Adsense Revenue Increase ~ How I double CTR with no traffic change!

adsense revenue

Adsense revenue is practically one of the things most bloggers strive to improve every day. Though many blogs don’t generate any reasonable amount with Google Adsense, there is still a huge demand for adsense account by bloggers.

I have been making some drops of money with Adsense on this blog. Whatever the amount, it is big enough to maintain the domain name and the hosting of this blog. I can even buy plugins, templates, etc with the money. In this post, I shared one of the payments I got from Google through Western Union. [Read more...]

5 Deadly Reasons Why Your Google PageRank Is Not Increasing

increase pagerank

We all know that pagerank is very important , every blogger hopes that his blog pagerank increase , there are lots of benefits of having a high pagerank on your blog, here are some benefits of having a good pagerank :

  • The higher the pagerank is , the better your blog will perform in the search results
  • If your blog  has a high pagerank, Google and other search engines will index your content faster
  • If you want to make money off your blog , your blog needs a good pagerank because advertisers use your pagerank as a basis for ad placement.  [Read more...]

Guide To Earning More From Google Adsense

improve adsense earnings

Google Adsense Publishers program no doubt is the best Publishing network for bloggers worldwide with lots of people making huge six figure income yearly with this program.

Lots of Newbies to blogging and also to the Adsense program, still put up doubts to the fact that people earn such huge amounts using Adsense, this is definitely true because, these Adsense gurus tend to understand how to optimize their blogs for Adsense, and how to make the most out of Adsense. [Read more...]

My $102,05 Google Adsense Earnings Paid. Read my story!

adsense earnings paid

My Google Adsense earnings for the month of December and part of January 2013 have been paid by Google so I thought I should let you know. This may not be an amount that calls for party time but it’s something that ignites excitement and boosts my drive to do more.

This is not also the only earnings I’m having this month. I’m publishing this here because this blog is currently the only source of my Adsense earnings and again I know this will encourage some JJCs (Johnny Just Come).  [Read more...]

How to attract HIGH CPC ads and earn more with Google Adsense

keyword research

How to attract high CPC ads and increase Google Adsense earnings is a serious concern among webmasters, website owners and bloggers. CPC is short for Cost Per Click. Simply put, for advertisers, this is what they pay per click. For publishers like you and I, this is what we earn per click. In my last article, I underlined low cpc as one of the main reasons bloggers fail to generate enough earnings with adsense. In this post, I want us to examine how to attract high CPC ads and get rid of the low time wasting cpc ads.  [Read more...]

7 reasons why bloggers fail with Google Adsense

bloggers fail in adsense

Google Adsense is a solid source of income to many website owners and bloggers. Like any other method to monetize and try to squeeze income from your blog, Google Adsense requires considerable targeted traffic, split testing and tweaking to achieve better results.

In this post, I want to examine some of the core reasons most bloggers fail to generate exciting figures from their blogs with Google Adsense.  [Read more...]

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