I’m sick and tired!

I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired!

I’m not a pro blogger though. My blogging journey started some two months ago and I have struggled to create an impact. While moving on, I have read tons of blog posts and have come across very interesting bloggers especially on the famous blog Engage platform.

During this time, four women bloggers have impressed and positively influenced me big time. 

In no order:

And men bloggers? Oh yes! I’ve got really amazed by a couple of them but I save the list for the next dinner.

But I’m sick and tired!

Wait! One question for you …

Are you fake or real ?

Fake bloggers..

  • Don’t have an identity
  • Copy contents from other blogs
  • Copy ideas from other blogs and don’t work hard to make them different
  • Copy titles from other blogs
  • All they do is copy and paste

Don’t be fake …

Try as much as you can to create your brand. Be unique and be known for it. Don’t only strive for useful contents. Go beyond and create contents that make readers anxious.

What makes me very disappointed…

Recently, I deleted some blogs off my list. Yes! I’m never going to visit those again. These are just a bunch of lazy people who are taking blogging for the lazy man’s job. All they do is grab others’ articles, spin and resubmit on their blogs.  Haven’t  you noticed just the same kind of contents on some blogs – SEO, TRAFFIC, SOCIAL MEDIA, etc. These are broad subjects to develop killer contents but some guys are just too lazy or simply just kidding. The SEO post on blog A is just an inverted copy of  what was published on blog B. Just some crazy stuff.

I’m not telling you to re-invent the wheels. You should not also copy and paste! If you tell me there is no way you can create unique contents, then quit while it’s early.

Are you also tired? Having you noticed this too?  My readers and I are anxious to read your comment below. Please also share this article with your friends on facebook,Twitter,Linkedin and Google+

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Full Time blogger and Creator of BlogExpose.com. Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.


  1. Avi Jit
    Follow me on Twitter:

    For me copying is like stealing. Fro your post readers can clearly get the moral that they should be unique and create new things for their blog readers. Cool post bro. :)
    Avi Jit recently posted..How to Optimize Your Twitter Business Account? #SeoTipsMy Profile

  2. Adrienne
    Follow me on Twitter:

    You better not be sick and tired of visiting my blog Enstine! Just kidding!

    Thank you so much for the shout out, I really appreciate that. Ah, I’m among some really awesome ladies that you look up to. See, we ladies have got it going on…

    I guess I’ve been very fortunate to not run across too many “fake” people these days. Oh sure, I have those regular lazy commenters who don’t even know how to share their own opinion which really hurts them in the long run because I just delete their comment and never visit their blogs. Their loss.

    Too many people are being taught the lazy man’s way to riches (are their any ?). They are selling them on the dream that they can steal, borrow and through up duplicate content and actually get someplace in life. Go figure.

    Thanks for setting them straight and again for the mention. I really do appreciate that.

    Enjoy your day now.

    Adrienne recently posted..Permission Marketing, Back To The BasicsMy Profile

    • Hey Adrienne,
      I’m sure you know the value of your blog and your free ebook which I highly recommend. No one can be sick and tired of a blog such as yours. I hope 2013 will be another year of learning much from your blog.

      Oh yeah! Women are shaking the blogging kingdom ;)

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  3. Deborah Anderson
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Oh my goodness, Enstine! I am so touched I think I am in tears. You are such a dear and you have been an inspiration, as well, my friend.

    I was just thinking, this morning, how fatigued I felt and then got your email. Your timing could not have been more apropos!

    And, the message of what you say here is so applicable. The copy/paste is a shortcut method that does not, in my opinion, bring the same value to the readers, or to those who do it. There is work involved in blogging (and anything worth value, really), but the reward is truly remarkable, when you put your heart and soul into what you do.

    The friendships are the best of all, and for that, I thank you, dear friend.

    Deborah Anderson recently posted..Holiday Gift Idea: Gadgets (w/@Dragonblogger) #SocialCafe (Summary)My Profile

  4. Scraping content is a big no-no. Sometimes it might be hard coming up with fresh content – but copying never works. I know my (small) following could tell in a heartbeat if I was copying content!

    But I hear where your coming from Enstine. I have a very small list of blogs that I actually visit now. Yours being one of them obviously :)
    Jason Mathes recently posted..Can I Really Make Money Blogging? by Jane Sheeba – An eBook ReviewMy Profile

  5. Wade
    Follow me on Twitter:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head Enstine! You can’t get too far when you’re not real with your readers. You also have to continually bring value to the readers with every post, & you can’t do that by copying others!
    Wade recently posted..How Can I Get More Twitter Followers?My Profile

  6. Garen
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Yeah I know what you mean Enstine. What is worse is when you find people that pretty much take your article and use it word for word. They will post it on social media sites, spam blogs, ect. I have had to send a fair amount of DMCA take down notices in my day.

    Don’t worry the fake ones won’t go very far in this industry. There is some really dirty stuff people do, but end the end everything will come back to haunt them. Just like you I am not a very experienced blogger mostly an SEO guy that migrated to blogging too, but I learn everyday :). I did buy a book from problogger since they are only 10 dollars. The one I bought was 31 days to building a better blog.
    Garen recently posted..Social Media Beats SpammingMy Profile

  7. Raplus
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine,

    Again sweet and nice post from Enstine, Again I want to say that your post headings are very attractive. :-) However, I also hate fake bloggers.

    “Try as much as you can to create your brand. Be unique and be known for it. Don’t only strive for useful contents. Go beyond and create contents that make readers anxious. ”

    This is a wonderful word for all newbie bloggers.
    Raplus recently posted..6 Ways to Promote Your New Blog PostMy Profile

  8. Okay! So this is actually for those who are in copy & paste blogging. Nice that you can slap them hard just by making a post like this. These lazy buds are not just making their position down but also impacting on their google result.
    Irfan Siddiqui recently posted..WhatsApp logo Turn Red – It’s a Hoax, Just Avoid itMy Profile

  9. Abhi Balani
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I can say, I have or maybe, had a similar condition like you have right now.

    I am just hoping you won’t delete my blog from your list. :D
    Abhi Balani recently posted..My Winning Story & the final contest with prize money – $1000My Profile

  10. What ARE you talking about Enstine?
    Of course you’ve made an impact – You have an alexa rank of 126,000 53 people have liked your content and 10 people so far have commented on this one article. Personally I subscribed, and stayed subscribed, to your blog simply because a lot of what you have to say IS useful. I’ve been writing articles and SEOing for 3(? not sure) years now, so take that as a compliment.
    Anyway, about “lazy” bloggers. They WILL fail, BECAUSE they are lazy. They don’t add to anything, or give anything back, and people notice these things. Chin up lad and keep on keeping on. At least you have some choice about what to blog about, and you remain interesting.

    • OMG Matt, What a compliment!
      I’m so touched man. thanks for bringing up the stats and thanks for contributing to this. Thanks again for being on the list. Thanks and thanks

      Hope to learn more on SEO from your experience ;)

      Correctly said! Lazy bloggers will fail. It applies to all areas of life. Even the bible says a lazy man should not be given food ;)

  11. Ohhhh …. So True!!!

    Why try to be somebody else or take the easy road? The easy road doesn’t always lead to traffic, followers and conversions.

    Be original, be yourself, provide value and most of all be honest. Thanks for bringing the value to the table Enstine!

    posted by Galen Morgigno
    Galen Morgignio recently posted..Here’s Your Chance to Get Into the Top 50My Profile

  12. Shalu
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Enstine you are very right, there is no room for being fake. In the world of blogging one has to be trustworthy and win the trust and faith of those they are writing for otherwise there is no hope.
    Shalu recently posted..Drinking water guide in IndiaMy Profile

  13. your journey for blogging is good and hard. but its not good that you are disappointed. its a long journey to cross.

  14. Suresh Khanal
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine!

    Very useful post written with different angle. I guess they are experimenting with spinned articles ;-) Its for sure after some time they will learn that these laziness won’t work anymore and quit blogging. Hahaaa…
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..What is a Blog? How to Blog Series – Post #1My Profile

  15. Rich Donahue says:

    Hello again Enstine and thank you for your viewpoint. I like what you say here and I don’t think it’s right for people to copy and paste. The WordPress “press this” tool is tempting, but it’s not good just to copy and paste. However, I use references in my work and link them in my articles. Same as we’re taught to do in college. I believe this is good in two ways. 1. Shows I’ve researched my work. 2. Links back to another (they appreciate it). What do you think Enstine? Happy blogging!

  16. Juan
    Follow me on Twitter:

    me too, if i found the blog are “copy paste” blogger, i will automatically leave that blog and remove them from my blog list too
    Juan recently posted..Google Adsense Marketing: 3 Ways To DoMy Profile

  17. Harvey M.
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Having read your thread on WarriorForum, I think you’re not as far as you expect from being a professional blogger, Enstine.

    Keep it up!
    Harvey M. recently posted..Make Money With Your Blog!My Profile

  18. Look-Like-Buy.com says:

    Fake fake fake, dont matter every blogger copies soon or later.

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