Shalu Sharma ~ Blogger of the week

Another week rolls by in the blogging arena. This week, I present to you another blogger. It’s none other than Shalu Sharma. I am excited to introduce to you my friend Shalu. She’s a mum, a wife, a social media enthusiast, an author and a travel blogger with a difference. She is a blogger who loves to speak her mind; be it politics, about crimes against women or just about anything else you can think of.

Meet Shalu Sharma

shalu sharma

Shalu came to the lime light when she started her social networking site called, a forum about her native place of Bihar (India). She realized that there was a communication gap among the people of her state of Bihar hence she started her forum YouBihar and now it has more than 13,000 members and is today one of the most authoritative sites on Bihar.

She also happens to be a travel blogger providing travel tips to those travelling to India. She started travelling with her husband mainly in India and then to other countries around the world. Some of the destinations she has traveled include numerous places in India, Nepal, UAE, Canada, Egypt, Great Britain, Israel, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, France, Turkey and Spain.

It was then when she realized that she could be blogging about travelling. She gathered that there were many travel sites that were giving out travel information on India but nonetheless she decided to start her very own despite the stiff competition. She registered a domain name and stated blogging on travel tips for India. Today, her blog stands as one of the most comprehensive travel guides on India. She’s straightforward; she’s direct and minces no words when it comes to providing travel tips. She likes to describe her travel blog as; honest ‘no fluff’ information and travelling guide on India.

Large part of her online activities now consist of blogging on her travel blog, creating travel guides, guest posting, providing SEO services, content writing for her clients, moderating her forum and looking at various ways to make money on line.

Other than blogging, tweeting and facebooking, she likes cooking and watching Bollywood movies. She is definitely one fearless blogger and someone to follow. She’s attractive, unique and loves to speak her mind. Find her on

Shalu’s books on Amazon.shalu books

Yes! Shalus has written books that are currently being sold on amazon. Check these out and grab your copies:

Some recommended articles on Shalu’s blog

Some of her guest posts on other blogs

Shalu on Social Media

Engage with Shalu

Time to engage with Shalu! Ask her questions in the comment box below, visit her blog and social media profiles, share this post on your social media to give her more exposure.

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Full Time blogger and Creator of Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.


  1. Most of the people I book appointment with for interview eventually appear first on Emfastincome, but this time around, I beat you to this one Enstine. I am glad Shalu Sharma was interviewed on my blog months before she appeared here lol.

    Anyway we are not into any competition. You still remain my right man :).

    Shalu, good to see you featured on Enstine’s blog. You remain a priceless jewel to the Indian nation; of all my blogging friends you are the only one blogging exclusively about travel guide on her country for now. While we cannot all be in the same niche, I must say you have really done well by putting your community and country first before anything else. All Indian bloggers need to rally round you to see how they can help to promote your blog.

    I was glad when Shalu sent some mails about her book going on Amazon; and today that dream is fulfilled – she has three books to her credit. So she is using all mediums to create awareness about her country and making India more popular by the day. Yes, dreams start small sometimes but if you work on them they become broader and more inspirations come also.

    She might have started with her native community of Bihar, but today she has become the reference point for all visitors who want to visit India. I now have some assurance that any day I make up my mind to visit India, Shalu would be there to lead me. At least she can guide me on the kind of places to visit, type of delicacies to go for, the type of clothes to try on, etc.

    If we remain dedicated to our dreams, we would definitely go places. I encourage you Shalu to remain focused and avoid any kind of distraction that could make you lose sight of what you already have in hand.

    Thanks Enstine, for featuring another great blogger in the person of Shalu Sharma. I am waiting patiently for the day I would be featured. perhaps you might be the person to create the record of being the first to feature/interview me; or maybe someone else somewhere.
    I congratulate you on the successfully listing your books on Amazon. Do have a productive week.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted..Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013 ReviewMy Profile

    • Shalu Sharma
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Hi Joseph
      Thank you for your wonderful comment. You did interview me and I am grateful, thank you very much for that. It certainly is nice to see have your own books on Amazon, feels really nice specially when people buy them. It feels nice that you are helping others from your books. It certainly feels like a dream come true.Whenever you come to India, do let me know.
      Best wishes to you.
      Shalu Sharma recently posted..How to start a travel blog and make money eBookMy Profile

  2. Diljit Dosanjh says:

    Wow, really impressive and inspiring too. Hats off to you mam. Thanks for sharing Enstine. Will surely follow her on Facebook.

  3. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Enstine.

    Shalu has some great books out! Thanks for the share. She noted about interviewing me a few weeks back; as I am in her native India it would definitely be fitting. Hopefully she emails me soon.

    Thanks Enstine,


  4. Hi Enstine,

    It’s wonderful to see Shalu featured here this time – a dear friend and fellow blogger :)

    I’ve known Shalu for a long time now, and all that you mentioned here is SO true about her and her wonderful blog. I think if anyone wants to know about India travels – she is the right person to contact.

    Not to mention the many feathers in her cap she’s added now – like the eBooks that are a great resource for anyone! She is indeed a very enterprising Indian blogger and has made her mark in the Blogosphere for the person that she is, beside being an awesome blogger. Makes me wonder how she manages her various blogs and family life, when I’ve a tough one with just one of mine!!

    Thanks for sharing more about her with us here. Have a nice week ahead, both of you :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Quality Of Life – Let’s Understand It BetterMy Profile

    • Shalu Sharma
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Hi Harleena
      I am always happy to receive complements from you someone who is a great blogger and someone who is loved and adored my all of us. I try my best to manage all my site, can be difficult at times but has to be done.
      Thanks for your wonderful comment and best wishes to you.

  5. Many congratulations on being featured here, Shalu,

    If I’m ever fortunate enough to be able to visit India, your blog will certainly be my first port of call!

    Like Harleena, I’m completely in awe of you for managing more than one blog, on top of all your other commitments – amazing!
    Susan Neal recently posted..Should Your Blog Post Carry a Health Warning?My Profile

  6. My favorite featured blogger of the week, I must say. Kind of obvious that I’m being bias about it, but she’s a great woman, what can I do? :)

    I have read a few of her articles, I’m not so much into traveling, but have taken a liking with the way she writes. Very honest, indeed! If, by chance, I’ll be able to travel, I’m definitely going to check her website for guidance.

    Nice going! This post has been shared on, the IM content aggregator site.

    Riza- contributor

  7. Looking forward to reading more. Great blog post.Truly looking forward to find out more. Much obliged.

  8. Pramod
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I’ve been following Shalu’s blog since 4 months and have gone through each of her post in these 4 months . I must admit that her posts are full of information and quality.She’s deserved to be the mentioned on popular blogs like EMfastincome . Thanks Enstine .

    Pramod recently posted..Best Laptop Brands in India and their best LaptopsMy Profile

  9. Piyush Mathur says:

    Hi Enstine!

    I am actually a frequent reader of Shalu mam, and i absolutely enjoy her insightful work! One of my favorite posts was about “Indian Tea”!


  10. It’s so nice of you to interview and feature your fellow blogger in your post, Enstine.

    I’ve learned ample information about Shalu Sharma, her passion and blogging career. I admire how she manage to be a wife, a mother, and a passionate blogger all at the same time. That must be tough. I also like the fact that she promotes tourism of her own land. That is something that people in India should be proud of. She is such an inspiration for all the bloggers out there.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social news site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  11. Liz McGee
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Shalu,

    You are a busy person …and so accomplished!

    It’s awesome that you’ve written so many informative travel books. I’d love to get to India, it’s on my bucket list :-)

    I love travel sites like yours because you offer folks such great information. I’ve done a fair amount of travel myself, mostly Europe, but going to a strange place can be such a challenge, so getting trusted information, tips and recommendations can be so helpful, so I’m sure you ARE very busy on your forum :-)

    I’ll certainly keep your books and website in mind when I do eventually get to India ;-)

    Liz McGee recently posted..5 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid If You Want More TrafficMy Profile

  12. Blogger of the, month and year are the most awaited days or moments for bloggers who strive hard or ever harder to be in the place that everyone are hoping to be in.

    Congrats to you Shalu Sharma and for sharing this interview with us Enstine.

    Well, for those who aimed to be like Shalu or any blogger, well you have to get through all the hardships and familiarize the tactics that are very useful and could leverage profit.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  13. Okto
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I know Shalu as traveller blog that blog about India in her blog. Never known before that she had product on amazon!

    Thanks Enstine!
    Okto recently posted..Top 5 Things to Know About Google HummingbirdMy Profile

    • Shalu Sharma
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Publishing on Amazon is new venture. Till date, I have 3 book being sold, two of them are in paperback as well. I hope to publish more in the future. Thanks for your comment and best wishes to you.

  14. Hi Shalu,

    Congrats on getting featured. You are one of my favourite Indian based travel bloggers. Good luck on getting featured on top of amazon.
    Gautham Nekkanti recently posted..Where’s my Water for PC Download FreeMy Profile

  15. Reginald
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Shalu & Enstine,

    Congrates and thanks for introducing :)

    I see Shalu a lot of time on social media and she’s like a godness or some sort. Glad to connect with her and like the way she writes too. And everytime I am on social media, I could see her post which is like…she don’t sleeps? :)

    Haha well deserved and thanks for everything again guys!
    Reginald recently posted..Two SEO Best Practices To Generate More Website TrafficMy Profile

  16. Stephan
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Shalu, congrats for your success.
    You have created a very useful blog for travelling in India with a lot of amazing picture and interesting tips for tourist and travelers.
    Thanks for your sharing
    Stephan recently posted..Arcu: Responsive OpenCart template for your online storeMy Profile

  17. Monika Thakur says:

    Congrats mam :) thanks admin for sharing this post :) Well, for those who aimed to be like Shalu or any blogger, well you have to get through all the hardships. :)

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