How To Write Very Attractive Blog Comments

Blog commenting is one very powerful way to build relationships and attract traffic to your blog. If this has not been part of your strategies, then I encourage you start doing it as soon as possible.

However, a lot of bloggers who comment  on other blogs do it without that special touch that will lift them up and position them as the masters. 

Many writers have told us we have to write long comments and avoid things like ‘great post’, ‘thanks for sharing’, etc. That’s basically what some of us know about blog commenting. However, a lot can be added to this to make it seductive.

NB: Long comment doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve added value to the post.

Now, let’s look at simple tips that will add some uniqueness to your comments and attract readers to you in an irresistible way:

Read the article for accurate knowledge.

Generally, people scan articles online. That’s the truth about it and it’s been going on for long. This does not mean it’s the set path to follow. If you want to add value to your comments, you have to go beyond being a scanner. Spending more time and reading the article gives you more knowledge and makes you a better commentator.

Be real and conversational in your comments.

Building relationships is one of the forces behind blog commenting. If you miss to apply this to a single comment you make, you are standing as an obstacle to your own growth. Your comment should be a personal message you are addressing to the author of the article. Don’t simply pour out words like a bot without a brain. Be conversational and

Pay attention to ‘who is the author’.

This is one error most commentators make and I hate to see this. The fact that I’m owner of does not mean that I’m the author of all articles on this blog. I have guest authors. When commenting an article, make sure you read the name of the author so you don’t mention someone else in your comment. That will really be funny if you do it.

Be friendly.

Sometimes you you may not agree with the opinions of the author. You may even be annoyed with him. But then, don’t let readers read your annoyance in your comments. Find a way to comment and keep the smiles on readers’ faces.

Use a real picture of you (gravatar)

This has been like one of the oldest tips around but I still see a lot of comments with default blog images for commentator’s picture. That doesn’t add value to your online presence in any way. If you want to build relationships with people, your picture is one of the things that attract attention. A personal image is most advised.


Be simple.

Write in simple and understandable terms. Avoid long phrases and jaw-breaking words.

Make a conclusion

Some comments are left hanging. Like the post itself, every comment should be carefully concluded. Your conclusion can bring a huge value to your comment.Make wise and productive conclusions.

Are you commenting on blogs to pull traffic and network with others? What tips will you add here? Speak your mind in the comment box. Share this post with friends on social media. ;)


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  1. Saqib Razzaq says:

    You recently commented on my post and I had to come here to see your words bro….Awesome words….Will really help me because I’m focusing on commenting now after realizing how important they are..

  2. Naveen
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Wonderful Post,

    If we comment on other blog we should add some values to our comments instead of simply making it as ‘thanks’ ‘excellent’ so that we can grab other people attention to our comment and they may end up with our site. Its not only to end up with our sites, we can make some health relationship with blog owner, author and fellow bloggers.

    So always valuable comments are worth a million words.

    Thanks to the wonderful post :) Enstine Muki

  3. Sadia Komal says:

    Nice tips Enstine Muki :)

  4. Ummeed
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hey again a great post Enstine. (Y) Really blog commenting is a great way to build audience and relationship with other fellows if you don’t misuse it. :)
    Your writing style is too good. keep up
    Ummeed recently posted..Facebook New App , Free Voice calls to launchMy Profile

  5. Enstine, I always stress on this topic that leaving comments itself is an art.

    And art have a basic rule that when you will learn it more, it will become better and better.
    So for me being perfect was very difficult, and I started reading the comments of good bloggers and observed one thing, “I was visiting all those websites whose owner had left awesome comments”.
    Then one day I started thinking what was the thing which was attracting me to go to those sites and see what those people were writing.
    The answer of this big question was – “Quality of Comments”

    Those comments were so awesome that any regular reader would like to see the sites too.

    So here come the conclusion that we must write the effective comments and try to add value in articles.

    Thanks for the big share.
    Kulwant Nagi recently posted..What is WordPress and How to Work With it?My Profile

  6. Hi Enstine really good post, I think the two main points of this post Gravatar Real Image and Simple comment should must be in mind while commenting on other blogs, all of the other points are also great :)

  7. Sanwar Hossain says:

    Most of the user of blog are not aware of this matter. I want to recommend this post to everyone who are commenting on various sites. This is a very nice post about a good topics. I wish more Tips, Tricks and News like this from admin of this blog.

  8. Joseph Adediji
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Nice tips on blog commenting Enstine,
    the common commenting error i see people mentioning the blog owner’s name on post by guest authors, this shows that they hardly read the post.
    I will love to add this, dropping of links in the comment box is a no-no, it makes you look like a spammer!
    Joseph Adediji recently posted..5 Tips for Writing Taglines that Convert First Time ReadersMy Profile

  9. Really good post. After post I always read comments, but I don’t like read long comments :-(

  10. Manual Joseph says:

    Great post Enstine! Thanks for the tips, the points were so useful…

  11. thanks Enstine for these cool tips thanks for sharing blog commenting is cool way to pull in traffic to your blog
    make money online recently posted..Really Cool Way to Earn Money and Win Cool Prizes Super Easy !My Profile

  12. It is the practical fact that blog commenting is the easiest way to generate baclinks,traffic and can also be a reason to increase Page Rank,but the thing should be a passionate commenter and avoid spamming,because a good comment will reflect your thoughts among the other fellow.

  13. Very valid points. Attaching an avatar does make the comment more personal. Now all we need is a post on how to attach an avatar :)


    Its such a good article but i want to know where can i add my comment so that i can increase my traffic.

  15. Aman Bansal
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Seriously a wonderful article for off page seo.If you can teach us like this then there is no requirement to go any university for studies which i hate a lot….. ;)
    Aman Bansal recently posted..Rolls Royce New Showroom Launches in India at HyderabadMy Profile

  16. i like to read your articles.. really nice post.. thanks

  17. Ioan Draniciar says:

    A great way to write awesome blog comments is by adding value to the conversation. If you know a great tip that will help the audience even more, that’s how you’ll get noticed more often.

  18. Ioan Draniciar says:

    Thank you for the suggestion I already have a gravatar account but for a different email address. I just realized that so I went there and added a picture for this email address as well. Thank you for pointing that out.

    I love what you do after someone posts a comment on your site; you show them details about your products and more. What kind of plugin are you using to make it possible? Is it trough comment Luv Premium?

  19. ramiszaro says:

    While Reading this post me i have got some diplomatic ideas related to bloggers in the way of developing their skills to find the best in them awesome post thanks for the share.

  20. VectraSoft says:

    This is really a great post I like the way you explain keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing. Cheers…!!!

  21. James McAllister from Start A Website
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Another good thing to do is to show your expertise, if you’re commenting in a niche that you know well, and that is related to your website. If you can add something that the author left out, it makes you look very knowledgeable on the subject. As a result, people who read your comment will be more likely to clickthrough to your website.
    James McAllister recently posted..The Proper Blog Commenting TechniqueMy Profile

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