Guide To Earning More From Google Adsense

Google Adsense Publishers program no doubt is the best Publishing network for bloggers worldwide with lots of people making huge six figure income yearly with this program.

Lots of Newbies to blogging and also to the Adsense program, still put up doubts to the fact that people earn such huge amounts using Adsense, this is definitely true because, these Adsense gurus tend to understand how to optimize their blogs for Adsense, and how to make the most out of Adsense.

By the end of this article, you would be shocked at how easy it is to optimize and make more money blogging using only Adsense. Yes, I said only Adsense. I know lots of people who depend on Adsense for a living, they don’t place any other Ad publishing programs on their blogs, but still make real income and smile to the bank using this platform.

I assume by now in your using Adsense, you must have known these acronyms; CTR and CPC, cos i’ll be using them often in this article. For benefit of doubt let me firstly explain them below.

CTR: This Acronym stands for Click Through Rate, it is a measure of how successful your Ad clicks are as compared to your traffic. It is simply calculated by The Number of Clicks Gained divided by The Number of Views Reached on the same advert. This is very mush dependent on your blog traffic.

CPC: The CPC stands for Cost Per Click, which means the cost you get per click on your Google Adsense advert placed on your blog. It defers and depends on keywords

improve adsense earnings

How To Improve Your Adsense Earnings.

There are several ways to improve your adsense earnings of which I would discuss below.

1. Ad Placement

The placement of your Ad units on your blog page determines a great deal the percentage of your CTR which in turn affects your earnings. I noticed that Ad units at top positions such as header, below post title and below post itself, can really improve your Adsense Earnings. It works for me this way because, most visitors would see the adverts easily than the Ads placed at the footer or elsewhere.

2. Color Blending

Blending your Adsense Ad color to match with your theme or template links and background color is a nice practice that works well for lots of we bloggers. This also increases your CTR because most of your visitors would consider this to be direct links on your blog instead of adverts.

3. Amount Of Traffic

This is the key to earning using Adsense, because you won’t expect to get more out of Adsense when no one visits your blog. Do you expect bots or ghosts to do that for you? Traffic really plays a nice role here. Try working on sources of traffic such as SEO, Commenting on other blogs, Guest posting and lots more.

4. Display Of Ads

You might not consider this one serious, but it affects at times. If you place lots of Ad Units on your blog, and your contents is not rich, Google Adsense bots would display irrelevant free ads on some of your slots. Now if someone click on them, you earn nothing from it. The solution to this is writing Content keyword filled articles.

5. Keyword Selection

This greatly is determined by your Niche or what you are writing about. Some competitive keywords pay as much as $50 per click. It is advisable you do a Keyword research whenever you want to make a post,as this very one helps me a lot.

If only you can use this guide, implement the strategies outlined above to your blog, you would definitely enjoy your stay and usage of the Adsense Publishers Income. These tips have helped me a lot in earning a lot of money online using Google Adsense.

Feel free to use the Comment box to let us know other methods you implement that increases your Adsense earning.

Happy Blogging.

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  1. That’s really an informative article, let try to include thus on my bog.Do you have anything to get adsense approval fast & what you thin about that latest google adsense policy changes like No ads on folders and recent decision of BANing people without any reason.
    REKHILESH ADIYERI recently posted..How Do I Make My Computer FasterMy Profile

  2. Suresh Khanal
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Great tips Oscar. I wish to add a couple of more here!

    Keywords really play a huge role on how much you’ll earn through Adsense – do a proper keyword research before you publish every article.

    At the same time, it is the traffic source that has huge impact. As I experience, the organic traffic will earn more from Adsense than referral or loyal visitors – learn some SEO and try to improve search engine traffic.

    Also, the geographic location of your visitors matters much. From the same page I get some $10 clicks if from USA, UK, Aus and $0.1 when clicks are made from India, Nepal and so on – Focus content and promotion efforts to those countries.

    Hope it helps :)
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..Isquar free WordPress Theme « How to Blog Series: Post #16My Profile

  3. Khaja Moin says:

    I think keywords and traffic is very important when making money with Adsense. But one has to be more serious about there TOS.
    Else you will be banned.
    And I completely go with trying different ways of making money.


  4. anis
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Google adSense is one of the best ways to earn money from your blog but I think it’s somehow picky but they are changing the rules
    these tips are really cool for making more money from adSense
    thanks for sharing
    anis recently posted..6 Powerful Tips to Help You Make Money Online Starting TodayMy Profile

  5. Ibrahim Abdullahi says:

    These are great tips. Mobile monetization of Adsense also helps, my earnings almost doubled when i moved to wordpress and start using mobilepress.

  6. Karnal Singh says:

    One of the problems is that CPC is very low in India….

  7. Great post Oscar,
    The leaderboard unit and 300×250 works better than any other ad units. I have placed one inside the post and other on the sidebar and now I’ve doubled my Adsense earnings.
    Thanks a lot for the awesome post. I think I should try more blending.
    Amal Rafeeq recently posted..Calling All Readers In : Help Me Win The Guest Blogging ContestMy Profile

  8. Hi Oscar,

    Agreed on all counts. Placement plays a big part in your earnings.

    I find using text ads in banners placed high up on your blog seem to generate many clicks, especially since I already use an image banner for my cash gifting list.

    Thanks Oscar!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..1 Tip to Kill Cash Gifting Procrastination on ContactMy Profile

  9. Nice one Oscar!
    Really a joy to read when its about “The Great AdSense” ;-)

  10. Oscar, Thanks for your guide. Google Adsense remains a good way of monetizing blogs. The importance of traffic and SEO should not be over-emphasized as they remain major determinants of the amount you earn with Adsense.
    Using some high paying keywords may not help you much because there is much competition there and the gurus have monopolized this area. But using longtail keywords can help you get a lot of cash from the crumbs here.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted..10 Things To Consider If You Want To write a Blog Post That Goes ViralMy Profile

  11. Harleena Singh
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Oscar, and welcome to Enstine’s blog,

    These are great reminders to make the most of Google Adsense. People do earn a lot and lately I’ve too picked up on that, but everybody should be aware of the ‘invalid clicks’ that can get your adsense banned by Google.

    I’ve the same Ad placements as you mentioned, though I haven’t yet tried the color blending. Traffic is of course a major factor, and the use of money keywords is definitely a good solution.

    Thanks for sharing more about how we can earn through Google Adsense with all of us. Have a nice weekend, both of you :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Understanding the Power of BeliefMy Profile

  12. Emmanuel
    Follow me on Twitter:

    As to who holds the key to a successful adsense earning is still a great debatable topic. It’s of course a matter of continuous experimentation.
    I for instance placed an all image ad below my blog and I’m still amazed at the result it pulled. Even though clicks on that ad was not making me anything but its CPM is really high and of it’s of course bringing in some few bucks even without clicks.

    Anyway, this is a wonderful submission.
    Emmanuel recently posted..How Fast is your Blog?My Profile

  13. Nice tips Oscar! So far i find Google Adsense the most used program by bloggers around the globe. And the reason for that is quite simple, they built a trustworthy relationship with both advertisers and publishers. Though it takes some time before you can earn some decent $, still it’s worth a try.

  14. Phil
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Nice article. Good advice if looking to start placing ads on your blog.

    Good content and traffic is key, but one must be careful to not write blog posts sorely just filled with keywords.
    Phil recently posted..I will say a prayer for you today Boston.My Profile

  15. Joy Healey says:

    Thanks. That was an informative article. I haven’t done much with Adsense as most of my sites are sites where I’m selling something myself and don’t want visitors to leave. But if I change tack, I’ll be sure to implement your tips.

  16. Gaurav Sharma -SEO expert says:

    One question, I have in mind for many days about Google Adsense Ads Format. That is If I change my Google Adsense Ads format in text rather than placing text and image both. Is these help me to get lots of click on my blog… and i also read on some of good blogs that text ads have more CPC than Image ads.

  17. Great article! i found it extremely useful. That is why I just bought a WordPress plugin that can mass upload 100? s of articles for a certain niche and the plugin automatically schedules each of my articles for posting according to my settings.
    Evan recently posted..Great Travel WordPress Theme Collection 2013My Profile

  18. Deepak Mehra says:


    There is no doubt Google AdSense is best way for earn money. I think it is one of the good tool for Google for increase the ratio of our websites!!

    thanks for share with me!!

  19. Keral Patel
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Very badly needed some of this tips. My keyword targeting is bad I guess or maybe I have to stop that behavioral ads. Earnings used to be nice in past and then suddenly it has plummeted down although the traffic has increased three folds and yet earnings are going down.
    Keral Patel recently posted..Five Reasons You Should Have Your Own WebsiteMy Profile

  20. Hamza Ahmad
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Nice tips, I used to have an issue with more ads but now I have removed one ad unit from my blog and my earnings have started to rise but on the other hand clicks start to get lower. These were some amazing tips thanks for sharing.
    Hamza Ahmad recently posted..Yahoo Mail App Updated And Now Supports iPad & iPad MiniMy Profile

  21. Well the 2 things which need to work to improve adsense income is :

    1. Good keywords
    2. Best ad placements

    So i believe above are the two things which need more concentration to gain more adsense income.

    Sarvesh Darak recently posted..Google Glass and Augmented Reality: Seeing the FutureMy Profile

  22. A very interesting post Oscar,
    Google adsense is really the best Contextual advertising program out there, but the only way to make it real big with adsense is to have a good number of traffic coming to your site.

    But, the only thing i don’t like about adsense is the way they suspends people accounts without any warning. But i guess its because they’ve not gotten a big time competitor.

    Thanks for sharing such a helpful post man.
    valentine belonwu recently posted..Small Business Goes MobileMy Profile

  23. Chetan Gupta
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hey Oscar
    I have one another method for increasing adsense earning in my mind but I am not sure about that method. because i am new blogger and i have not good experience. I only want to share this method with you then you tell me. Can we do this ???
    Okay suppose I have one adsense ad ( CPC ).
    Step-1: I or Some one clicked on that ad and he copied the link from the address bar of the browser after opening the page of the ad.
    Step-2. Then he write some eye catchy keywords in some of their posts and he linked that keywords with that link which he copied after opening the ad.
    Are you understanding??? What i am trying to explain you !!!
    After doing all these 2 steps, If some one clicks on those keywords then that page will open which was opened after clicking on the ad unit.
    Am I right???
    So if any blogger tries this method and any visitor clicks on that keyword then will google adsense pay for this click on keyword???
    because visitor clicked on the keyword and that page was opened which adsense wants to promote.
    Reply me soon
    I am waiting for your response.
    and thanks for sharing this valuable post. :)
    Chetan Gupta recently posted..How to Plan a Website in Few Easy StepsMy Profile

  24. Chetan Gupta
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Good tips sharing oscar !!!
    Oscar I have already shared a method for increasing adsense earning. But I didn’t get your views in reply. I am waiting to confirm that is am i right about my method.
    Chetan Gupta recently posted..10 Cool Things You Should must do This WeekendMy Profile

  25. Hey Oscar
    Awesome Ways To Increase Adsense Earnings. I Think Ad Placement and Color Selection is most Important in Adsense. As We Know Ads Should be placed at a Place where Most chances of Use clicking it and also Giving Color to Ads same as your Blog and Removing Border Color will Increase CTR. And also Keywords, I think Blogging or SEO Keyword doesn’t pay Higher when compared to Below Listed Keywords.
    DONATE CARS IN MA ($125.58)
    SELL ANNUITY PAYMENT ( $ 107.46 )
    ASBESTOS LAWYERS ( $ 105.84 )
    So, Selecting a Appropriate topic for our Blogs will Increase Adsense Earnings.

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