What is the best Paypal Alternative?

best paypal alternatives

If you are doing some business online and not living in the US, Canada, Uk or a few other countries, I’m sure one of your biggest issues is looking for the best Paypal alternative.

Paypal is unarguably the most widely used payment processor on the Internet today. What makes it most attractive is security and ease of use. Integrating Paypal payment button on your website or even on a very complex shopping card is with no stress.

Over the years, Paypal has worked extremely hard to gain the attention of many online business owners and Internet Marketers. As a matter of fact, some buyers will not buy on an online shop where Paypal is not an option. [Read more...]

Introducing the best Internet Marketing Training Platform!

best internet marketing training program

There are more and more Internet Marketing Training Platforms coming up today. Filtering off junk and coming out with the best training platform and Legitimate Online Business Opportunities seems to be the hard nut to crack.

A bit of my story!

My very first attempt at making money online was in 2009, just after my wedding. Somehow, I came across Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) and signed up as a completely newbie. Three weeks into my lessons, I was able to make my first $33.33 affiliate commission online on Clickbank. You can imagine the excitement. [Read more...]

Time to fire yourself and make more money!

fire your boss

No! I don’t mean you shoot yourself. Don’t pull the trigger yet. Hold on and listen to me.

You are currently your own boss right? You have been blogging full time or doing some sort of business full time online. Things have been great in the past. You were able to pay your bills and had extra time to catch fun.

But Google stroke with the power of a simple bird they call hummingbird or maybe it was penguin that dealt mercilessly with you and all your pages are buried on page 100,000 of SERP.

No more sales, no more commissions and your bills keep increasing. You look so worried now! [Read more...]

30 Days Challenge – How to Make Your First $1000 from Fiverr

make money on fiverr

For most of us, Fiverr is a website where we could buy goods and services for cheap prices. For some others it is a place to make a few bucks online.

But for me, it is everything.Literally I mean… it is everything!

For the past month I’ve been making a full time living from Fiverr. So recently, I quit my day job and now I am living an internet lifestyle by being my own boss.

What is Fiverr

OK… For those who are living under a rock who still don’t get what Fiverr is, let me explain. Fiverr.com is a marketplace where people buy and sell small services for just $5.

In this article, I’ll take you behind the scenes of my Fiverr earnings and show you how I earn full time income being a part time Fiverr seller. [Read more...]

When is the right time to start monetizing a new blog?

more money from blogging

A common question I get around is when is the right time to start placing banners and trying to generate income from ones new blog. Now, this post is targeting anyone starting a new blog ; newbies or experienced bloggers, as I attempt an answer to the question.

For most of us blogging to make money, there is nothing as interesting as seeing that your blog is really making money. There are a lot of ways to make money as a blogger – directly on your blog or offering blogging services on other blogs. [Read more...]

Make Money Blogging with John Chow – Who the hell is John Chow and why listen to him?

john chow

John Chow is the owner of one of the biggest blogs in the world and best known for showing the income power of blogging by taking his blog from zero to over $40,000 per month in two years. Yaaaaah!

NB: There are lots of things about John (including his background info) I’m going to tell you in this post. So get ready and be sure to read through

Over the years, John’ blog has become synonymous with the term ‘make money online’ and his latest guide – Blogging With John Chow – is an all-in-one treatise on the art of blogging, complete with step by step PDF guides, in-depth videos created by John himself along with multiple case studies thrown into the mix.

His 8 years of experience in the IM scene have been condensed into bite-sized pieces, making this the complete all-in-one solution to every budding blogger’s arsenal.  [Read more...]

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