5 Deadly Reasons Why Your Google PageRank Is Not Increasing

We all know that pagerank is very important , every blogger hopes that his blog pagerank increase , there are lots of benefits of having a high pagerank on your blog, here are some benefits of having a good pagerank :

  • The higher the pagerank is , the better your blog will perform in the search results
  • If your blog  has a high pagerank, Google and other search engines will index your content faster
  • If you want to make money off your blog , your blog needs a good pagerank because advertisers use your pagerank as a basis for ad placement. 

Well Pagerank is a key to credibility it’s like a badge of  honor , the higher your pagerank score is the more advertisers  will pay you that’s why you really should work hard to increase pagerank.

Many bloggers work hard to increase their blog pagerank but most of them fail because they aren’t doing good link building strategies, if you want to get traffic for your blog , you really should consider building quality backlinks from high authority sites , there are some bloggers that keep building backlinks but their blog pagerank doesn’t increase , here are 5 deadly reasons why your blog pagerank doesn’t increase !

#1 You don’t build quality and Do-follow backlinksincrease pagerank

This is the biggest mistake that bloggers make is that they keep building nofollow backlinks , nofollow backlinks  don’t boost your pagerank at all , if you want to get some link juice that is mandatory to increase pagerank you should consider from now building only dofollow backlinks the more dofollow baklinks you build the higher pagerank your blog will get !

#2 You don’t care about SEO ( search engine optimization)

Probably this is the worst mistake a blogger can do , if you don’t care about search engine optimization then you are missing a big and most important part of traffic !  If you want to increase pagerank you really should consider optimizing your blog for the search engines ,the best ways to SEO your blog are keyword research, quality backlinks and  guest posting .

#3 You don’t update your blog regularly

This is another important process that you should take care of , Google rewards blogs that post new content regularly , update your blog at least once a week ,But don’t do the mistake that I was doing , when I was on blogger I kept updating my blog with new content everyday and this prevented me from building baklinks and writing guest posts ! I think posting a new article each week is alright !

#4 You don’t write quality content

If you do all the above tasks , then probably you don’t write interesting articles that your readers would enjoy , If you want to improve your writing skills , do read other professional blogs and notice the way the use the language ! this will certainly help you in write better content that will rank higher in the search results

#5 You don’t Guest blog on other sites

Yes guest blogging is the most effective way yet , to supercharge your pagerank , I really recommend you to submit a guest post to a high authority site at least once a week ! Guest blogging is beneficial for your blog as well as your writing skills !

Final Words

These were some mistakes that I used to make  when I was a super newbie, I hope they would be a reason to change some of your habits, it would be great if you share with us your thoughts in the comment section !


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Anis Emitez is a young blogger at ProWpBlogger and student born in Italy but resides in morocco Marrakesh he likes soccer a lot he's a faithful fan of inter Milan soccer club which has won several trophies,i never miss any match of their matches If you are looking for a great web hosting company you might wanna check out this

About Anis Chity

Anis Emitez is a young blogger at ProWpBlogger and student born in Italy but resides in morocco Marrakesh he likes soccer a lot he's a faithful fan of inter Milan soccer club which has won several trophies,i never miss any match of their matches
If you are looking for a great web hosting company you might wanna check out this


    Follow me on Twitter:

    Yes Anis, these are the real factors and that will need to be consider by every blogger.Recently we have posted about basic of PR , you could see that posts from OnlineCOSMOS. According to our research may be next update will be on MAY/ JUNE so, every one needs to take fast action to increase PR.
    REKHILESH ADIYERI recently posted..A Simple Guide to Google Page Rank!My Profile

  2. Atul Kumar Pandey
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Yes, these all may be the true reason, thus the page rank of many bloggers are not increasing. We need to care of these things while developing links from other blogs.
    Atul Kumar Pandey recently posted..Top 5 Beasts of the Prehistoric DeepMy Profile

  3. Aman Bansal says:

    That is really innovative article, I was making some certain mistakes.One of the mistake was writing and uploading blogs daily as you ( Anis Chity ) were doing.I will remember these beneficial tips and surely implement them.

  4. Mosam Gor
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Anis,

    Great Share!

    thanks For letting me Know this Reasons :) Thank for Writing :)

    Keep updating!!

    Mosam Gor recently posted..Giveaway #1: Win Thesis 2.0.2 Framework and 2 Premium Themes From MyThemeShopMy Profile

  5. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Great piece of writing. I got PR3 in last PR update. I published lots of guest posts on quality blogs under my niche. Thanks for sharing.

  6. yogesh from Blogging Keys
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Truly said dear as many of us don’t care about the baclinks whether it is dofollow or nofollow which is one of the most important factors for getting higher PR. Thank you vry much for Sharon this awesome content.

  7. rakesh kumar says:

    And if you also do not write a well researched blog post. most of the time bloggers try to reinvent the wheel again and again.

  8. Well put.
    But interlinking and external linking with Relevant pages are also worth it. Right? :)
    Amal Rafeeq recently posted..Calling All Readers In : Help Me Win The Guest Blogging ContestMy Profile

  9. Pavan Somu
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Totally agreed with your points. This is the reason why I started guest posting since a few days.
    Pavan Somu recently posted..Giveaway#10: Win 5 Genuine Licenses of Tenorshare iPhone Data RecoveryMy Profile

  10. anis
    Follow me on Twitter:

    You Got it bro :D
    thanks for stopping by :)
    have a cool day ahead :D
    anis recently posted..Blog Engage : The Best Blogging Community To Increase Blog Traffic !My Profile

  11. Thejas Kamath
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hey Anis,

    It’s great to see you here on EmFastIncome again. I’m waiting for the PR of my blog to jump from 0 to 1 or 2. Even though it is just one factor out of 200 that Google use to rank blog, high PR blog can attract a lot of guest bloggers.

    I’m building quality links by doing few things like blog commenting, social bookmarking etc.

    Thank you for sharing an amazing post.
    Cheers :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Thejas Kamath recently posted..Improve Alexa Ranking Of Your Blog With These 5 WaysMy Profile

  12. Good post Anis,

    It’s weird though because I had a higher PR and then it went down for some reason.

    Now I have more traffic more guest posts and more of everything but still have a lower PR.

    I just think it’s another one of Google’s enigma’s wrapped in bacon.
    Darnell Jackson recently posted..It’s all about YOUMy Profile

  13. Temilola Globalwalyy says:

    Hey Anis, you sure are on points again, most people don’t care about SEO ( search engine optimization), that is why most people fail to rise up in blogging.

    Like i asked in Bloggerslab today (Facebook Blogger page) i said if Content is KING what is SEO… which means no matter how powerful your content is, if you ignore the power of SEO, you are surely going not too far.

    However you mention the important of DOFOLLOW but you forgot to also mention the Important of NOFOLLOW, most people don’t know that Nofollow also helps when it comes to bringing in Much traffic, because thousands of high blog out there are Nofollow, so don’t you think you page rank will surely increase when you got lots of real traffic, either from Nofollow or dofollow??????

    To me both Nofollow and Dofollow have its advantages,….
    Nice Regards

    • anis
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Hi bro You are right Nofollow links are really good for bringing traffic to your blog this is a sure and clear thing , but what’s the point?

      Well if you really want to increase your PageRank you need Dofollow links !
      Nofollow links can boost your blog PR but they have a very little contribute !
      But Dofollow links are the solution for a higher PR ;)
      thanks for stopping by brother :)
      anis recently posted..Effective Tips to Sky Rocket Your Blog loading speed !My Profile

  14. Suresh Khanal
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Nice post Anis. Whenever the SEO is the topic, it has started to eat my head these days. I wish to discuss your point #1 and #2 here.

    Google is against any kind of link building methods you may think of. You can’t buy links. Comment links are low valued. Blogroll links are disfavored. Google hates any kind of link building that influences Google’s search result. All it allows is “Natural links” which is completely unnatural to obtain.

    Natural link is defined as linking you obtain automatically. To achieve this you will write some great resource that will inspire me to to link your article. But naturally whenever I am linking to you from inside my post, I’ll add “rel=nofollow” because I’m taught that way by Google itself! How can you expect natural linking?

    Nofollowed links are not completely useless, though but they have very little to contribute towards increasing your PageRank.

    I’m doing some experiment with my icttrends.com domain name and let me see the PR Update this time. If it increases significantly, I’ll certainly share the secret. Till then let me wait and continue my experiment. :)
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..Hippocrite! Better You Write In Your Diary And Keep It SafeMy Profile

  15. What a great post. So much information that a lot of us who are trying to get noticed, could definitely use.
    Google has changed it’s way of ranking as I used to have a 3 and now it is a 2. The 3 was when I was not nearly as visible as I am now, so I guess it is always about constantly adjusting to the new standards.
    Mary Stephenson recently posted..Awesome Effective ReasoningMy Profile

  16. Nice post Anis.
    I am a newbie blogger and quite confused about Page Rank algorithm. My one blog with 3 post and 2K total visitors got Page Rank 1 in previous update but I got Pagerank 0 for my tech blog with hundreds of posts and thousands of visit. Any way, Nice post. Trying my luck with your awesome tips

  17. Jijin Mohan
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Agree with all your points Anis. I have been working on blog commenting but never tried guest posting for link building, will try that soon. Thanks for the share.
    Jijin Mohan recently posted..Pizza Hut Now Accepts Food Ordering Through Your Xbox 360My Profile

  18. I think I’d take it in the order 2-4-1-3-5.

    Case #2: Onpage SEO is very important to every blog post.

    Case #4: The quality of the content also matters a lot as you may build or chase readers away. Search engines do love quality contents too.

    Case #1: backlinks are sure the safest and easiest ways to rank high on search engines. Getting top quality links are far better than low quality or spammed links. I usually like trying to use articles and blog commenting in this aspect.

    Case #3: I agree with you on this. It’s not about how many post per day but continuity. Publishing 5 posts a day and then go blank for a month is no where near the chase. There has to be a regular routine to ones posting schedule.

    Case #5: Guest posting in most cases is a win-win situation. If a blogger guest posts on a popular blog, not only would he/she benefit from the two dofollow links within the post. The traffic and readers of the blog where the post was published would also help increase traffic when they visit the links within the post.

    I deeply appreciate this effort and I’m looking forward to we all having a big smile when the next SERP update comes up. Thanks for this platform Mr. Enstine

  19. Hello,

    Well to increase pagerank we must building quality backlinks and must maintain balance of no-follow and do-follow.

    thanks for the tips.
    Sarvesh Darak recently posted..5 Messenger Apps that you need to try outMy Profile

  20. Hi,
    Thanks for the great tips!
    I have one problem regarding guest blog. In some niches, like mine, it is nearly impossible to publish newbie post on high PR blogs, they only accept posts from famous bloggers!
    Do you have any suggestions? I have managed to publish few SEO articles, my writing skills are good enough for writing very good posts :)
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted..Simple Homemade Beauty TipsMy Profile

  21. anis
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Yah you’re right Mate thanks for stopping by ;)
    have a cool weekend :D
    anis recently posted..6 Powerful Tips to Help You Make Money Online Starting TodayMy Profile

  22. I guess the most important among these is to have a good quality content at all times. With constant updates made by Google, a good blog and constant promotion of it can be a very big factor to increase a page rank.
    Alexis Marlons recently posted..Business to Business Marketing StrategiesMy Profile

  23. Keral Patel from Webmaster Blog
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I have been building more backlinks then writng content since sometime. I think I will have to again start writing some good content in order to get some pagerank flowing back to my blog.
    Keral Patel recently posted..Adding Custom Messages into RSS FeedMy Profile

  24. Adrienne
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hey Anis,

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I do most of what you mentioned. I do SEO at times when I want to rank but for the most part I don’t. Now I do get organic traffic to my site but my main sources are from referrals.

    Everything else I do on this list but I’m not an avid guest poster. I get interviewed a lot though so I’m still out there. Now a few years ago when I wrote more for the search engine my PR was one notch higher. So I’m still happy with where I am because I’m writing for my readers and helping them learn. I’m building a wonderful community and I get great traffic to my site. I mean what more could you ask for!

    Thanks for sharing this and thanks Enstine for having Anis. You guys have a lovely weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Hackers, Webmaster Tools, Google+, ContentMy Profile

  25. anis
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Adrienne thanks for coming by :D

    It’s great that you are doing most of these tips , that’s why you are enjoying a good amount of traffic on your site
    Best of luck
    thanks Adrienne :D
    anis recently posted..Best Link Building Strategies To Build Quality Backlinks !My Profile

  26. Okto
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Anis,

    Nice tips! The best way to increase your google page rank might not make a difference over night, but it will make a big difference in time. The key is to get incoming links to your blog from highly authoritative and well-trafficked websites and blogs that are related your blog’s topic.
    Okto recently posted..Effective Ways to Achieve Professional Online ReputationMy Profile

  27. Oscar
    Follow me on Twitter:

    A quite reasonable number of deadly reasons you have her Anis. Cool post anyway.
    Oscar recently posted..How To Enable Google + Comments on Blogger BlogsMy Profile

  28. Lalita Bisht says:

    No doubt, Links are the important factor for our better rank on web. And also Quality content Play a major role in Google page rank. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips with us.

  29. Taswir Haider says:

    I am missing the #5 reasons- I am not doing guest blogging at all. I believe I should but frankly speaking cant find enough time after giving time on my other projects. Thanks for making me understand about my mistake.

  30. Siddhartha Sinha says:

    Nice said by Anis Emitez and I think the main reason would be of Guest Blogging because without doing blogging, it is not possible to build traffic and I got this point very well now.

  31. donatus
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Content and seo is the king to increasing pagerank. Thanks for sharing, really appreciate
    donatus recently posted..Steps To Check Jamb 2013 ResultMy Profile

  32. Salman from iTechChat
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Pretty nice share …

    I guess I am missing on guest posts, because time doesn’t permit me to guest blog.
    Salman recently posted..Micromax Canvas 3D A115 launchedMy Profile

  33. Am lacking in the area of guest posting, i believe 3 to 10 guest post will boost my blog to the top page for its primary keywords.

  34. umer hafeez
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Great pointers friend, I have did all this and waiting for the PR update now. Fingers crossed!
    umer hafeez recently posted..Are you happy with Nokia App Store for Lumia?My Profile

  35. Debojit Kundu says:

    I am new in SEO industry. so I don’t have enough knowledge about SEO and Blog writing tricks. But now from above “5 Deadly Reasons Why Your Google Page Rank Is Not Increasing” discussion, I gathered enough knowledge and also read each and every comment to develop my knowledge.
    Thanking all of you to help me.

  36. Hi Anis,
    You listed everything what could be missing in our efforts to increase the pagerank of our blog. I guess guest posting and regularly updating a blog are two crucial factors that cab give PR a boost.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted..Now Create Custom URL For Your Google+ ProfileMy Profile

  37. Very good tips. So basically work harder on improving your quality and linking to higher page ranked sites to improve ranking. Do you know how often google comes out with there page rank updates?

  38. Hi Enstine,
    I never make a guest blog, but I always care about keyword for Search engine. I don’y know why my page rank down from PR 1 to PR 0. I try to make a quality blog post, but I don’t know what Google think

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