Guest Posting in 2014 ~ How to get exceptional results

Guest posting is an important as well as a demanding blogging activity. If you have been a blogger for about a month, chances are that you have read one or more materials on guest posting. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the ways to build links, network and create friendships, pull traffic to your blog, expand your reach, etc.

Much has been written out there about this hopping blogging exercise ranging from what it is, when, where and how to do it to what Google thinks about it. I have actually written a couple of guest articles on some quite active blogs. However, I took a break from it for a couple of reasons.

At one moment, I thought there is a way to do this thing unlike everyone else and even reap more exciting results. What is the key of guest posting and how to implement it in 2014 for bigger results? I pondered over this question, came up with what I think is the answer and thought I should share my opinion with you.

NB: If you want to guest post on this blog, check these guiding points

A few facts about Guest Posting

  • No blog will accept an article that’s not well researched.
  • No blog will accept an article with poor grammar.
  • No one will accept an article stuffed with links.
  • No one will accept an article with affiliate links.
  • No one will accept an article that overly promotes a promote.
  • No one will accept an article that’s published elsewhere.
  • You lose ownership of any article published elsewhere.
  • Few blogs will accept posts from non bloggers.
  • Etc

These points and more make the exercise so demanding. Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide whether to submit an article to a guest blog or publish it on yours. After making a final decision to submit it to someone else’s blog, you will want to get the best in return.

guest posting tips

What are some of the things you expect?

  • Backlinks
  • Traffic
  • Increase in relationship
  • Sales
  • profit

Now I have 5 questions to ask. I want you to think about them as these will help re-define our guest posting strategy for the coming year ;

  1. Which of these things I just listed above is most important?
  2. How many articles did you submit off your blog this year 2013 ?
  3. How many blogs did you submit your articles to this year 2013 ?
  4. Which of the blogs you submitted to generated the best results in 2013 ?
  5. What is Google’s point on guest posting?

Let’s focus on question 4

You may have wasted a lot of energy and resources scattering contents here and there hoping for some better results.  If you look back trying to locate the blog that generated the best results, that will so much point you to the right direction for better results in the up coming year.

Must of us have written sporadic and irrelevant content this year. With no real defined strategy, we remained in the excitement of having our articles accepted and published on some ‘so-called’ popular blogs.

While scrambling and striving to collect everything on the table, you may lose all. That’s a fact! So what do you really want in guest posting? About 5 or more things can be achieved (Backlinks, Traffic, Increase in relationship, Sales, profit, etc ) but is guest posting your only strategy to achieve these? Why not locate 1 or 2 and focus?

My take for the next year

To get exceptional results guest posting in 2014 and the years to come, I’ll be focusing on 1 or 2 popular blogs in my niche, posting at least once per week on any of them. What this will do is create authority and establish me on these few popular blogs as a solid author and blogger.

While this may not diversify link source, I will build a solid traffic source, create relationships in a more constant way, make sales and profit.

Get back to the list of blogs that did well for you in the past year(s) and select the first 2 blogs. Constantly submit content to them in the years to come.

Which is better? 

100 articles on 100 averare blogs or 100 articles on top 2 blogs ?

Linking in Guest articles

Most blog owners don’t frown at links back to your content except you go beyond acceptable limit. In any case, there are generally 2 ways to link back to your articles from any guest post;

  1. Keyword link: If this is poorly done, you may fall out with search engines. Diversify your anchor text and avoid using exact targeted keyword. The keyword link has a weaker CTR but may pull quite targeted clicks to your links.
  2. Call to action link: In the keyword link, you simple link a keyword to an article. The call to action link approach is stronger and has a higher CTR. This is the winning method to pull traffic from guest content to your posts.

Some quick examples of call to action links:

  • … I encourage you read this post on my blog where I share ….
  • … On my blog, a guest author provided more insight on … Check out this post for …

There are many of such phrases you can curl to (kind of) force readers to click and visit your blog. The fun is, most blog owners will accept it.

In the call to action link, you really don’t have any issue with keywords. Over 50% of readers will surely click this kind of links to your recommended article.

Share your thoughts!

what do you think about this? Are you working on new strategies in 2014? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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Full Time blogger and Creator of Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.


  1. Hi Enstine,

    Way to go indeed :)

    I read your guest post on the CommentLuv blog and it was wonderful indeed! And now you tell us you are going to create more waves….hmm…I guess we’d be seeing you ALL over the Blogosphere then!

    On a serious note, you’ve mentioned the right ways to guest post, whether it’s now or in the coming year. As you already know, I’ve so far just guest posted once – and gosh – that post keeps getting comments to date and I have to catch up with those, or perhaps it’s crossed more than 270 comments now, and why not, as it was on Adrienne’s blog! I’m sure glad she asked me to be her guest, something that I couldn’t refuse, or else I wonder if I’d ever got down to guest posting at all! :)

    I agree about putting in efforts in writing a perfect guest post, because it’s YOUR profile picture and your best that you are showing to the world, and this should be good. I fail to see how people can be so casual to just write anything for their guest post just for getting links.

    You need to research your post well, keep it error free, add enough value to it so that the readers of that other blog like what you share, ensure that such a post hasn’t been written on that blog earlier, and generally write it so well that people ask for more! Ah….I’ve not stopped getting guest post offers now, but unlike you, I cannot take up to write SO many guest posts per month because I have other family and work commitments too, but yes, perhaps one per month is a fair enough deal….more so for friend’s than for backlinks for me, though I know those matter a great deal too.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and I wish you ALL the best in your new endeavors. Have a nice week ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Letting Go: How It Helps YouMy Profile

    • Yeah Harleena! I currently have 3 more scheduled posts coming up there and one will be featured. I’m going to add 1 more blog to comluv and try as much as possible to create a name on them. I think that’s the way forward rather than jumping from one blog to the other

      Yes, your article on adrienne’s blog is really premium. It should be pulling traffic from search engines and I’m not surprised if you get 500+ comments on it.

      I can understand you are get solicited these days. That’s due to the refined quality of your writing and your ability to share content. You’ve got great coverage on social media.

      Will be happy to read another guest article of yours on adrienne’s blog again

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful week
      Enstine M. Muki recently posted..When is the right time to start monetizing a new blog?My Profile

  2. Yesh Quijano says:

    Guest blogging, I think, is one of the best methods to increase brand awareness. Not only does it generate backlinks, it also establishes relationships! But sadly, guest blogging is not applicable to all types of niche. And by the way, good post! This has inspired me to guest post at least twice a month. My main blog is about blogger empowerment and education and I think guest blogging is the perfect way to build authority as well as back links on this niche.

    And as for Harleena, the length of your comments never ceases to amaze me. I’ve mentioned you on one upcoming post, so watch out for it!

  3. Hello Enstine sir,

    Guest posting is one of the best ways to get in touch with more people to your interest. Maximum people write guest posts for getting do-follow backlink to their blog which I think is not a good way to take guest blogging.

    Guest blogging is introduced to have relationship with other blog readers and let know them about you and your blog which is relevant to their interest.

    No doubt, Guest posting drives traffic and give backlink. But it also connects us with more people online. Maximum webmasters provide us 2 backlinks, one for blog and other for social media. This leads us to enhance our social profile also.

    When I wrote my first guest blog at Binarynote, 10 new friend request I got on my facebook profile. So for me, Guest posting is to build relationship with more people and join them.. :-)
    Aman Bansal recently posted..7 Tremendous ways to make money from PodcastingMy Profile

  4. Enstine, thanks for these important questions which every blogger who wants to guest post must answer. We all guest post for at least one or two of the afore-mentioned reasons. But the question is what do we want to achieve with guest posting.

    As for me, my primary dream is to get traffic which would boost my own blog interactivity and sales. After that, relationship, backlinks, popularity, etc would follow. Yes, we may have relationship building at the back of our minds, but is that really the reason we are doing a guest post? Obviously not! It is only one of the reasons for doing so. We build relationships to maintain our interpersonal rapport, for future sake, expand our community, and subconsciously to get more gains.

    I would rather spread my articles to 100 fairly popular sites with average traffic than put them on 2 authority sites where the owners might be too busy to take cognizance of my presence. If those 100 fairly active blogs bring their small contributions, you would be able to pool the traffic together to make meaningful impact.

    When submitting our posts, we must always have it at the back of our minds that failure to play by the rules or submitting poor quality content would lead to our posts being dumped in the trash. Guest posts are gateways to advertise ourselves; so we must put in our best and create a lasting positive impression in the community we are posting on.

    I have had my guest articles published on popular sites like Comluv, Blogengage, Allbloggingtips, Mybloggertricks, Stunningmesh, Spiceupyourblog, Evancalmichael, Emfastincome, Ajnabii, Blogger passion, Socialvani, Web-Master Success, Ogbongeblog, etc and hope to improve on the gains in 2014 by God’s grace.

    Thanks Enstine for reminding us of the need to plan for 2014. Do have a wonderful week.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted..Employee Empowerment: 6 Tips to Make Majorly Motivated ManagersMy Profile

  5. Guest posting will probably see a lot of changes in the coming years and it has already started to change. As for the question, one should not focus on getting 100 articles on only 2 blogs.
    Getting featured on a number of blogs is a very important thing as it gives you a variety of links and it introduces you to a lot of people who might eventually link back to you for the great content on your blog.
    You wrote a completely different post on Guest posting.
    Great work , Enstine :)
    Arbaz Khan recently posted..The Best Installous Alternatives To Install IPA FilesMy Profile

  6. Tharun
    Follow me on Twitter:

    You have given a great explanation. As per your title what you said is exactly right. Days are changing.. Animals getting into attack. Users are worried for each and update by google. As know google loves backlink from a guest post other than comment link. So guest posting need to be considered very serious in coming days.

    I love the way you presented it . Thanks for this post.
    Tharun recently posted..Hide Affiliate Links In WordPress Using Gocodes PluginMy Profile

  7. qasim
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine,

    I couldn’t say in more than what you have mentioned about the importance of guest posting. Although i am receiving a good amount of guest posts and accept them as I don’t have enough time to blog on 3 different blogs. However I only submit one guest post. I know I should be writing more content on my own blog and should submit more guest posts. This is something that I should focus on more in the future.
    qasim recently posted..Top 7 Things High Traffic Blogs Have in CommonMy Profile

  8. How fitting Enstine, I just wrote a guest post today ;) I love guest posting. I got a bit lazy recently but will bump up my game. Definitely posting as many articles as possible to authority blogs is the way to go.

    I am blessed to have admin rights on a top shelf blog with many readers. I can post at will. Of course I built up a strong friendship with my blogging buddy too.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Why Write after a Day Like Today?My Profile

  9. Ally Grigg says:

    Great and informative post! My question is about which blog posts you should choose to use as a guest post. Obviously you want it to be one of your better ones so that you can put your best foot forward for a new audience – but you always want your good ones to stay on your own blog. How do you decide whether a post is good enough to submit for a guest post but not so great that you want to keep it on your blog? Should you sacrifice and just send out your best work?

    Also, suggestion … I’ve found to be really helpful in finding publishers for my articles. It’s much easier than traditional guest posting. Check it out!

  10. floriefe may says:

    Good post in there Enstine!

    Yes indeed there are many risks that you still have to consider. In fact if you would just go after and do great with guest posting then the 5 things in advantage which is the Back links, Traffic, Increase in relationship, Sales, Profit would definitely come around, just the way you expected it.

    Think of the brighter side!
    I found and “kingged” this on the Internet marketing social site

  11. Pramod
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Amazing post Enstine !
    Its always important to think on the topic before we send our guest posts to be published . If we allow our blog posts to be published on blogs with similar niche then results can be very fruitful .Thanks for sharing the information brother .

    Pramod recently posted..Wechat download for PC/Computer/Android :The How to GuideMy Profile

  12. Ashley from madlemmings
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hey Enstine,
    Guest blogging is a demanding part of blogging for sure. I have been doing a little of it lately and it does take a lot of time because you want to put your best stuff out there.
    You do get some links back to your blog, which is nice of course, but the relationships and new readers is also important I think.
    Have a great week
    Ashley recently posted..How to design your blog – like the prosMy Profile

  13. Jeevan Jacob John
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hey Enstine,

    For me, 100 articles on 100 average/medium sized blogs is better than 100 articles on top blogs.

    It depends upon several factors. My target audience is upcoming blog (not new..bloggers who have established themselves, but are not the top bloggers). Most of the audience of top blogs are new bloggers (just look at the comments, for instance).

    Medium sized blogs, on the other hand, is comprised of both new and established bloggers (and that works for me :D).

    I haven’t guest blogged this year (well, mainly because I wasn’t blogging at all). I do plan to get back to it, soon. Things have changed though. I remember watching a video (by Matt Cutts) on guest posting. He mentioned that the value of guest posts are decreasing, since so many bloggers are misusing it (either out of ignorance or because they want instant results). So, I plan to experiment around and see how it goes :D

    My strategy has been maintain consistency with “breaks” (once or twice a month. It allows me to maintain the relationship with the readers of the guest site, and introduce myself to new readers :D).

    Anyways, thanks for sharing this, Enstine :) Appreciate it!

    • Hey Jeevan,
      I think to a greater extent, one has to try out what works as per his/her audience. Things are not always same for every body though there are some general tips that can guide everyone.

      I do agree with Matt. I think it all boils down to value. I have seen some of my guest articles rank position #1 for the keyword and that works both for me and the blog owner and the blog in question is quite bigger than mind. I don’t think I would have achieved this if the post was posted on my blog – not saying mine can’t though

      Now, I’m doing my experiment, though already getting encouraging results (just this week of having 2 articles published on comluv) Traffic stat is not bad for a start but long term results will surely have a bigger say.

      I’m sure you’re soon bouncing back to blogging. Will be glad to read more of your works ;)

      Have a wonderful weekend
      Enstine M. Muki recently posted..30 Days Challenge – How to Make Your First $1000 from FiverrMy Profile

  14. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned from your guest posting experiences so far – I’m sure you’re right to focus your efforts on a few high quality blogs for future posts. I’ve heard, time and time again, that when it comes to backlinks, it’s quality rather than quantity that matters.

    I have one guest post in the pipeline, but I’m not planning to do much more in the foreseeable future due to other commitments and priorities – it’s not just the writing of the posts, but the time it takes responding to comments that you need to take into consideration – I don’t know how Harleena’s been coping dealing with all those comments on the great post she did for Adrienne’s blog!

    A very informative and interesting post, Enstine – thank you :)
    Susan Neal recently posted..15 Beliefs To Supercharge Your Writing CareerMy Profile

    • Time is an important factor in guest posting Sue. Most bloggers guest post less due to lack of time. Yes, you’ll have to sometimes deal with 100 and more comments per day – coming from your blog and guest articles. That’s a whole lot of work ;)

      Harllena has the keyboard hung to her fingers ;) Her brain ticks fast and her fingers are apt to translate the ticks to words and sentences. I have seen some bloggers trying to go by her way. I think it’s a good example though.

      I look forward to reading your guest article.

      Thanks for the contribution and do have a wonderful weekend
      Enstine M. Muki recently posted..30 Days Challenge – How to Make Your First $1000 from FiverrMy Profile

  15. Marc Donovan says:

    Hello Enstine,
    I think before submitting a (list of) guest post on some blogs,we must have a good strategy. I mean by that a structure of all your articles that you’ll submit off to your site need to be coherent and each article have to be link to your personal site. Like the aim is to have targeted traffic, it’s important to plan when publish an article in your blog, how many articles(guest post) could be related to that.

  16. Hi Enstine,

    This post seems like you were referring to me. At first, my thought was to drop a guest post each on different blogs, it’s a nice way of building safe backlinks but am I really going to relate with other bloggers and build some relationships? Well, it’s not too late though I’ve learnt something new.

    In my opinion, I’ll say focus mainly on two blogs where you get the most traffic then you can submit on other blog let’s say once in a month or so.
    At last I’ve found a blog to concentrate on, I’m sure you know the blog ;)

    I hope I’m not dreaming but in 2014, I wish to submit over 50 guest posts, 50% focused on 2 – 3 blogs and 60% scattered on other blogs.
    Thanks for the write up and the secret
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted..Need Help Choosing the Best Blog Design? Things to ConsiderMy Profile

  17. Sounds like you have a clear plan of where you’re headed for next year Enstine. As you mentioned these rules for guest posting I sure would hope that everyone is following these. Although I haven’t read all of your guest posts I did check out your latest on CommentLuv and I thought you did an exceptional job.

    I haven’t done a lot of guest posting. I have done my share and although they’ve gotten some good attention I really can’t say that I saw a lot of great results from them. I’ve heard so many different things from different people about this subject so I guess I tend to go with what works best for me.

    You can get yourself out in front of new faces I agree. It can help catapult you to newer places if you’re on the right blogs in front of the right audience. I guess I just prefer blogging at my place much more and I’m definitely not disappointed with the amount of traffic, readers or commenters that I receive. Could there be more? Well absolutely but I’ll confess to you, I might not be able to keep up. lol…

    Great list though and I so agree with what you’ve shared here. They are our blogs and we only want the best. I hope everyone will uphold these standards going into a new year and blogging will just keep getting better and better.

    Have a wonderful weekend Enstine and thanks so much.

    Adrienne recently posted..When There Is More Content Then TimeMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne,

      This activity is a high time consumer and if you are struggling with time, I recommend putting the little you have on your own blog.

      Also measuring the result you get from guest blogging on specific blogs is important so you don’t get your efforts wasted. That’s what I’ll be doing next year, or in the first part of the year. Whatever the case, focusing on my own blog is a priority.

      Thanks for sharing your views. Do have a wonderful weekend you too ;)
      Enstine M. Muki recently posted..30 Days Challenge – How to Make Your First $1000 from FiverrMy Profile

  18. Backlink is most tough task to generate however people are utilizing comment section to generate backlinks pointing to their blog. I suggest to people to some extra ordinary thing that others wants to link you, that is great thing to get exceptional results.

    Thanks nice share.

    Atul Kumar Pandey
    Atul Kumar Pandey recently posted..Graphic Designing, a Job Profile with Creativity at its Best!My Profile

  19. Hi Enstine,
    I already feel like I am in 2014.
    Its true that guest posting rules and guidelines will get stricter as time passes by and guest authors need to work harder.
    As for my strategy, I am planning to write for some esteemed bloggers like you so that I can network more with you and the readers here on this blog.
    Hope this will help both of us.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted..My Online Business Empire – New Proven Place to Skyrocket Affiliate Commissions.My Profile

  20. Hello Enstine,
    I have started with my blogs few months back and really looking to improve the ranking for it. Your above blog is really very helpful. I plan to start working on these points to get targeted traffic and also search ranking.

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