Exceptional women share their blog traffic secrets ~ PART 2

Ok here is part 2 in the series of the ladies sharing their blog traffic secrets. I tell you they have told their real stories and there are interesting feed backs from part 1 already.  If you have been looking for website traffic, check out what these ladies have to say about how they do it

Read Part 1:  Exceptional women share their blog traffic strategies ~ PART 1

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In this part 2 (just like in part 1), I have listed the ladies in no particular order. Be sure to visit their blogs where more of their web traffic secrets are revealed.


Sue Neal of writeclever.com

web trafficI’m a life-long bookworm and creator of writeclever.com, a website dedicated to helping people who want to improve their writing skills

and make money writing online. I still regard myself as a ‘beginner’ as an online writer and blogger – I’m certainly no expert and have a lot to learn. I’ve set up my site with a view to developing my own skills while helping out other folks along the way.
I live in the UK and work in mental health care – I still have a full time day job so only work online in my spare time.
I’ll be retiring from my job soon and will then be able to dedicate more time to my website and writing activities – can’t wait!
Apart from books and writing, my other passions are dogs (I have two very badly behaved ones!), walking and wide open spaces.
I’m fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the English countryside so walking my dogs is a daily pleasure (except when it’s raining!)

What are your Traffic Strategies?

I’m really a beginner here, so hesitate to give advice, but this is what I’m doing currently to drive traffic to my site:

  • Commenting on other blogs, making an effort to leave thoughtful responses, not just one-liners.
  • Encouraging comments on my own blog and ALWAYS responding to genuine comments
  • Social media – I have a linked Facebook page and twitter account and I’m also active on Google+
  • Pinterest – I always pin an image with a link to my post when I publish
  • Sharing other people’s stuff – I make a point of sharing relevant articles and posts on FB, Twitter and G+
  • Basic SEO – I use a paid plugin called pushbutton SEO that I find very helpful.
  • Regular posting schedule – I now post once a week on Mondays
  • Endeavouring to post high quality content that will encourage people to subscribe and share.
  • Building relationships with other bloggers – just getting to know people.

I know I need to do much more, but that’s all I have time for at the moment – most of it’s about social engagement and providing useful information that people will enjoy reading and want to share.

Visit Sue’s blog 

Deborah E of SocialWebCafe.com

blog traffic secret“Deborah E is a smooth and sultry summer night on Bourbon Street… Classy with a dash of sass… Proof that the jazz greats have not been sacrificed to processed pop.”  deborah.info

What are your Traffic Strategies?

Traffic Strategies?  Funny.  I used to be into “traffic strategies” a decade ago and spend a lot of time on it.  These days, I spend more time on relationship-building.  I don’t build relationships for the goal of building traffic. I build relationships because of the relationship and community aspect, but it has the benefit of building traffic.  It is a nice place to be, to do something you believe in and feel good about it, and still obtain business benefits as well.

Visit Deborah’s blog 

Kiesha Easley of WeBlogBetter

web trafficKiesha Easley is the owner of WeBlogBetter, a blog that offers writing, social media, and blog tips. She’s recently published a blogging guide, 10 Week Gameplan for a Top 100k Blog. Follow her on Twitter @Weblogbetter or Facebook.

NB: Here is How to make your blog popular : 10-week GamePlan review

What are your Traffic Strategies?

Answer to second question:  The traffic strategies I use aren’t rocket science – I keep the blog updated with original, search engine optimized content at least 5 days a week.  Then I share those posts on social networks and for the most part that’s about it right now.  This may sound simple, but it took awhile for it grow at first.  In the beginning, I did a lot of blog commenting, networking with others and growing my following.  It was the hard work that I did in the beginning that made it so I don’t have to work as hard at it now.

Visit Kiesha’s blog

Maricel Alfonso Rivera of CareerMomOnline

website trafficI’m a mom, a financial researcher and a freelance writer. I blog when I’m not any one of the three, but that’s not saying blogging isn’t of much value to me. It is, and I credit my foray into blogging for the online writing work that’s been steadily coming my way since early last year. I mostly do article/content writing, guest blogging for small businesses, website reviews and ghostwriting.

One thing I really like about working online is the schedule flexibility and the friendship among bloggers and other freelancers that transcends cultures, geographies and time zones.

What are your Traffic Strategies?

As for my blog traffic strategies, I mostly don’t write with keywords in mind, which explains why I rarely get traffic from the search engines. I know this has to change, but as they say, old habits die hard. The traffic to my site, for the most part, comes from social media referrals, the comments I left in other sites, guest posting, sites like BlogEngage and online friends, like Enstine, who are just so amazing.


There is one thing that’s common in these traffic strategies. It’s unique and keeps coming up.

Have you identified the common secret? Can you tell us what it is in the comment box? Express your mind and share the post.

Ladies, thanks for taking time to respond. Women are shaking the blogging kingdom

NB: Here is part three. Time for your own experience

Meet Enstine M. Muki

Enstine M. Muki has written 169 post in this blog.

Full Time blogger and Creator of BlogExpose.com. Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.

About Enstine M. Muki

Full Time blogger and Creator of BlogExpose.com. Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.


  1. I liked tips from Kiesha Easley and Sue Neal. At the moment those points works best for me.
    Great post, thank you for sharing!

  2. Gautam
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Wow It’s Nice to know their Traffic Driving Stratergies.It was awesome and let’s see how i implement on my blog and how it helps me.
    Gautam recently posted..Where Can I Download Windows 7 IsoMy Profile

  3. Hello bro,

    Great work once again. These women are truly exceptional and I have learned many things from this post.
    Can’t believe that you are going to come up with another part. :-P Really gr8!
    Thejas Kamath recently posted..Extraordinary Bloggers Share Their Traffic StrategiesMy Profile

  4. Good stuff I read here. I’m so glad for putting up all these secrets. I’ll keep coming back to them until i use them all.
    Adesoji recently posted..Cheap WordPress Blog SetupMy Profile

  5. Kingsley
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Thanks for the part 2… I also build relationship with bloggers too and the tips these ladies have mention is great. Will give it a try

  6. You’ve done a great job, Enstine. I liked all the tips given by these goddesses. I am now working on building relationship with bloggers, but I will try some of these tips, too. Again, great job, Enstine.

  7. Great post Sir , revealed secrets very intelligently thank you and keep post

  8. What a nice read. I’m glad to see Maricel on the list. She’s awesome.

  9. Wow, Enstine, thank you! It’s such an honor to be included in this league of remarkable women. But LOL on my complete name showing up there. One thing I forgot to include, just like Sue Neal, my blog was set up, for the most part, to improve my writing skills, given the fact that I’m not a native English speaker. I have a lot to learn, and I’m glad to have found blogging friends, like yourself, who help me with the learning part.
    Maricel Rivera recently posted..Avoiding Obesity in MomsMy Profile

  10. Shalu Sharma
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Great tips from these ladies who I love reading. I don’t know all of them but now I am going to. General consensus from all of them is that commenting, guest posting and social media is the key. I think they are very right. Thanks for bringing these tips from all of them in one post.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Mahabodhi Temple of Bodh GayaMy Profile

  11. Hello my friend Enstine,

    Once again you did an awesome job, thanks for inviting these ladies on your blog for us to share their “Traffic Strategies”! I’ll follow them for sure.
    Bashir Ahmed recently posted..Join Me and Promote Your Business or Blog HereMy Profile

  12. Hello Enstine,
    You are doing quite a nice job here. It’s been long I haven’t left a comment on your site due to busy schedules. I quite agree with the points highlighted by these successful women bloggers. It is nice to build relationships with other bloggers especially. That’s one area I hope to improve immersely this year.
    Also visiting other blogs and leaving helpful comments helps to build one’s credibility/popularity.
    I am even considering sending you a quality guest post for your teeming readers; I will let you know as soon as it is ready. Thanks a great deal.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted..What Are the Top Five Benefits of Home Insurance?My Profile

  13. very nice post thanks for sharing this article very useful
    make money online recently posted..The Best WordPress Plugins You Should Install !My Profile

  14. Adrienne
    Follow me on Twitter:

    More great tips for more great women bloggers Enstine.

    So glad you reached out to several so you can have different thoughts on this particular area. See, it’s not just one size fits all and some people do things differently.

    Loved reading all of these and look forward to part three.

    Adrienne recently posted..My Favorite Social Sharing Plugin, Share Juice ProMy Profile

  15. Ti Roberts
    Follow me on Twitter:


    This is an awesome continuance to part 1. I really like how you’ve formatted it to make it easier for your audience to digest. Again, fantastic job and I can’t wait to you release part 3! :)

    Ti Roberts recently posted..How to Promote Your Blog Like A ‘BOSS’ (Right After You Launch It!)My Profile

  16. Thanks for sharing this, I in particular really suffer from traffic but with all these tips in mind, I think I can always get the traffic I want. Can’t wait for the part three of it.

  17. eBizDame aka Dita says:

    Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for the wonderful share. This is a great selection. I have previously visited some of the women’s blogs and I thoroughly enjoyed them. What a great idea you had!



  18. HEY Enstine! I love what you have done here today sharing these stories of these gals! WOW Maricel Alfonso Rivera of CareerMomOnline sounds a lot like me. Of course I have a keyword that I always use but as for doing keyword research the way everyone tells me that I need to do HUM WELL LIke Maricel Alfonso Rivera says ” old habits die hard” I do now the importance of commenting though :) Well Enstine I do not have time right this second to go and check out these blogs but I do know where to find them when I do get time. Thanks for sharing Chery
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..When Paying Taxes Is There A Secret Code For Online Entrepreneurs?My Profile

  19. Anna at Mama Writes says:

    Thanks so much, Enstine, for this post! I have already implemented some of the suggestions from these great ladies and they are already working! Thank you again for the great information.

  20. Sue Price
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine
    Wow you really did find some great bloggers. I am not familiar with all these bloggers so now I have some more blogs to visit.

    It has been good to learn about people and the traffic strategies. I think building relationships and commenting on other blogs still seems to be the most popular over the two posts so far.

    I can see why you broke what was going to be one post into several. That was a wise decision.

    Thanks Enstine and look forward to part 3.

    Sue Price recently posted..Be Do Have and Create More SuccessMy Profile

  21. Thanks for shring with us because my really want traffic .
    Anshul Singh recently posted..Bad Factors That Harm Search Engine RankingMy Profile

  22. Great follow up post, Enstine. I’m already looking forward to part 3.
    Tom Jamieson recently posted..Top Post #3: 5 Ways to Get Fresh Content from TwitterMy Profile

  23. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks so much for this amazing series of posts – I’m overwhelmed to have been included with these other impressive lady bloggers because I still really do see myself as a novice. Kiesha’s work rate, adding to her blog 5 days a week, is phenomenal – she sets us a great example.

    I’m not familiar with some of the other bloggers you’ve featured, so I’ll look forward to exploring their sites – thanks for this great share!

    Sue Neal recently posted..5 Fatal Blogging Mistakes to Avoid – Lessons from a National ScandalMy Profile

  24. Deborah Anderson
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Thank you so much, my friend. I appreciate you putting this together and it is such a precious gift to be featured. I am speechless… for a few moments ;)
    Deborah Anderson recently posted..Tips For Making An Accessible WordPress SiteMy Profile

  25. Mohammad ismail
    Follow me on Twitter:

    really inspired from these womens,one of the greate and nice post you have written. really enjoyed.such type of post motivate the newbie.
    Mohammad ismail recently posted..9 Ways To Get More Readers Comments On Your BlogMy Profile

  26. Mathew Stephen says:

    LOL! I’ve read both the parts! Everyone is concentrating on building relationships as part of building traffic. But why am I going before SEO?

  27. Awesome post muki. I agree with you. thanks for sharing your idea’s with us..

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