Review of Mygigerr, a Make Money from Home Site

making money from home

Making money from home is one thing everybody wishes to do so that he can work at his pace and determine how much time he spends working and taking care of his family. Unfortunately, being one’s own boss is not too easy. As difficult as this seems, there is always a way out of the financial quagmire everyone seems to be enmeshed in right now.

Working from home can really provide you with all the time you need to do your jobs as well as handle other extracurricular activities. Making money from home does not require too much from you; it only requires you putting your brain to work and coming out with the best ideas that would enable you make good use of your time and talents. [Read more...]

More Retweets, Followers and Traffic with Tweetlow


In some years back, you needed 1000s of followers on Twitter to think of  traffic from the social media big boy. Things are gradually shifting from that stand point as more and more traffic app spring up every blessed day.

In 2011 – 2012, it was the turn of EasyRetweet and JustRetweet. Well, some players like TraffUp and a few others were already on the pitch. As it appears there is still space for new comers, we have another player on the field. [Read more...]

ProBlogging Action Plan review ~ What It Takes To Build A Successful Blog

how to build Successful blog

No one wants to start a blog that will fail sooner or later. Every blogger aims at having a successful blog and becoming the next pro blogger. Though it is not generally easy to build a successful blog, following simple guided steps will surely lead to success.

As a matter of fact, nothing stops any body from creating the next pro blog. On the contrary, every thing is available for just any body to be the next big guy.

[Read more...]

Best source for your premium royalty-free stock photos ~ Depositphotos


Today is beautiful and I must confess it! I’m one of those who love beautiful images. You see, one of the things that catch my attention on Facebook and most blogs is the quality of images – Images speak better than words they say!

If you are a designer, advertiser, photo editor, content manager or blogger like me, one of the things you’ll always be in need of is a stock photo agency with premium royalty-free stock Photos, vector images and videos. [Read more...]

CommentLuv Premium discount ~ 50% Off

commentluv premium promotion

CommentLuv Premium discount  – 50% off announced. Andy is celebrating his birth day on the 12th of June 2013. He has decided to share a gift by cutting down the price of this wonderful commenting plugin by 50%.  This promotion will run for 5 days and I think it’s a quick piece of good news to those of you still not having the premium version of this plugin on your blogs.

You can get the unlimited version for half the price during this promotion. That’s hot isn’t it?  [Read more...]

My 5 Year Experience With Hostgator!

hostgator reviews

I have been hosting with Hostgator (HG) since 2008. My story with this well-known top web hosting institution is what I want to share with you in this post.

Before Hostgator, My very first attempt at hosting a website was with UCVHOST, an Indian based web hosting company that fed me with buckets of unresolved recurring technical breakdowns. Well, I guess that was in their early days. If they are still in business today, I want to think they have gone through recruiting more qualified staffs.  [Read more...]

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