A stupidly simple way to increase blog traffic!

One big reason you are reading this article is because you need a website traffic source to add to your list. As blogger, you want more information on how to increase blog traffic. We all need traffic don’t we? Without traffic, our websites and blogs will only be useless chunks of files on some remote server. The success of every blog depends on the type of traffic it gets. Generally, there are two sources of website traffic : 

  1. Search Engine
  2. Referral

Well, I’m not going to dwell on these sources. I want us to see one traffic source that has been neglected by many Internet Marketers. This has worked so well for me and helped me get over 2000 Real Facebook fans and 2000+ Real Twitter followers within just few weeks. It’s one of my ways to increase blog traffic.

traffic source

For some users, 2100 fans might not be a reason to celebrate but that’s not the point. 2100 fans in few weeks could mean 1000s more fans in a short period. As we know, more engaging social media followings, more traffic and more money.

Now let me ask you a silly questions ;)

If you were given $50 to spend on advertising, how would you spend it to increase blog traffic?

You are surely going to think  PPC, banner space on some high traffic site or some commonly used advertising model. But I have something to suggest. Something that has worked and is working for me.

What you get with this method

  • More and more real Facebook likes
  • More and more real Twitter followers
  • More and more G+
  • More and more Tweets
  • More and more Backlinks
  • More and more hits
  • And of course, more and more traffic

How to increase blog traffic by sponsoring blog contests

Today, bloggers are becoming increasingly aware of the endless list of advantages that comes with running blog contests on their blogs. If you have been on the blogosphere these days, you’ll agree with me that contests are popping up every now and then on countless number of blogs.

I see this as an opportunity for smart bloggers to jump on board and squeeze traffic and more of the things I mentioned above to their advantage.

Which blogs to sponsor contests on

Now, I don’t advice going round throwing money on any blog. You have to know what you are looking for. I’ll advice you to:

  • Sponsor contests on blogs in your niche
  • Sponsor contests on relatively popular blogs with good traffic and alexa ranking
  • Ask the blog owner to add your bio info on the contest page

More advantages of being a contest sponsor

  • Of course, this will improve traffic to your blog. Yes! it does handle the question on how to increase web traffic.
  • Network and build solid relationships with other bloggers.
  • Help establish your brand.

Increase blog traffic by sponsoring contests on my blog

One of the ways I get traffic to my blog is hosting monthly contests. This is indisputably another solution to the issue of how to increase blog views. From statistics of this contest and many others, and some feed back from my sponsors, I can confidently guarantee good results to my subsequent sponsors. If you want to be one of my next sponsors, please contact me.

The only reason I’m posting about this on my blog is because I have used it in the past (and still using it) with very exciting results. I have sponsored a couple of Giveaways run by fellow bloggers and I’m very satisfied with the results.

If you want an additional traffic source to increase your blog traffic, I recommend given some thoughts to sponsoring contests on other blogs.

Now, let me hear from you. Have you sponsored contests before? What were the results? Do you think this is one way to increase blog traffic? will you be one of my sponsors? Please, share in the comment box.

Meet Enstine M. Muki

Enstine M. Muki has written 169 post in this blog.

Full Time blogger and Creator of BlogExpose.com. Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.

About Enstine M. Muki

Full Time blogger and Creator of BlogExpose.com. Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.


  1. anis
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Yah Enstine giveaway are an awesome way to get lots of exposure, everybody loves freebies, this is a win-win method :D
    thanks for sharing ;)
    anis recently posted..10 Sweet Ways to Make Easy Cash Online !My Profile

  2. Temilola Globalwalyy says:

    Everyone one loves Giveaway isn’t it?, Sponsoring a giveaway in your niche, is one of the easiest way of have target traffic.
    Thanks for sharing this little secret..

  3. Nirmala
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Good idea from you Enstine sir to increase the blog traffic!

    I had participated in these types of contests and having the same idea in my mind to conduct the same in my blog.

    Will try to do it soon and on your blog too ;)
    Nirmala recently posted..What Is Twitter and Things Not To Be Tweeted With ItMy Profile

  4. Shihabudheen K says:

    Everyone loves contests and I’m sure they are the best method to increase traffic,likes and followers. Also i would like to start one but i don’t have enough money to promote.
    so I’m waiting for an initial investment.

    Thanks for sharing this nice post

  5. Lisa
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Enstine, when you say to sponsor a contest do you mean have your own giveaway or share someone else’s? Wasn’t quite sure I understood exactly what you meant. Great advice on the FB too to increase one’s traffic. We cannot rely just on Google anymore with all their changes.
    Lisa recently posted..Twitter Cards To Add Some Zing To Your Posts On TwitterMy Profile

  6. Hey pal,

    I know sponsoring a contest can surly increase traffic. I have done it in the past and will do it again whenever I can afford to.

    Also hosting a contest can help to increase traffic as well.

    Seems like contests is one of the best way to increase your blog traffic these days.

    Thanks for the awesome post bro.
    Kharim Tomlinson recently posted..2nd Giveaway: $150 In Cash Prizes, Plugins n More…My Profile

  7. You’re right about those things. To be honest the hardest thing I had before is think what would be the best domain name to applied on my blog. You know, something that is really become familiar to my readers.

  8. Hey bro,
    I have never thought of doing a giveaway on my blog because most bloggers are going into that field and i just don’t like doing what others do. I might run a giveaway some time in the future but not now.

    Social media is one great place to look for traffic and i am loving every moment doing my campaigns. Thanks
    Babanature recently posted..How To Stand Out From The Crowd, As A BloggerMy Profile

    • Enstine Muki
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Hey bro,
      Most people are getting into blogging too so we should stop blogging because it’s getting (some what) saturated ? ;)

      What I think is you can do it with a special touch. That’s why I focused on Cash while others were giving away themes and plugins. Now, one of my contests got over 350 comment (not counting replies)

      Now I see some other bloggers coming in with cash too but I still see space to grow. You have your own readers who will be interested in winning something on your blog. So you can think of giving them something

      One way (like I strike in this post) is to sponsor contests on different blogs. That’s good way to get traffic and lots of other benefits.

      Hope you think of it while enjoying your weekend ;)

    • I used to be of the same mind when I was making a decent income with a web directory years ago. But after getting into blogging the cash and traffic have been steadily gaining while I’ve also added more community to my sites.

      The giveaway is a tool for extending your reach into avenues you may not get to with a single tweet or share.
      tonygreene113 recently posted..iPad Mini #GiveawayMy Profile

  9. Abhishek
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Yes I want to sponsor for my website but Now neither I have so much money nor I am earning from my blog.
    Abhishek recently posted..4 Awesome Techniques To Write Popular PostMy Profile

  10. Chery Schmidt
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine! Agreed everyone loves giveaways and this can generate good traffic As a matter of fact I believe this is how I first found your blog. Great Advice.. Have a Great Weekend.. Chery :)
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..Creating Your Online BrandMy Profile

  11. rakesh kumar says:

    Contest sponsoring is a great idea but i am afraid man, it will not sustain your readers or will not be able to bind your reader with your contents, so in my opinion it is your content that will bring traffic to your site day by day. What is your opinion on this issue.

    • Enstine Muki
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Hey bro,
      I don’t think the contests are meant to sustain your readers. You don’t do contests everyday, do you? The contests are meant to draw traffic to your blog while your content has the role to keep the visitors.

      While I’m pointing contests as a traffic source, it can also be something that keeps visitors coming back to your blog if you are consistent in it. I really does work bro. I have feedbacks ;)
      Enstine Muki recently posted..How to install and make money with Google Adsense for search!My Profile

  12. Emmanuel
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Muki,
    This obviously do sound like a good idea.
    Sponsoring a contest? I’m going to try it out one day.

  13. Bashir Ahmed
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Yes our blog traffic and social followers will surely increase if we sponsor the cash or prize on other blogs contest.

    This way we can get social followers, backlink, traffic = means good ROI!

    Thanks for good share Enstine!
    Bashir Ahmed recently posted..Top 15 High Pagerank Blogs For Guest PostingMy Profile

  14. I was approached by a company to host a contest on my blog, I have absolutely no money so this seemed like a really neat idea. So I set it up, ran it the requested amount of time and I just did not get a very good response at all. I posted about it everywhere I could and still I only got a few people to enter. Do you have any suggestions on how to get traffic to my site without paying for it because I just don’t have the money. I enjoy working on my blog but if no one see’s it, it’s kind of like what’s the point. Anyway, this was a very interesting post thank you very much.

    • Enstine Muki
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Hey Janell,
      Free traffic is what most of us need but I tell you, it’s not easy. The best source of free traffic is search engine. Do your SEO well and you’ll have free traffic.

      Also do blog commenting and guest posting. However, the best way is to write the kind of content that will encourage readers to share and recommend your blog.

      Join blogging communities like bizsugar.com, blokube.com, inbound.org, etc. Using Twitter tools like Justretweet, Easyretweet,traffup,etc

      Now, the more attractive your contest prizes, the more the participation. The simplicity of participation also counts. Don’t give too much task to contestants. Make it simple and attractive.

      I hope this helps

  15. Dheeraj Jain says:

    Hey Enstine,
    Although we are not earning much from the website. But thanks for sharing your ideas, we’ll implement these ideas in near future. :)

  16. Vishnnu Vermaa says:

    Great Post Enstine …!!
    will it help the newbie too for generating a good amount of traffic, how can i participate in this contest ??

  17. The idea is definitely appealing and I never thought about it that way. Thank you for sharing this post, going to think about it now
    Pitt Goumas recently posted..Home STD Testing Procedure – Same Day Private STD TestingMy Profile

  18. Krishna says:

    These ain’t look like some stupid ways but are simple. Contests are best to bring a whole bunch of visitors. Thanks for this tips.

  19. Yea my man,
    You’re very right and i quite agree with you on this one. Hosting contests is one of the newest ways of getting targeted traffic to a blog.

    Most bloggers don’t know of this yet and I’m happy you managed to write about it here. Thanks a lot for sharing man.

    Have a great week ahead :).
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted..How to Make (BIG) Money Talking with Others OnlineMy Profile

  20. Great idea Enstine, I think people are inherently happier when they’re getting more in return for their time and attention! Freebies and giveaway prizes cover that easily.

  21. Mubashir
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hey Enstine.

    Well I am thinking to sponsor a Giveaway and a Guest Post on your blog. Its not a stupid way to increase blog traffic for me. :-)

    Thanks for sharing wonderful tips
    Mubashir recently posted..Some Blogging Mistakes and their SolutionsMy Profile

  22. Cameron Chardukian says:

    hmm… I’ve never really thought about running a contest on my blog. That always just seemed like something “other people” did. I’ll have to look more into this. Thanks for helping me to think outside the box Enstine.

  23. Fazal Mayar says:

    thanks for this enstine, traffic can be easily generated with a solid plan like yours

  24. Enstine,

    This sounds like a swell idea, but I have a question. Don’t the likes and follows deflate once the contest is over?

    Maricel Rivera recently posted..Reality Check: How Are Your Connections Going?My Profile

  25. This are really amazing ways to increase blog traffic, there’s actually nothing like getting targeted traffic, and this is almost only possible by using money. :D…. I’m also looking forward to spending some cash on my blog!

    Thank you for sharing sir.
    Wilson recently posted..5 Post Formats That Will Always Work For Your BlogMy Profile

  26. Silviu
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for your blog post. There is no doubt in my mind that when you sponsor a contest on a popular blog in your niche you’ll get traffic and likes and exposure and so on.
    However, what most newbies want to know is how to earn their first money. When you have earned your first money you will gain enough trust and means to do such a thing and enjoy success. Otherwise, most people won’t try this method.

    So I want to somehow challenge you. Why don’t you write about a real method for newbies to earn their first money? I think a blog post like this would generate an enormous amount of traffic to your blog. That’s because most visitors are newbies and this is what they want: a method that works, a method that was tried by somebody else and its’ proven.

    If you write a blog post like this with a real method to earn your first money, a method that you tried and worked, then I will test this method and – if it works – I will use a part of these money to sponsor a contest to your blog.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted..How to get Traffic to Your Blog with TriberrMy Profile

    • Enstine Muki
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Hi Silviu,
      Thank you so much for this wonderful comment.

      But you know, traffic is key in earning money online. Besides, I have so many posts here on how to make money blogging.
      The first thing newbies ought to do is to get a professional blog, post consumable contents and secure a steady and targeted traffic. Making money should not come first.

      One main reason many have surrendered and dropped is that they came in thinking they will start making the money the next day. That’s wrong! It doesn’t work that way. Build a community first then any attempt to make money will be fruitful.

      How about that?
      Enstine Muki recently posted..How to Make Extra Money!My Profile

  27. Great detailed post. I’m guessing that step 1 is what most people, yours included, can get tripped up on. Thanks for sharing the info.

  28. Justin Johnson says:

    So given that you are promoting a contest/giveaway, do you have any advice for what type of legal ramifications you might face if you have a disgruntled contestant? How do you handle covering your own self essentially?

    For example: Reader A “wins” the contest, but Reader B starts saying the contest was unfair, etc… How do you protect yourself from that?


    • Enstine Muki
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Hi Justin,
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment
      You have raised an important issue ;)

      Now, the first thing to note is that Contests are different from Giveaway/Sweepstakes. Though we generally use them like they mean the same thing, these is a big difference between them.

      Contests winners are picked based on merit or performance while Giveaway winners are randomly selected.

      I think the example you raised applies more to contests. Some participants might want to prove they perform more than the selected winner. On the other hand, no one may be able to justify why he/she is supposed the winner in any Giveaway. There are no selection criteria. It’s all by chance

      Well, Punchtab, the piece of app that powers so many giveaways today seems to be merging the two by rewarding some participants with points, giving them a better chance to win. There is an item of merit here. The more you promote your unique link, the more points you get and the more your chances of being picked.

      Whatever, in my case, there are punchtab rules which I go by. Being a random selection, it leaves no room for participants to dispute over any choice.

      thanks for the thought-provoking question
      Enstine Muki recently posted..9 points to note before interviewing successful bloggers!My Profile

  29. Julia Reed says:

    I’ve never sponsored a contest on our blog before, but we were thinking about it. I totally agree with you that it can be a stupidly simple way to attract more visitors to the blog. Eveyone likes giveaways no matter what the actual gift is. I’ve come acrosss giveaways of cookies and towels. And you know these giveaways were extremely popular. Everyone wants free cookies))

  30. I didn’t realize how effective sponsoring a contest could be. It is indeed very effective I guess.

  31. Aman Bansal
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hello sir,
    You have mentioned fantastic and simple ways to increase traffic on my blog, especially from social media. It really help me a lot because latest penguin update 2.0 has affect my blog a lot.
    Aman Bansal recently posted..Latest Google Penguin 2.0 Update Affects to My WebsiteMy Profile

  32. Atul Kumar Pandey
    Follow me on Twitter:

    For beginner bloggers yes Social Media Networks are not less than a precious gift.
    Atul Kumar Pandey recently posted..Which Door Knob Designs Give a Period Look and FeelMy Profile

  33. Are you doing another giveaway for this month of June? If so, I would like to get in on the donating a cash prize.
    tonygreene113 recently posted..Media storage is fast becoming an issueMy Profile

  34. Amit Mathur says:

    Wondefull Idea for getting Traffic.Keep Writting I appreciate your Ideas. Good Job mate !

  35. Josie Moyo says:

    Quite interesting stuff. I also noticed that placing comments with links on related Facebook pages was useful so was retweeting as the other part would return the favour

  36. Hey Enstine,

    A great way to gain more traffic to BLOGS, in this world people seek for free things first and which turns the crowd towards the blog.
    Nice concept ….


  37. Ravi Verma says:

    This is the certainly great way to increase the blog traffic Enstine :).
    If you don’t have enough time to update the blog, then the giveaway can create long time traffic for a few days and months.

  38. Mujtaba93
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Yeah, completely agree with you, giveaways increase traffic to blog considerably, its visible from cash giveaway held at this blog ;)
    Mujtaba93 recently posted..Sony Xperia M smartphone announced officially.My Profile

  39. Nice article Enstine, Thanks a lot for sharing. Giveaways can sometimes help you make your blog go viral and mostly cash giveaways :)
    Gurwinder Singh Bhinder recently posted..What is Domain Authority? How to Increase Domain Authority?My Profile

  40. Ferrari 430 software says:

    Cash give away sometimes great source to get more traffic. keep offering such things.

  41. hahahaha i like silly questions to ask well this was simply awesome and straight to the point i am blogger and got some tips from here one thing i want to know about facebook and that is, i have many pages but now a days working on one page when i shared some picture users gives much response in the comparison of videos why it is happening i want same thing with videos as well kindly tell me or share something like that i shall be grateful to you

  42. Susan Velez says:

    To tell the truth, I am still learning how to drive traffic to a site. I have heard of blog contests, but to tell you the truth, I would not even know how to begin one.

    I do know that everyone loves freebies. Great post and this is something that I would definitely look into later on.

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