How much does it cost to build a tiny house?

How much money you need to build a tiny house

With the “Tiny House Hunters” show amongst a few trending on TV Tiny houses have become quite popular.Being environmentally friendly, incredibly cute and easy to maintain adds to the allure of these teeny dwellings.  You can even get them on wheels to go!
How much money you need to build a tiny house depends on a number of things and can vary anywhere from around $8300 to $22000 or so.

What makes up the price of building a tiny house

First, check if it is legal to build a tiny house on your property and if it is you will still have to obtain a permit to build it.Depending on where you live the price of these permits vary and can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.
You can check the permit status and get information, prices, etc. at the American Tiny House Association website.

The cost of labor can be varying for tiny houses. It depends on the size and time it takes to build the house and the contractors hourly rates.
If you want to save money you could buy a Tiny House DIY Kit that has different building difficulty levels.

The cost of materials depends on what type of materials you are wanting to use for your tiny house.  You can use new or recycled materials which work out a lot cheaper than new.
Places like Habitat ReStore can make quite a difference in your material costs.

The plumbing and electricity are once again dependent on where you live, the contractor who does the installation and the utilities you require.
The average costs range from about $1400 to $4000.

Insulation in most houses is quite a huge outlay and it is no different for a tiny house.  But it is always best to pay the initial $1500 to $2000 as it will save your costs on the utilities in the long run.

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