fiverr but this article cleared my doubts. If you can create a good quality gigg then you will definitely attract some customers. Thank you Shahzad for this awesome article.
    Ankur Upadhyay recently posted..Tips to drive Facebook traffic to your blogMy Profile

  3. Glad to know it helped you buddy :) Try, go forward and start selling gigs on Fiverr. A great community is waiting for you…
    Shahzad Saeed recently posted..Why You Fail to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing [Resolved]My Profile

  4. Hi Saeed,

    I am very much delighted with the way you have pragmatically demystified whatever ambiguity I have attributed to fiverr in time past.

    I will use your tips as guide to excel in in freelancing via the fiveer platform
    Obasi Miracle recently posted..7 Plugins to save your server some juiceMy Profile

  5. Hey Shahzad Saeed,

    Great post, specially for the indirect Morale Support, even am a seller on Fiverr and not making such a handsome output from Fiverr…

    This time will attack in much force, but nice article.
    And yes the level plays an important role as people prefer level 2+ sellers as compare to Level 1.

    Thanks bro…inspired a bit with your income stats see you on fiverr now…
    Ajit Tiwari recently posted..Why New Bloggers Expect Everything for Free and Crying Afterword?My Profile

  6. Actually there are 2 myths still going around. The one you mentioned, and the other one would be that it’s so easy to get rich online. And I agree, it takes more than a few words for one to be convinced that we can indeed make money online through websites like Fiverr.

    Thanks for the awesome evidence you showed that that is possible.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, and if you still don’t know about it, Kingged.com is an IM social bookmarking and content aggregator site. I left this comment there as well. :)

  7. Hey Shahzad,

    Oh wow great tips mate. I think Fiverr is a good place to start and hey, I think it is working out well if you have the time. Certainly going to try there and see how it goes around.

    Thanks for sharing mate!
    Reginald recently posted..3 Steps To Design The Best Business Website TemplatesMy Profile

  8. Making money with Fiverr seems interesting but somethings one might be confused on which type of Gig to set-up. Is there way of getting Top 10 or the most selling Gigs on Fiverr and is it advisable to join the top selling Gigs or create something Unique other than top selling Gigs ever on Fiverr

  9. Tobi
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hello Saeed, to be sincere i have been waiting for a day to find this kind of blog post on enstines blog, and today here i find it.

    Fiverr has been the best place for serious sellers where they can showcase their area of expertise.
    I have been making money there too, though i haven’t reached the level of making thousands a month i still make hundreds, but i think with your tips here i will be hitting a thousand plus dollar this month.
    Tobi recently posted..Adsense Alternatives Bloggers Can Make Money Online WithMy Profile

  10. It seems like this one is tempting. But even if it sounds alluring, if you will not make an effort, you can’t prove it. In my observation and understating, it is not that tricky and hassle to use, since you said that we don’t need to spend a lot of time. But in that case, still review is a must.

    Anyway, by doing so, surely one person may possibly be rich if they are paying attention and if they have knowledge on what field they are in. Thanks for sharing this one with us!

    This comment was left on the Internet marketing site – kingged.com where this post shared.

  11. Lisa
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I’ve bought services on Fivver and was happy about it as it saved me a lot of time. I’m not sure yet what services I could offer. I’ve thought about it on and off. You have inspired me here more to dig a little deeper into it. It would be nice to make some extra monthly income via it. Thanks for sharing your tips on the levels. Interesting :)
    Lisa recently posted..Add Social Media Share Buttons Anywhere Without a PluginMy Profile

  12. I have always found it virtually impossible for new people to make money on Fiverr due to the sheer volume of people trying to make money on Fiverr, it is very good to hear that you have managed to make money almost straight away.
    Dean Saliba recently posted..Want More Comments? Here are 6 Ways That will HelpMy Profile

  13. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    Hey Shahzad,

    I have thought about using Fiverr, but every time I am stuck on choosing what to offer (I do have some designing skills, but there are a lot of other good designers within Fiverr). I am working on improving my skills, so that could help.

    Anyways, I don’t plan to sell anything on Fiverr, at least not now. Most of my plans are blog related (Writing services, Kindle books, Niche sites, Affiliate marketing etc).

    Thanks for the tips, though. Might be useful if I ever do plan to pursue my interests in Fiverr.

  14. Hi Shahzad,
    I have heard about Fiverr and there are a lot of people who are minting out huge money by selling their gigs.
    But as a buyer, I had been once deceived on Fiverr by someone and since then I kind of developed a negative image for it.
    But I think that now its time to revisit the great website.
    Thanks for this information. Its a new way to earn some quick money online.
    Vineet Saxena
    Vineet Saxena recently posted..5 Reasons Why You Must Use Child Themes For WordPressMy Profile

  15. Great post I will definitely try fiverr thank you for sharing this tip

  16. I think it’s great if you can make some money online, but quitting your day job to live of an affiliate sale, is a terrible idea,
    not to mention it takes allot of time and hard work to actually earn the money from it, it’s not like they’re gonna give you the money for free and for a couple of clicks, you have to work hard for it, but what i hate the most about such websites, is that you have no control over anything,
    as a start-up web they would pay good i guess but after a while they might change their terms and conditions , or their commission rate, or whatever they change for their own good, you have no control over it.
    they can fire you easily, pay you less, not pay you at all , you have no legal contract, and you can’t do anything about it.
    so i would say making some extra money with this sounds amazing, but actually depending and basing my lifestyle on website like this, never.
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
    Mitch recently posted..How to Build A Professional-Looking Resume Or CV In 5 MinutesMy Profile

  17. I’ve created a gig on fiverr but failed to get good income from it due to lack of promotion and quality. After reading some random articles on web I’ve come to the importance of quality on Fiverr. Further, our gig should be unique in the thousands of gigs listed in it to attract the users.

  18. Fiverr Guy says:

    The search tip was a good one, but generally you are gonna need a lot of hard work to even begin to make sales on fiverr.

    I would suggest people search for gigs that well help you to create an awesome looking gig, MANY people overlook that!

  19. Saima Ashraf says:

    How can I make my blog http://www.dogsdata.com earning like you claim?

  20. Making money with fiverr is not a day job, but it a nice video proof you got there, i make about $20 – $100 monthly from fiver. so fiver is a sure to make money online if you put in the time to check out it works.
    frank joseph recently posted..Niche Challenge: Building a Niche Site from ScratchMy Profile

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