How to use Google Webmaster Tools to improve ranking

google webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a great tool for webmasters. The unfortunate thing is that most webmasters and bloggers don’t know it. It’s a powerful platform through which you can see into your SEO strategies and improve big time.

In this post, I want to show you a smart way to gather vital information from your Google Webmaster Tools Search Traffic section and push your site up to page 1.

Log on to your GWT account and select the site you want to boost its ranking. What we want to do is get the keyword that brings the most impressions, get the article to which it pulls traffic and optimize it for better ranking. [Read more...]

Creative and Dynamic Chatbox for Busy Admin Personnel by Chatwing

free chat application

Office works is stressful they say. You need to face a workload that is impossible to finish in just a day and the next day you are faced with more responsibilities to accomplish. Life at the office becomes monotonous and burdensome for most of us. I’ve set up a blog where I can vent out my angst but changed it to be something helpful for other office workers. My blog became a chat lounge where web visitors can interact with other web surfers. This set up became possible when I installed Chatwing chatbox which proved to be reliable and efficient as a communication tool. [Read more...]

3 Essential Search Engine Optimization Steps for Your Website

Search Engine Optimization Steps

SEO is a process to bring your website in front of people. In this process we optimize our website and content is such a way that people are searching for that content can find us by searching on Google and any search engines.

SEO is changing rapidly because internet is on boom and many online businesses are rising daily. Surviving today is much difficult as compared to 5 years back. That was the time when internet businesses were taking momentum and setting online business was very easy.

Here we are going to talk about 3 essentials steps which will help you start your online business and you can get better visualization on your content in search engines. [Read more...]

Ti Roberts ~ Blogger of the week

ti roberts

Another week to meet another pro blogger. She is a mod at Bizsugar and surely a blogger you’ll like to meet. Ti knows how to pull traffic. Just get closer to her and you’ll practically feel her.  I’m happy she accepted to be featured here this week and she’s very open to interact with you.

I’m really honored , Ti to have you on this week and I’m sure my readers too are. Besides, you’ve just put up a mind blowing product based on practical experience. Another good news is that this high converting product is available on JVZoo so bloggers can promote it and pocket up to 50% of the value.

So guys, want to make some additional income promoting something that’s sure to convert? Go get your affiliate link here [Read more...]

Review of Mygigerr, a Make Money from Home Site

making money from home

Making money from home is one thing everybody wishes to do so that he can work at his pace and determine how much time he spends working and taking care of his family. Unfortunately, being one’s own boss is not too easy. As difficult as this seems, there is always a way out of the financial quagmire everyone seems to be enmeshed in right now.

Working from home can really provide you with all the time you need to do your jobs as well as handle other extracurricular activities. Making money from home does not require too much from you; it only requires you putting your brain to work and coming out with the best ideas that would enable you make good use of your time and talents. [Read more...]

How to succeed with content marketing in a SEO driven world

content marketing

The digital marketing platform is currently dominated by the big three – social media, SEO and content. It’s not a secret that SEO has emerged as a strong force in the past few years, a development that is giving content marketers sleepless nights.  Questions are now being raised as to whether content is still King or if it lost the spot to SEO. Today your content can only work with SEO if it adheres to the ever changing rules of the game that are set by SEO.

Indeed, the role of content as an inbound marketing tactic can never be underestimated. There is really no better way a business can deliver genuine information that meets the exact needs of its customers if not by content tactics. [Read more...]

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