$150 Hot Cash GiveAway ~ Enter to win

paypal giveaway

Hi everyone, here comes another opportunity for you to have $70, $50 or $25 sent directly to your account. This is quick cash for you to spend online on anything of your choice. All  you have to do is enter this giveaway this month.

My friend and fellow blogger Kharim has had issues with his blog. After days of hard work, his blog is back online and he thought a better way to announce this triumphant come back is to give some thing away for free.

What else will be more exciting than cool cash straight to your account?

$150 Cash Giveaway –  Enter to win

3 winners will be randomly selected and prizes shared as thus:  [Read more...]

$1000 Real Cash Contest ~ Enter to win | Affiliate Contest

micro jobs website

If you are into affiliate marketing or anything else to make money online, here is a juicy opportunity to contest and have money transferred to your Paypal, Payoneer or Bank account. Making money online is almost becoming so easy with lots of opportunities around.

One of these multiple ways is selling stuffs on micro project platforms. This month, a popular micro jobs site is organizing a contest that’s sure to bring in cool money to about all contestants. Yes, you can make money just by participating in the contest. I’ll tell you more as you read on. [Read more...]

June $150 GiveAway Winners Announced!

GiveAway Winners

Hey everyone, I’m excited today to announce winners of June $150 Paypal/Payoneer Cash Giveaway.

These two winners were randomly picked by Punchtab. That makes it a Giveaway.

First Winner of $100: Ali Baig

Second winner of $50: Ciprian Hriscu

Prizes will be paid to Paypal or Payoneer

NB: I have sent other details to my list. Every participant had to signup as a requirement. [Read more...]

$150 Paypal/Payoneer Cash Giveaway!


It’s time for June’s paypal Cash giveaway. I’m going to make it short so you can jump on board as quick as possible.

This month again, I’m going to pick 2 winners:

  1. First prize = $100 straight to paypal or Payoneer
  2. Second prize = $50 straight to paypal or Payoneer

NB: Click here to get a free Payoneer MasterCard

There are only few things required: [Read more...]

$150 Cash Giveaway Winners Announced!

contest winners

Congratulations to you guys. I must say I’m impressed with everyone of you that took part in this GiveAway. It was an awesome experience.

I witnessed an increase in traffic and engagement on this blog. This contest generated over 2000 tweets, 600+ facebook likes and over 370 comments, not counting my replies.

These winners were randomly selected using Punchtab. However, I think the number of points earned by them during the Giveaway has played a part. With Punchtab, the more the points you have, the more your chances to win. Nevertheless, more points does not guarantee winning!  [Read more...]

A stupidly simple way to increase blog traffic!


One big reason you are reading this article is because you need a website traffic source to add to your list. As blogger, you want more information on how to increase blog traffic. We all need traffic don’t we? Without traffic, our websites and blogs will only be useless chunks of files on some remote server. The success of every blog depends on the type of traffic it gets. Generally, there are two sources of website traffic :  [Read more...]

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