Here Is Another Unfailing Source Of Traffic!

Have you ever heard the saying that “The money is in the list” ? This simply points to the fact that building a list is like building a reliable source of  income. That’s not all!

Your list is your marketplace where you can always knock with a carton of products and be sure to find happy buyers. The more targeted your list, the more money you can make out of it. 

In this post, I point out Email Marketing as one of the rock solid ways to make money online. If you are trying to make money online, I encourage you start building your list (if you are not already doing it). 

Your list is also an unfailing source of traffic!

Recently, there have been cries over Google’s changes in search technologies. We cannot fully have control over social media either. Facebook keeps changing its terms and making things more and more complex. SEO has become so erratic. Principles and methods are getting broken every now and then. In this uncertainty, your list remains the only steady source of traffic. Start building your list today!

Choosing an Autoresponder

There are tons of Autoresponders out there and making the right choice is the first step to success. While the price tag is an important factor to consider, a lot other factors over weigh. These include:

  • User friendliness,
  • Storage capacities,
  • Mailing limitations,
  • Templates,
  • Spam filtering,
  • Third party integration,
  • Stats and click tracking,
  • Up time,
  • Customer service,
  • Testimonials
  • Etc

AWeber is my choice.

One of the key things I resolved to do this year is start building a list. After reading and doing some findings about the most popular autoresponders in the market today, AWeber caught my interest.

AWeber and Third-party Integration.

Integrating AWeber with WordPress, Paypal, Facebook Fanpages, Clickbank,CJ  and a myriad of other applications including shopping carts is with a few clicks. What this means is AWeber helps you automatically build a buyers’ list from most of the commonly used shopping scripts and platforms today.

“The Money Is In The List

AWeber proves it to thousands of businesses every day.

Learn how email marketing software
can get you more sales, too.

My free report to sign up to my list.

One of the factors that influence the success of your list building activity is what you offer your readers. No one wants to sign up and download garbage. Today, ebooks abound. That means if your free gift is an ebook, it has to stand out.

AWeber List building

Blog2Cash is a report that targets bloggers who want to generate income from their blogs. In this report, I show you the same method I’m using to make money from my blog. I have worked and tweaked this method and it’s producing results.  I assure you this method is uncommon and unlike most of what you know. You’ll learn how to transform your blog to a money generating monster in 3 simple steps.

Be sure to sign up and download your copy. Use the form on the right side bar.

Are you building a list? Are you using AWeber? What are your experiences? Please share with us in the comment box

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Enstine M. Muki has written 169 post in this blog.

Full Time blogger and Creator of Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.

About Enstine M. Muki

Full Time blogger and Creator of Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.


  1. Shahzad
    Follow me on Twitter:

    My choice is Getresponse. 3 simple reasons
    1. first month is free
    2. in long run it cost less money comparing to Aweber and it provide similar quality service.
    3. like it usability, the site design is great. Easy to understand and so simple
    Shahzad recently posted..THE END of Guest Posting: ProBlogger and DBT Closed Guest Post SubmissionMy Profile

  2. Wade
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I totally agree with you Enstine. While some people may argue that other auto-responders are better, it really doesn’t matter which one you use as long as you’re using one! Getting started with building your list right away is very important to a blogger to make money early in the game!
    Wade recently posted..The Best Twitter Tools For Traffic and NetworkingMy Profile

  3. Ti Roberts
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Great post, Enstine. I totally agree with you. Your list is the most reliable source of traffic you have and is your biggest business asset. That’s why all of my inbound traffic generation efforts are focused around solely building my list. Your list is basically your entire business. If Twitter, Facebook, or even your blog were to disappear, you’d still be in business because you have your list in tact.

    Thanks for sharing your insights about this topic with our community. I appreciate it!

    Ti Roberts recently posted..[Monthly Traffic Case Study #3] How I Went From ZERO to 19,828 Visitors In 3 Months Flat!My Profile

  4. Adrienne
    Follow me on Twitter:

    You are right Enstine, the money is in the list and for the longest time I would hear that but no one taught me how to communicate with them. Oh yeah, I was told to promote to them but not how to communicate with them. Once you have that down then that’s when the money will come but I really don’t believe until that time.

    I’m also with Aweber and I’ve used Get Response in the beginning and I hated it. They may be a little cheaper but there is a reason for it. You can’t go wrong with Aweber and you’re right, just get started.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Beat The Blogging Cliché BluesMy Profile

  5. there are also some good autoresponders like Mailchimp but aweber is the best around
    make money online recently posted..How to Make Money Driving Your CarMy Profile

  6. Sarah Park says:

    I’d say Email marketing is the best one I’ve tried. Sounds classic, but very reliable one.
    Sarah Park recently posted..How to Avoid Day Trading MistakesMy Profile

  7. Eric
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I am with EM (Enstine Muki) on this one aweber is the only way to go! Man, you nailed it on this post! If more people would just read this stuff and take action I would read more about people succeeding instead of failing due to not knowing where to start or trying to move to the next thing that might work.
    Eric recently posted..Winning For My Family–And For My ReadersMy Profile

  8. yes sure just like any other autoresponder
    make money online recently posted..Great SEO Advice To Boost Your Web TrafficMy Profile

  9. HI Enstine

    Great post!

    I need to start that very soon.

    Sapna recently posted..What if Naive Blogger gets a Blogging Genie(An Infographic)My Profile

  10. Great post, . I totally agree with you.

  11. Hi Enstine,
    I agree with you that the money is in the list, but it all depends on how you handle your list. Treat them as a human being and they will like and trust you but when you treat them as your money making machine, you’re sure to get many unsubscriptions.

    So my point is that its not all about building a list, but knowing how to keep and maintain it.

    I also love aweber and getresponse but i don’t have the money now as I’m not making anything yet from my blog. My plan is to switch to any of the two ones i start making some dough to pay the bills. I will rather stick with a free one for now.

    Thanks for sharing man.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted..6 Tips to Effective Blogging ProductivityMy Profile

    • Hey bro,
      Good to see you here today.
      You can quickly burn out your list if you treat it the wrong way. It’s good to build a relationship first.

      I’m trying AWeber now and I hope to make it. Let me know when you are getting into it

  12. I use Aweber, offer a free product and building my list. I love how easy it is to use. And it is so nice to have a list…even if it is still small.

  13. Rudraksh Pathak says:

    Hey Enstine, Great post. Good to see your content. I’m totally agree with you.

  14. Arwin Adriano says:

    Heard a lot of good reviews about aweber but have you ever tried other email responder such as mailchimp, their service looks cheap and the same as aweber though I really don’t know the limitations between them.

    • Hi Arwin,
      Mailchimp does not allow internet marketing campaigns. That’s what makes it not good for me

      • theblogarticles says:

        Thanks for the great article. I’m always looking for ways to increase traffic to my blog. I have actually heard about using email lists before but I haven’t exactly been successful with it.

  15. Hey Enstine,

    True true. A tightly targeted list is the best asset, especially when we regularly entertain and educate our audience.

    I like doing both in every email, which also makes offering something at the end no big deal. It really is okay to sell every day when people love what they’re receiving.


  16. I currently use Aweber to manage my list and I have subscriptions set up in two ways 1) to subscribe to the blog and 2) to subscribe to receive a free party checklist and tips report. I looked at a few ways to do this and i definately thought Aweber was the best way to go :-)

    • Hi Cat,
      I personally think it’s the right step you took to sign up to AWeber. That’s a high end autoresponder.

      Yes, your 2 ways make sense to me. I just signed up to it and I’m see some perfectly cool ways to play around with lists.

      Oh! we are 02 and Val’s day is just a few days away. Thanks for the info on the blog ;)

  17. Caprese bags , Vanity case says:

    your blog really attractive, it gives me an inspiration for me to apply into my blog … thanks:)

  18. Astro Gremlin says:

    I use MailChimp and am s-l-o-w-l-y growing a mailing list. Aweber sounds like a great system, but it costs more than I can justify paying with my current list. Someday . . .

  19. Thanks for the great article. I’m always looking for ways to increase traffic to my blog. I have actually heard about using email lists before but I haven’t exactly been successful with it. I did try Aweber but I just wasn’t getting enough people to justify the cost. I guess I just don’t get enough traffic to my blog yet.

  20. E-Mail Marketing is An Alien Word for Me!!
    Gonna Work On It and Check If This One is Important and Helpful! :)
    Vishesh Kachheda recently posted..Disable Action Center From Your System TrayMy Profile

  21. i agree with the all Points you mention above .but the the Point i like most is money is in then list .list are the real assets.
    this post is very informative and useful.

  22. GReat idea’s muki. I agree with you. this is very informative and helpful.

  23. ramiszaro says:

    It Shows the value of bring traffic i agree the way you explained this article thanks for the share muki awesome !

  24. Mohan gokul says:

    good work bro very nice information and tutorial. it is very useful post keep it up. Thanks for sharing mulki..

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