5 Top Reasons Your Blog Doesn’t Make Money

Obviously, not everyone who blogs is in it to make money.  Some just like to write, some use it as a way to vent, and others just feel like they have something to say.  So, if you are one of those people, this post may not be for you.  For those who do, however, want to make some dough from their blogging efforts, then stay tuned.  Following are 5 top reasons your blog doesn’t make money.

1 – You don’t post regularly

If you want to make some serious cash off of your blog, then you need to be posting once per day, 5 days per week.  While this is not a hard an fast rule, I do believe that regular posting will lead to an increase in traffic, which will only lead to an increase in revenue.  So while posting everyday may not be necessary for everyone, you should — at the very least — have a regular posting schedule that you are following without fail.  Plus, as an added bonus, the more often you post, the more often Googlebots will return to your site, which will increase your ranking.

2 – Your post quality is poor

It isn’t enough to just post every day.  Your posts should be of excellent quality, giving value to those who read it.  It should also be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors as these will only distract your readers away from the content.  Your posts should also be properly organized, well-written, and original.  Your readers are taking valuable time out of their day to read your post, so they deserve the best you can give them.  Repeat visitors are the lifeline of your blog and it’s money making power.

make money blogging

3 – You are not building backlinks

Backlinks are another way to boost your search engine rankings and drive additional traffic to your post.  Commenting and guest posting on other blogs are a great way to build backlinks because both give you an opportunity to include a link to your blog, or a specific post, when published.  As an added way to help drive traffic, you should focus primarily on other blogs that are similar to your own or at least have some content that relates to yours.

4 – You are not bookmarking your posts

Every time you hit that publish button, you should be sharing your post on all the major social bookmarking sites.  Some of the bigger, more popular sites include Digg, Reddit, Delicious, and StumbleUpon.  While there is always debate about the relative value of these sites, it takes very little time to add your post to them, so even a little uptick in traffic is worth the effort.  In addition, you are creating quality backlinks that will help your ranking.

5 –  You are not leveraging social media

What is true for social bookmarking is also true for social media.  Every post that gets published on your blog should be shared across your social media accounts.  The obvious biggies are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.  However, other social media sites that can be equally as valuable include Instagram and LinkedIn.  You should also consider blogging communities like BlogEngage, BizSugar, and Blokube as well.

What say you?  What did I miss?  What are some others ways that bloggers are missing out?  I want to hear from you!

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  1. Aman Bansal
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hello Tom Jamieson,

    These are top facts not to make big money from a blog. Earning won’t be high because of low traffic due to all these reasons… To make handsome money from adsense, affiliate and direct sale your blog must carry thousand of visitors daily.. :-)
    Aman Bansal recently posted..9 Killer Ways to Increase Adsense Revenue by 100 TimesMy Profile

  2. David McSweeney
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Good tips Tom. Maintaining a regular posting schedule is one of the keys to growing your blog’s audience. If people check back and you have updated your blog in a few days they will quickly go off and find other blogs to visit, so keep them engaged with regular content and of course, make sure that the content is exceptional!
    David McSweeney recently posted..Rankings Lust And The 7 Deadly Sins Of SEOMy Profile

  3. Emmanuel
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Tom,
    I’m somehow in disagreement in with your point with regards to posting regularly.
    Quality indeed should be the hallmark.
    Emmanuel recently posted..Get Paid to Chat.My Profile

  4. I set up a blog about two months ago, I focus on posting quality content and know that as I continue to keep blogging, my writing will improve. As for creating quality backlinks, I don’t spend enough time doing that. Thanks for the tips. One quick question, how do you post all your posts to the social bookmarking sites? Have you automated that part or are you doing it manually?
    Susan Velez recently posted..Make List Building Your Top PriorityMy Profile

    • Tom Jamieson
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Hi Susan, congratulations on the new blogging venture! Keep focusing on the quality, that’s for sure. Right, now I’m doing the social bookmarking manually. I personally know some other bloggers who are paying for premium services that will do it for you. HootSuite seems to be the service of choice and it’s about $10/mo. Glad you found some useful tips here. Thanks for reading and commenting!
      Tom Jamieson recently posted..Why You Should Ignore Anyone Who Tells You To Forget About SEOMy Profile

  5. Nirmala
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Nice post and agree with your views :)

    If you are not targeting your visitors, then it is definitely not possible to make money with a blog.

    Even though you are getting enough people to read your posts from social media, your minded audience would help you to make money easily.

    Anyway thanks for sharing the useful post for the readers.
    Nirmala recently posted..Bizsugar – An active blogging community for bloggersMy Profile

  6. Fabrizio says:

    Great post, but I kind of agree and disagree with point number one. You’re right in saying that posting regularly ensures loyal readers come back to your blog, but loyal readers don’t really click on ads that often, they’re more interested in reading your content which is good. They may also purchase through your affiliate links from time to time, but AdSense would be useless with loyal readers.

    Posting frequently however does increase traffic as you rightly said, the more posts you have ranking high in search engines means more traffic and more money.

  7. Juan
    Follow me on Twitter:

    i agree with all point here. I have 2 blogs and it make me hard to update regularly
    Juan recently posted..BlogWalking, How Much It`s Help YouMy Profile

  8. Lisa
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Tom, interesting point about posting regurarly. I never did, I would post at least 2x a week but not always on the same days. I’m trying now to stick with Mondays and Thursdays. What is the data behind that one?
    And posting to all the bookmarking sites, don’t it appear spammy if you post all your own stuff ? I found Stumble Upon that way and to be a high bounce rate and I stopped posting there. Thoughts? Thanks!

    • Tom Jamieson
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Hi Lisa, thanks for your input here. I don’t really have any hard data to support the regular posting schedule, except that I have noticed it to be true on my blog and I have discussed it with other bloggers as well who have found it to be true. One of the more prominent examples would be Stephane Kerwer at dukeo.com – his posts are very regular and he generates a ton of traffic and revenue. As far as the bookmarking is concerned, I haven’t found the same results you have. However, like I said in the post, it is always a topic of debate, but I still get a small amount of traffic from SU that I wouldn’t otherwise get. So I guess YMMV. But the bigger benefit may be the quality of the backlink anyway. Have a great day!
      Tom Jamieson recently posted..4 Tips For Writing Page Titles That Will Increase Website TrafficMy Profile

  9. Hello Tom,
    Personally I only publish 1 article per week. But I try my best in choosing the best keywords. And after publishing a blog post, I spend the next 5-6 days promoting it ! :-)
    Anyways, great article and keep posting ! :D
    Akhil Pulotil recently posted..5 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block Like A Boss !My Profile

  10. Simple and timeless stuff Tom!

    By sharing content frequently and meeting new bloggers you can make money blogging.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Generate Cash Online: 3 Tips to Work on a Tight SkedMy Profile

  11. You had pointed out some important reasons why the blog is not performing as expected.These are some great tips that one should follow.I so sorry to say the disagreement with the 4th point.I agree that bookmarking is important but if you are agressively doing it then google would penalize.I got penalized by google because of over use of social bookmarking sites.So one should be very careful while bookmarking the webpages.Thanks again bro for sharing these ideas with us!
    Nithin Upendran recently posted..Basic On Page Seo Tips For Blogspot UsersMy Profile

  12. Samir
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Tom!

    You’ve compiled a nice list of low-performance factors for blog income.
    I think adding “Targeted Traffic” and “Concordant Sources” to those 5 might be a good idea.
    Social traffic is good for user engagement, and thus list building or affiliate income, since they’ve already clicked through to your blog from a jungle of links – indicating some level of trust or interest in staying on the blog.
    Search traffic on the other hand is good for targeted ads since those visitors are looking for something specific.

    Of course, mathematical induction is only a dream and nothing works all the time.
    Samir recently posted..England Royal Third In Line – Kate Middleton In LabourMy Profile

  13. Ekene Ilochonwu says:

    I agree with all your points but I’ve an additional reason which is obviously the backbone of the rest. Do you know that most bloggers don’t have resources? I bet you’ve never thought of that. Well, it’s a fact and when I mean resources, I’m referring to PC, internet connection and may be a little capital. This is also a major barrier faced by many bloggers you know not of, I’m even a victim.

    • Tom Jamieson
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Hello Ekene, thanks for reading and offering your insight. It is greatly appreciated.

      However, I wonder where you are getting your data that “most bloggers don’t have resources?” Specifically that you are “referring to PC, internet connection and may be a little capital?” While I am sure this is the case for a few, or even some, but I don’t know that is true for “most.”

      Have a great day!
      Tom Jamieson recently posted..Reliable Web Hosting Checklist [Infographic]My Profile

  14. Blogging is a business on it own that really need consistence and constancy. I do ask myself that how possible is it for a blogger to achieve Google PageRank of 3 within 90 working day while some cannot mount to that level for years and I discovered consistence matters. I read alot about this and I discovered that all successful blogger are passionate one that have a targeted and specific goal to accomplish within a period of time and this is also applicable to earning from blogging. To earn good cash from blogging, good time must be spent blogging.
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted..6 reasons why newbie blogger may not succeed in blog-o-sphere!My Profile

  15. Carlie Hamilton says:

    I have written about something similar in my article I linked to below.

    For me, I believe the perfect schedule for blogging is one that you can stick to.

    This month, though, I’m spicing things up and I plan to post every single day. I will see if a month of blogging every day does in fact increase traffic, and if that traffic is quality traffic.

  16. I do all of this quite well. But my problem is not having advertising that pays off in the end. I’ll have to read more. Thanks for letting me know I’m doing this right, Tom. – Scott Craighead
    Scott Craighead recently posted..Top 10 Cheap 3D HDTV’S!My Profile

  17. Amrish from Live Indian Tv
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Quality of article always matter to make money . Because if you teach your reader you may make them your regular reader . Also you must think about the SEO of the blog . Do keyword research and share your post to social networking and bookmarking to get ranked in search . Also go for guest posting and commenting on other blog is also a coolest way to drive instant traffic to your blog .

  18. raj
    Follow me on Twitter:

    There are many reasons why a blog post failed to attract traffic & not creating backlinks for the same is most probable reason, your post would not score good on Google search result until or unless you haven’t build enough quality backlinks for the same. Secondly one must share his/her post regularly on the social networks to generate lead from there, but for that you need to have a large number of followers to get something from it. Your blog’s loading time is also taken into consideration for scoring good rank in Google’s first page, so try to reduce loading time as much as possible so that readers don’t go anywhere else for the same information.
    raj recently posted..Shazam for PC Download,Shazam for Windows7/8/Vista Computer,Shazam Para PCMy Profile

  19. Ankit
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hello Tom,

    All 5 tips are superb :)

    Updating blog regularly have other lots of benefits that will surely help us to boost our blog income.

    Sharing and bookmarking them is a great way to promote it for readers and well for search engines.

    Great mind behind this post :)
    Ankit recently posted..Promote Your Blog Posts While SleepingMy Profile

  20. Gautam
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I have deep experience with Tech blogs and with tech blogs you really need to wait for atleast 2-3 months to make any serious money and if you are starting any other online business then you can start earning from the first week.
    Gautam recently posted..5 Best Micromax Android Phones Below Rs10000My Profile

  21. Atul Kumar Pandey says:

    Yes, above all reasons are main problem that hardly bloggers make money. Doing something new creative and inspiration only lead to success.

    Atul Kumar Pandey

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