My One Year Anniversary ~ Let’s Celebrate!

Yes! I’m one year old today as a blogger. I vividly remember 21st of August 2012 when I took an unshakable decision to blog. It’s been 12 months of learning and sharing.

I was a no body at writing. I had no idea what it is to be a blogger. During these 12 months, I have learned a lot, come in contact with many nice people, I have earned money and grown up in many dimensions.

I want to thank you, my readers and friends who have made this blog what it is. I might not have been listed among the first 10. But I know, with you around, one day, it will be there.

I appreciate your comments, shares, likes, tweets, google+ and all you did to give me a lift. Some of you clicked a link on this blog and bought a product which gave me a commission. Some clicked on Adsense ads. Others bought my products. Some paid me directly to post. Some bought ad space. All these actions put money in my pocket. I practically felt what it means to make money blogging.

Over $7000 from this blog alone this first year is a great achievement to me, a starter and newbie. Many have blogged for years but did not see half of this amount.

7886 approved comments, 157 posts (Average of 13 posts per month) and 131 Spam comments

Now, though I have known so many wonderful bloggers I can’t list them here. I want to shout out to these few who inspired and gave me a lift in the very beginning. If I’m a blogger today, it’s thanks to their actions. In no specific order, we have:

I know I have read many blogs that have been of huge help but these guys have had a personal touch with me on chat, mails, etc, providing direct help, tips and advice.

My friends are just so many and awesome, beyond what I can list here. However, I got to learn so much from Adrienne Smith. I downloaded a copy of  her free ebook and learned so much on relationship building. Get your copy too.

A special shout out to Harleena who constantly shares my posts on social media. Since we became friends, she’s been faithful to this action. I do recognize that. This includes Lisa, Adrienne, Sue, Theodore, etc

I can’t forget Kulwant NagiOluwaseun BabajideWade HarmanSuresh KhanalAnis ChityLahaul Seth, Garen Arnold,Ivin Viljoen, Bashir Ahmed, etc. The list is quite long ;)

I have a gift for you

Some days back, I wrote this post about TweetLow. It’s a wonderful place to get retweeted and followed. Early this morning, I spoke with the creator, Efoghor Joseph Ezie about giving out free 50000 retweet and follow credits to celebrate today with me. I’m excited he said yes.

Joseph went ahead and created the coupon code EMFASTINCOME to help you get 2500 free credits. So this will only be active for the first 20 users.

How to claim your free gift

Go to and signup with Twitter

Click “Free Credits


Copy the coupon code above and paste in the form as shown below and click “Get the Points”

get the point


Now let’s celebrate

Do you have a gift for me? Let’s talk in the comment box. Use the sharing buttons below to announce this event on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, BlogEngage, LinkedIn, etc. I’ll be grateful

Meet Enstine M. Muki

Enstine M. Muki has written 169 post in this blog.

Full Time blogger and Creator of Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.

About Enstine M. Muki

Full Time blogger and Creator of Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.


  1. Tesur
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine,

    Congrats on your blog success over the past one year! You’re really an inspiration for new bloggers who thinks that making money by blogging is very difficult. Keep it up!
    Tesur recently posted..TweetLow Giveaway: Win FREE Credit Points Upto 10KMy Profile

  2. Hi Enstine,

    Congratulations and Celebrations – wow! What an achievement indeed :)

    I can’t imagine that your blog is just one year old! It looks like you’ve been blogging for years with the ease you do it all, which is commendable indeed. Not to mention the amount you have achieved in this one year – I’ve yet to come across anyone making that amount of money is such a short time span, and you are right – people who’ve been blogging for a longer period, haven’t even made half the amount. This shows your dedication and hard work you’ve put into this blog to make it what it is today.

    Well, besides the money, advts, and other things that sell, I think your inspiring and informative posts are the things that have taught me so much during the past few months, and most of us are here each time because of the relationships you’ve built with us, and vice-versa – isn’t it?

    Thank you so much for the mention, and yes, I love to share all that I learn with others and doing gives me immense pleasure. Ah…I like Joseph’s offer and I’m sure a lot of people would join up and increase their credits.

    What can we give you except our love and friendship Enstine, and we wish you ALL the very best in your blogging years ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Have You Lost Your MindMy Profile

    • Hey Harleena,
      These are more words of encouragments. I’m ever so thankful to you friends for the boost.
      I feel like I could do more. I have read about bloggers who achieved more in a very short time. This makes me think I didn’t even start. However, I’m proud of the friends I have made. This alone is a great step ahead.

      Thanks for your warm friendship
      Enstine Muki recently posted..Tom Jamieson ~ blogger of the weekMy Profile

  3. Wow, One year? that’s so soon, congratulation bro, even though the journey is so rough, you still made it out clean, that deserve a celebration..
    Temilola Globalwalyy recently posted..How To Take Care of Your FeetMy Profile

  4. Congratulations sir, so you made 7,000 dollars in one year, by the grace of God, this time next year, we will be talking about 50,000 dollars
    Prince Molak recently posted..Hp Laptop battery Not Charging?Fix it HereMy Profile

  5. Congratulations, Enstine! It is a well deserved birthday celebration indeed. You obviously are working hard at your blogging strategy and we all can expect great things from you and this blog in the year to come. I will be excited to see how well you are doing when this blog turns two. Have a great day!
    Tom Jamieson recently posted..8 Simple Steps to SEOMy Profile

  6. Susan Neal
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine – what an amazing achievement. It’s lovely that you’ve used this post to give credit to the bloggers who’ve helped and influenced you on the way, especially Adrienne and Ileane, who are just incredible.

    I can’t believe you’ve achieved so much in just a year – you put many of us to shame! I hope you saw the reply I made to your comment on Sylviane’s blog, with the amendment about the age of my blog, because my WriteClever’s been going for well over a year, not 8 months!

    Many, many congratulations, Enstine – and thanks so much for the mention :)

    Susan Neal recently posted..How To Add Social Media Share Buttons To Your EbookMy Profile

    • “you put many of us to shame!”
      I read this many times to be sure I was not being deceived by my eyes.
      It’s so sad how we set goals but are unable to hit them because of life’s unforeseen. No one ever likes to be left behind. With a little more effort, I could even do better. However, let’s keep keeping on ;)

      I’ll be checking out that post on Sylviane’s blog shortly for the amendment.
      Thanks for pointing it out Sue and do have a wonderful week
      Enstine Muki recently posted..Tom Jamieson ~ blogger of the weekMy Profile

  7. Reginald
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hey mate!

    Congrats! Whoa you have come a long, long way! You are doing wayyyy better than many other bloggers out there and certainly, you deserved it.

    So happy for you mate! I certainly hope to connect with you more and do take care!

    Keep up the good work!
    Reginald recently posted..7 Most Influential Social Media Platforms For BloggersMy Profile

  8. raman bathina says:

    First of all congrats for your continues blogging career.We expect more and more good articles from you and thanks for your free gift.

  9. Congratulations man….. :)

    We are really such an inspiration to me… :)

    I wish you all the success of the world… :)

  10. Ariful Haque
    Follow me on Twitter:

    congratulation bro. you work hard i sew that last couple of days when i meet you. great honor to meet a such a nice person….
    Ariful Haque recently posted..Google Adsense Account Approved Within 2 Hours Through Youtube & BlogMy Profile

  11. Congratulations Enstine! It’s unbelievable you’ve been around in the blogosphere for only one year. Your experience, researches, post quality, interactions, etc all make it look like you’ve been around for ages. You are a source of inspiration and hope to a lot of us who are not yet hitting it big.

    I actually raised 2500 free credits for each person (20 persons) that would sign up on Tweetlow using your code, as a way of felicitating with you on this great achievement. I love what you are doing here on your blog and the number of lives you are inspiring with your quality, informative posts. I want to also thank you for partnering with Tweetlow. With people like you, Harleena Singh, Nile Flores, Atis Ranjan, Lahaul Seth, Chitraparna Sinha, Oluwaseun Babajide, Nwangene Theodore, etc on Tweetlow (and the list is still growing), I know Tweetlow has got a bright future.

    Congrats once again. More strength to your elbows. I wish you the best in your blogging career.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted..Here is a Method That is Helping Bloggers Pull More Traffic From Search EnginesMy Profile

  12. Hey Enstine!

    Congrats to one year…and I know your have tons more to come! Only the best is yet to come from I just know it.

    I very impressed with all the accomplishments that you have in your first year. You for sure are doing some great things and making some serious impact in this huge blogosphere.

    Congrats again!


    P.S. Thanks so much for the kind gift too.
    Eric Pangburn recently posted..5 Ways Not to Communicate with Your CustomersMy Profile

  13. Lahaul Seth says:

    Congratulations , Enstine.

    Wish you a lot more success on your blogging journey.

    Also, thanks for the shout out.

  14. Dharmesh from dharmesh Khatri @Android
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hey Enstine!
    Congrats to one year and your journey for one year is seems to be successful since I am also newbie in blogging and learn a lot form you blog article and helped me out it many ways.You have achieved a remarkable growth and You are one of inspirational person for me in this field.
    I want to Thank you for sharing things here.
    Dharmesh recently posted..Bitdefender Internet Security – Bitdefender License Key GiveawayMy Profile

  15. Antonio
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Nice one. Already successful. More greese to you elbow bro.
    Antonio recently posted..Add All In One Social Media Widget By Mashable On BloggerMy Profile

  16. Awesome job on your first year and congrats on your dedication and hard work. Your earnings from just your first year are amazing.

    I visit your blog often as I have picked up several nuggets. Here’s to another successful year, I have no doubt that you will surpass your first year.
    Susan Velez recently posted..Back To School At The Age Of 40My Profile

  17. Enstine,
    Congratulations! You have been a wonderful guy to me.
    Wishing you more success in the near future.
    Oluwaseun Babajide recently posted..Is This the Most Epic Speech Ever Given by a College Sophomore?My Profile

  18. Rupak from make money online
    Follow me on Twitter:

    It’s a great feeling to congratulate you on having successfully completed one year of blogging. It also gives me immense pleasure and prods me to carry on to walk on the path that guys like you have shown me. Wish you more successful year ahead,Enstine!!
    Rupak recently posted..Where and How to start earning from the top 5 PTC sites ?My Profile

  19. I made it Enstine! I told you I’d be by and within that time frame too! Yay!!!

    So Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday and congratulations. One year is huge for most people and look at the success you’ve had with your blog. I’m so happy for you and impressed too. What a great accomplishment.

    Thank you for the really nice mentioned, I’m honored. I love it when people can learn something from me and see the benefit when put into action. It’s proof that this does work and why right! I’m so glad you have the attention your blog does and you’re making this great income as well. I have no doubt it’s just going to get better from here.

    Thank you again and congratulations. Here’s to another great year ahead.

    Adrienne recently posted..My Favorite Social Media Plugins And ToolsMy Profile

  20. Phil
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Congrats on your one year anniversary!

    Your blog is a great help to those just starting out and looking for info and direction on blogging. Maybe I will start running ads on mine soon to generate some income. Keep up the great work!

    Phil recently posted..The 2013 NYC Mayoral Debates. Let the fun begin!My Profile

  21. Lisa
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Enstine, I really had thought you were blogging more than a year when I found your blog. You are rocking it here! Congratulations on your first year. You have had some really helpful and informative posts – here is to another year!
    Lisa recently posted..SEO Guide – A Day At SEO Kindergarten For BeginnersMy Profile

  22. raj
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hello Enstine,
    First of all congratulations for completing your first year in blogging. You have earned everything you could have earned with blogging, respect from me & many other bloggers for your good work of arranging best bloggers on same platform for readers like me , inspiring posts, your CashDonator Plugin & for the offers you provide to your loyal readers. Believe me I never think of it that you haven’t even completed 1 year in blogging, your writing suggest you are a dark horse with lot of experience in his kitty. Its been really nice meeting you here Enstine, Thanks & congratulations.
    raj recently posted..Skype for Android Download Free (4.0) | Skype Android App Download (4.0)My Profile

  23. Salman from iTechChat
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Belated wishes buddy!

    Your articles are really inspiring and filled with great information. Wish you success in the coming years too
    Salman recently posted..The Next Generation iPad Mini: Is it the Best Technological Innovation of the Decade?My Profile

  24. Happy birthday to your blog :)
    Within one year certainly has been a lot of things you are going through, whether it’s love and grief, be it on the blog income, friendships until google algorithm
    Whatever obstacles that will block you, always spirit and move on ..
    I hope you and more successful ..
    Rina recently posted..Best List of Free Download Responsive Premium Blogger TemplatesMy Profile

  25. Silviu
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine,

    Congratulations on your first year. You are a living proof that blogging is working and this is inspirational and motivational. Thanks.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted..A Video Recorder Software for Your Coaching SessionsMy Profile

  26. Rajesh Jhamb
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hello Enstine
    First of all congrats for your success. You did great job in very short span of time.
    I am regular reader of your blog and you are such an inspiring for those who really want to earn money online.Your post can engage readers easily so that he can’t left without reading your post.
    Best of Luck for future.

  27. Congratulations, Enstine! I always knew you’re going to fly high.

  28. Congratulations, that is awesome. I started my blog in April and I can tell you the work and commitment is mind boggling. If you are working hard as you can see it offers wonderful paybacks. That is just about anything in life. Hope you have continued success.

  29. Hey Enstine,

    Aha…this is absolutely a great feat. 1year?! You must be kidding me.

    I don’t have anything to say but to compliment and congratulate you on your successes as a blogger. Thumbs up sir! You really deserve it.

    It pained me I can’t participate in the Tweetlow free gift again. No probs though, thanks for making it available in the first place to we your readers. We appreciate. :)

    Do have a magical week sir!

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted..5 Powerful People Who Wear SunglassesMy Profile

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