How to attract HIGH CPC ads and earn more with Google Adsense

How to attract high CPC ads and increase Google Adsense earnings is a serious concern among webmasters, website owners and bloggers. CPC is short for Cost Per Click. Simply put, for advertisers, this is what they pay per click. For publishers like you and I, this is what we earn per click. In my last article, I underlined low cpc as one of the main reasons bloggers fail to generate enough earnings with adsense. In this post, I want us to examine how to attract high CPC ads and get rid of the low time wasting cpc ads. 

High Paying Keywords

Keywords are important components of every article that wants to be exposed and read. Often, we are told to go for keywords with relative low competition so as to have better position in SERP and attract more traffic. This is so much about natural listings. From Adsense point of view, there are several other factors to consider to determine the profitability of the keyword. I often ask these questions to myself :

  1. Is this keyword profitable to advertisers ?
  2. Are Advertisers paying for it
  3. How much are advertisers paying for it?
  4. What’s the competition ?

Advertisers bid high or pay more money on particular keywords which will pay good CPC. These are profitably the kind of keywords you should look for.

This however doesn’t mean you should only write on high CPC keywords.  It’s generally hard to get search engine traffic on such keywords given the high level of competition. However, if you drive referral traffic to such pages, chances are you will be able to earn more even from a few clicks

Google Adsense robots scan your content before display ads. If they find the valuable keywords and useful content, all things being equal, Google will serve high quality ads.

In your traditional keyword research activity, don’t just completely dismiss keywords with high competition if you run Adsense Ads on your blog. They play a great part in attracting high CPC ads to your blog, helping you generate more earnings with Adsense.

Number of Adsense units

Google allows a maximum of 3 Adsense units you can have on any page. Anything above that is already attracting their sanction. The more units you have on a page, the lesser the cpc value. That generally means 3 units are good. 2 units are better and 1 unit can produce the best results. However, the length of your article can also influence the number of units. The longer the article, the more the number of units.

Ad unit placement

When your page loads, more importance is given to the Adsense ad unit that loads first. Normally Google serves quality and high paying ads to it. Generally, the ad unit above the fold has more CTR. The simple reason is that it has high visibility so its for your interest to optimize it for high paying ads to be served there.

Image and Text ad

While both are acceptable and recommended by Google, there is no doubt that images can play a better role. Image is  better way to show your brand and create an impact. From observations, high end businesses show their brands and products in image format. If you allow image and text ads, many advertisers will target your ad slots directly. This will lead to high competition and high CPC.


Did you know that where your visitors come from is very crucial in determining the quality of your CPC? In Adsense, Google will serve more paying ads to visitors from USA, UK and Cananda. If you want to increase you adsense earnings through high CPC, you should be able to write and attract more traffic from these areas.

Page Rank

A higher page rank is a target to many advertisers. High page rank means an active and popular site with reasonable organic traffic. Use the available techniques to increase your pagerank . As your page rank increases, you should see an increase in CPC too.

In summary, to get high CPC adsense ads on your blog, make sure to include keywords which advertisers bid high on in your article.  Use a maximum of 3 units or less for better results.  Make sure the ad unit that loads first is above the fold. That’s the area with high visibility and CTR. Use Image and Text ad type. Drive more traffic to your articles from USA,UK,Canada.  Work hard to improve your page rank.

Is adsense playing any part in your online earnings? What other strategies do you use to get high CPC ads displayed on your blog? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment box

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Full Time blogger and Creator of Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.


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    Be blessed!

  2. Jena Isle says:

    Very well said Enstine. What I noticed also is the same as what you’ve written that clicks coming from the U.S. Canada and Europe earn more. I have also noticed that the time of posting counts. If my target is the U.S. Canada and Europe, I will have to post from 8:30 to 9:30 am of our time. I noticed also that a length of at least 400 words attract more visitors than a very short one.

    Just as you said the KW are very important, and one way of selecting the correct keyword is thinking what word would you type in the search engine if you were the person looking for that topic.

    Thanks for an information-laden post. I enjoyed it tremendously.

    • Hey Jena,
      I’m so excited with your intervention this moment. You have raised solid points I’m confident my readers will like.

      That’s a good approach to finding a profitable keyword. Put yourself in the place of the visitor and you’ll come out with what’s in their minds

      While I wish you a splendid weak, Jena, I do hope to see you here again ;)

  3. Ileane
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine, very well written and detailed explanation of cpc ad placement.
    I need to move some AdSense up above the fold as you suggest because I think they are getting missed way too often when they are buried inside the blog post near the bottom. I think I’ll to a test for about a week and let you know what kind of difference that makes. Thanks for the advice.

    btw – what was the plugin that you removed? Things are working fine now in the comment section.
    Ileane recently posted..New Collage Blocks for Timeline Slicer ProMy Profile

    • Hey Ileane,
      Good to see you here again.
      Yes, the best way to understand what works for one is to test and test. Bringing it above the fold will surely increase CTR, competition and higher CPC. Waiting to hear your result

      Good to here that the issue with commenting is resolved I had to disable the “Follow Button for FeedBurner” plugin. I’m sure the was some compatibility issue

  4. Wade
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Beautiful explanation of this. Adsense is a great way to make money, but you have to understand it first!
    Wade recently posted..Did You Share That Post To Social Media?My Profile

    • Hey Wade,
      Adsense has a lot to learn than we may think. Sometimes, a lot will just change when you are thinking you got the understanding. The best thing is constant testing and tweaking ;)

      Welcome back home bro

  5. Paul Profitt says:

    Hi Enstine I use the Socrates wordpress theme on my blog. Which is designed to get the best response from Adsense. I have recently switched from image and text ads. To text ads only just to give the reader more opportunity and reasons to click.

    But the biggest surprise to me. Has been on my YouTube channel. Where I get a far greater amount of clicks on my Adsense ads, much more than on my blog.

    • Hey Paul,
      I’m just from your blog ;)
      Are you getting good results with Socrates? Do you think Socrates has anything unique to attract high CPC?

      Ileane makes me to understand she does better too with Youtube. Looks a better way to go.

      Thanks for your contribution bro

      • Paul Profitt says:

        Hi Enstine Up until 4 months ago I was getting a good CPC rate. Then Google made their changes Panda, Penguin, etc and all of that stopped. That is when I decided to try Adsense on my YouTube channel. I am now getting a much better CTR but a far lower CPC.

        What I like about the Socrates Theme is that the best ad placements spots are done for you automatically. And if Google ever decides to do the dirty on me. I can replace all of their ads in an instant, and put in another ad network of my choice instead.

        • Hey Paul,
          Thanks for coming back and keeping the warmth.
          I have not used Adsense on youtube before. The reason is low bandwidth for video in my country. I’ll try that out when things get better, hopefully one day.

          I see you have a great adsense theme.

          May you have a wonderful day

  6. Ian Eberle
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Google actually suggests using both image and text ads because it will display the higher CPC of the two. For example, if the keyword “medicine” has a 250 x 250 image ad with a CPC of $0.30 and a 250 x 250 text ad with a CPC of $1.50, the ad unit will display the text ad. However, if you have your ads set to one or the other, you are limiting yourself.

    • Paul Profitt says:

      Hi Ian Just because Google suggests something. It doesn’t mean that its always true. I prefer to take my advice from somebody who has proven themselves to be a expert in making money from Adsense, like Joel Comm. Rather than Google.

    • Hey guys, what we should understand is that adsense most often is unpredictable. While there is no one known method to get better results for good, it’s good to test and test to discover what works best for your blog.

      Sometimes, you apply advice from some expect and it doesn’t work for you. There are always a number of hidden factors why it works for them and they will not tell you this. For instance, they tell you they are able to generate $300 Adsense earnings a day but they don’t tell you they get 7000+ visitors a day and maybe 10000 feedburner subscribers. See what I mean?

  7. Hassan Azam
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Enstine, You are great! about writing great posts what I need or other bloggers need
    THanks for this awesome great post, As I am also adding Adsense to my blog within few days!
    Hassan Azam recently posted..Best Guide To Increase Your Blog or Website Loading Speed By 200%My Profile

  8. Derek
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hey Enstine, Nice Article
    I’ve seen a lot of blogs with more than 3 adsense placement, Can u pls tell me how that is possible?
    Derek recently posted..3 Traffic Tips That Actually Worked For MeMy Profile

  9. Juan
    Follow me on Twitter:

    i agree with your post. This is surely is the best practice to increase the value of CPC
    Juan recently posted..Easy Strategies To Improve Your Leadership Skills With Management TrainingMy Profile

  10. I think I need to work on my blog’s ad unit as ads on my blog have got little mess.
    Irfan Siddiqui recently posted..Add Watermark on YouTube Videos That Are Already LIVEMy Profile

  11. Great Post Enstine,
    I recently rearranged my blog and change my aAdsense placements to see how my CPC and CTR behaves. The best way to make more from Adsense is by experimenting and getting what works for you.
    Joseph Adediji recently posted..The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your First eBookMy Profile

  12. Wow! Lots of great comments here.

    Thanks for the breakdown on Adsense. Currently I don’t use Adsense, but if I do I certainly have a good resource to refer back to.

    Keep bringing the value to the table my friend!

    posted by Galen Morgigno
    Galen Morgigno recently posted..How to make $30K per month with Empower NetworkMy Profile

  13. i’m just really new to blogging plz feel free to visit my site and click on ads is s request

    • Hey ANZ,
      You are making a BIG mistake. Never ask people to click your ads. That’s attracting the bad commands from Google. Don’t even ask family or friends to do so. Google is wise enough to know this and slash off your account.

      • Well..that was something that i was unknown off.Thanks
        But i am a student who have stated the blog just to find enough money for completing my grade 11.But now i’m even not getting more than seven $ form my blog..else none clicks on mine.. i am really sad ..i didn’t have any further option than to beg and plea in front of rich peoples

        • Hey Anz,
          Welcome back and I can understand your plight.
          I always advice not to take money making in front. We know that it does not always come easy. It always takes time to start making substantial earnings online. You may take approaches that will instead land you into trouble and asking for clicks on Adsense is one of such steps.

          Note that you can still make money online and sponsor your education. If you want to earn quick, usually, you will want to consider paid systems like CPC advertising for your Affiliate Marketing, CPA campaigns. If your CPC campaigns are well set, this can be guaranteed source of quick targeted traffic.

          Targeted traffic from free sources takes time to come in especially for newbies. You have to grow up gradually.

  14. akhilendra says:

    very good post Enstine, adsense is the best when used properly, it automatically serves the relevant content and the biggest flaw is the low paying rates, your tips are awesome in getting better rate. thanks for sharing

  15. Azubuike
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Yea Google Adsense is really one of the easiest ways to make money online. And as you rightly said, there are things to be put in place for it to work. I think one can use upto 8 ad unites, 3 content units, 3 link units and 2 search boxes. But it is not a good practice cos low ads will start to appear on your blog.

    Also, text/image ads are the best why because, both image advertisers and text advertisers will compete to place ads ion your site but if you use only image ads, there are chances that fewer advertisers will target you and sometimes, irrelevant ads will appear on your site.
    Azubuike recently posted..Promoting Affiliate Programs Effectively Using Ninja AffiliateMy Profile

  16. Crunkatlanta says:

    kool post – i enjoy what you post – very educational

  17. very nice article thanks for sharing with such useful and helpful information
    make money online recently posted..How To Make Easy Money Part 3My Profile

  18. very nice article thanks for sharing with such useful and helpful information thanks
    make money online recently posted..How To Make Easy Money Part 3My Profile

  19. This is a good read. Some Adsense bloggers don’t know this
    Adesoji recently posted..Giveaway! You get Rewarded in CASH or GIFTS Every Month!My Profile

  20. WordPress Theme Review says:

    I am new to adsense world and found your article informative to help me raise my low income.

  21. Nice Post Bro!
    Can You Suggest Me Some More Posts To Improve Keywords for High CPC Earning!
    Thanks :)
    Vishesh Kachheda recently posted..Disable Action Center From Your System TrayMy Profile

  22. thanks for this hope i will earn more with these tips …

  23. Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for your post on monetizing our blog using adsense. As I am new, I have learnt much from what you have posted. I will be reading more of your posts to equip myself with the knowledge needed to really be successful with my blogs.



  24. Hi,
    I really don’t think that image ads get a higher cpc.
    I’m getting a max of 15$ per clic on text ads and about 8$ for image ones.

  25. Gautam
    Follow me on Twitter:

    my Cpc is also less.Hope your Tips Help me.I am experiencing from starting of my blog.I have less Us traffic and i use 3 ad units.Thinking to reduce it to 2 .what u say?
    Gautam recently posted..The Risks Of Rooting Your Android PhoneMy Profile

  26. Oscar Frank
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Quite informative I must say. Thanks for this article.
    Oscar Frank recently posted..How To Find Unlimited CommentLuv Premium Enabled Do-Follow BlogsMy Profile

  27. Samir
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Great Tips Enstine!

    I can personally vouch for each of those. Having seen CPC ranging from $8 to $0.00 (on different blogs as well as the same one), I could probably rank these factors in a more meaningful sense:
    Demographic > Product Review Posts > Blog Post Keyword Density > Blog Keyword Density > PageRank

    For CTR, I think having Image ads within Text posts and Text ads within Image posts works well.
    Samir recently posted..England Royal Third In Line – Kate Middleton In LabourMy Profile

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