How to monetize your blog commentators

Allowing your readers to be able to comment on your blog is a strong way to encourage engagement and build relationships. One of the ways to kill your blog is disable comments. While blog commenting is a way to allow your readers interact with you and other readers through your blog, it is another way to get more sign ups to your list and generate more sales. Before looking at how to monetize your commentators, let’s quickly see how you can encourage your readers to leave comments on your articles. 

  • Use the right plugin: CommentLuv Premium

Oh yes! You must be able to reward your readers for commenting. CommentLuv is a great way to encourage readers to leave comments. This plugin helps me generate backlinks and traffic to my commentators’ blogs. This way, I reward them for leaving comments on my blog. I’m one of those who will always comment on CL enabled blogs too.

NB: See how I got CommentLuv Premium for free

  • Avoid  captcha headache

Captchas may be good ways to stop spammers from messing around your blog but sincerely, this goes a long way to reduce the number of comments you get. I get sometimes pissed with having to try to figure out the letters twisted and printed on that image. I’m sure I’m not the only one facing this barrier.  GASP is one heaven of a good spam fighter.

  • Write for your readers

While SEO is key factor in blogging, you must write to your human visitors first. Bot visitors or SE spiders will need just about 1 to 5% of your articles to be able to properly understand and index them. Too much unnecessary keyword stuffing will only end up kicking your readers away and getting Google and his friends annoyed with your blog.

  • Throw it back to them

Try as much as possible to be conversational in your writing. Asking for your readers’ opinions (what they think) is pretty good strategy to cause them to say something.

  • Reply to their comments

Replying to your readers is a way to make them feel recognized and encouraged to come back and leave more comments. Stop saying things like “Thanks for stopping by” or “Thanks for your comment” Be personal and detailed in your replies. Let them know they have added value to your blog

How to monetize blog commentators

  • Install a “thank me” plugin

A ‘thank me’ plugin will send a customized mail to their emails once their comments get approved. One commonly used plugin is the free Thank Me Laterplugin.

  • Get an irresistible product

Make sure you don’t promote the wrong product to the right market.  Know your readers and offer them what you are sure they will buy.

  • Give them irresistible discounts

This is a strong principle in both offline and online marketing.  People generally want to get things cheaper. If your product/service is normally $47, they will quickly jump on it if you give a 50%, 60% or 75% discount. This will be quite flexible and profitable if you promote your own product

But be careful!

Some visitors will always comment severally on your blog. You will not want to send them this promotional mail each time they leave a comment. That might get them annoyed. If you chose to use Thank Me Later, this plugin is fully customizable. Make sure to limit the number of mails you send to each commentator.

What do you think about this method?  Leave a comment below and see what I’m offering you

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  1. TheTodaysTech says:

    wow.. thats really an awesome post that every newbie should read about.. Thanks

  2. Thanks Enstine, I’ll give that thank me later a try…

  3. Kingsley
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Yeah, tgis is great tips, some blogs use stupid capchat.
    Kingsley recently posted..Piles, Piles, Go Away!My Profile

  4. Lolzz stupid captcha… just removed mine :D

  5. Adrienne
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine,

    Great post and I definitely agree with the majority of what you shared.

    Those captcha codes drive me nuts. For the most part they never work even though I have put the right code in. I’ve let most bloggers know that is the reason I won’t comment on their blogs any longer.

    Now for me I don’t like the “thank me” plug-in. It was recommended to me through a training program but soon realized after I was commenting on a lot of blogs that most people don’t even read it any longer. They know it’s coming and they know what it says so they just ignore it. I disabled the plug-in myself from this experience but that’s just been my own view on this.

    Great post and thank you so much for linking to my post when it comes to other ways to really kill your blog. Nice to be aware right!

    Enjoy your week and thanks again.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Find Great Blogs To Comment OnMy Profile

    • Hey Adrienne,
      Captcha is not really a good idea for blog commenting. The GASP plugin is quite practical.

      Does the issue with “Thank Me Later” not have to do with configuration? BTW, “Thank Me Later” and “Thank Me”, are they same? I have played with “Thank Me Later” and I have full control how the messages are sent.

      However, if any attempt to monetize your blog has a negative effect on readers, it’s highly recommended to disable it ;)

      Linking to your post is another way to offer more value to my readers. I think they are glad I did as that post and your blog in general is rich in content.

      Thanks for contributing positive contents to my blog

  6. Hi, Enstine

    Captcha = Make me not want to leave a comment, even though the extra time to fill one out is minimal its just a pain and almost kills the whole process of leaving a comment in the first place.

    • Hi Simmeon, many bloggers have understood this and are beginning to take off captchas from their comment forms. while we all hate spammers, we are more likely to go in for a solution that’s easy to use.

      Thanks bro for stopping by. I hope to see you again

  7. Comments. They’re the lifeblood of blogging. Without this ability to interact with the author and other readers, blogs wouldn’t be blogs at all. They’d just be standard, boring, static articles.

    At the same time, I would be a bit careful in terms of offering any monetization through comments. If it’s a matter of communicating via email, would a email list be more useful?

    • Hey Shamelle, I don’t see any emailing method that beats the list type ;) Seriously, building a list is best but this is just an option that has to be done with care. Offering a great discount to some “Thank you for commenting” mail is not a bad idea though. That’s just my opinion

      I really hope to see you again and have a splendid week

  8. Donna Merrill says:

    Hi Enistine,

    This is the first time I have visited your blog via my friend Simmeon. This is great advice.
    Commenting is where I like to spend most of my time. Through comments, we engage our readers. Also, going to other blogs and commenting brings in new readership and relationships.
    As for Captcha…how many times have I lost a comment because I have done that wrong. I will comment if they are my friends, but it drives me nuts. The simpler the better!

    • Hi Donna,
      Simmeon is a great guy and thanks for coming to my blog. Your coming and commenting on this blog is a typical example of what commenting can do ;) and that’s the power of commentLuv Premium. Please, I’d like to see you again. Have a wonderful week!

  9. PrIyAnGsHu
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Nice tips to reward our commentators. They are the heart of our blog, so we should always give them something in return of their comments.
    PrIyAnGsHu recently posted..HostGator 40% Discount Coupon Code – Hosting OfferMy Profile

  10. There are other ways to monetize blog comments left too which are passive, like using Kontera or Infolinks or even WP-Hypnotize which can turn keywords into affiliate links in post and comments, but if you leverage this you should disclose that comments may be subject to monetization.
    Justin Germino recently posted..Android Phones Will Power NASA Miniature SatellitesMy Profile

  11. Wade
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Another great post. I hate captcha! If I see this on someone’s blog I sometimes won’t even comment! You’re right!
    Wade recently posted..Why I Won’t Share Your Blog Posts To Social Media SitesMy Profile

  12. Hello Enstine Muki
    i found you basic blog tips, this is my 1st time i visit your blog, such a nice post. thank you for sharing with us.

    • Hey Zoya,
      I’m glad you followed my link on Basic Blog Tips.
      This makes me really feel happy. I also thank you for leaving a comment on my blog

      I do hope to see you here again as you have a splendid day

  13. This is my first visit to your blog and I must say you are doing a great work here.
    I think replying to comments and commentluv are two important points which should be followed to get a large number of comments for any blog.
    Thanks for the points. Great share!

  14. Oscar Frank
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I totally agree with you Muki. This is quite a great post. Thanks
    Oscar Frank recently posted..4 Google Adsense Alternatives That Worked for MeMy Profile

  15. I am using Disques with my blog and its not helping… shall i revert to blogger’s default comment system?? Please tell me how to install comment plug in with blogger’s blog..
    Ankur Upadhyay recently posted..Infographic : How good Manchester United really was last season??My Profile

  16. Very nice post. Simply written and easy to understand for relative newbies like me :).
    Thank you Enstine, for this!

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