Social Media vs Link Building

Well, it looks like social media may be the only good strategy we have now. As many of you have already guessed, plenty of sites earlier this year were hit tragically because of their link building strategy. Bad links, link farms, and many other reasons were made because of the result of this Google update.

For three to six months now, people are scrambling around to make a change. It seems as though most people don’t want to accept the fact that some of the link building strategies that they are doing are just plain wrong now, and since you can’t beat a dead horse, a change must be made! 

Is Social Media The Answer?

Honestly, I really don’t build links all that much. I will go into my personal strategy later, but I want to talk about the affect that social media has on your blog and what it can do to help it.

Millions of people use social media, which may be the answer to why link building may be dead!

Here is a quote from Best Rank:

It’s hardly a secret in the SEO world that Google is doing all it can to kill link building efforts. Over the past year and a half the search engine giant has gone to great lengths to modify its search engine algorithm with the sole intention of devaluing backlinks.

If this is true, and it seems as though it is, then there is another idea that we will have to tackle while thinking about our blogs in the future.

Social media IS the answer for this problem.  Why?  The search engines do not have any control over this medium which is one reason why you may want to re-think your social media strategy, and make it one that really attacks these platforms head-on.

Most people tend to see social media as a means to connect with others…and this is true in so many ways, however, it is not just for connection purposes only.  Social media is a true means to get great traffic every day with.

Think about it.  I’m not telling you to totally forget about your link building, because I still believe that commenting on sites in your niche still works, but all I’m saying is to take the time that you would put into article marketing and forge into social media sites.

I hope you’re still not doing article marketing!

If you are, you are asking for trouble!  Any type of links that are built in this way can be trouble for your blog!

Social Media vs. Link Building

As I said before, there are just too many obstacles in your path when link building. As far as SEO goes, Google still wants your posts to link to other relevant sites, link to posts inside your blog, link here, link there…I want to go punch Matt Cutts in his ear, there is just so many things to remember, and then beat it all they take away one of the most powerful ways to get ranked to the first page of their precious search engine. Really, when you look at it, we are all just dogs, begging for scraps from Google’s table when we put all of our eggs in one basket.

It’s not that you can’t deliver killer content, but when you allow Google to control you with link building, you have already sold out.

Here are some pro’s & con’s to social media vs. link building

  • You Have Control- In social media, you control it.  you know that your content matter is being sent out to your followers and your friends, and since you make contact with these people for the “connections” as listed above, you already know that this post will get hits.  With link building, you really just throw it to the wind.  Especially if you are using what is now labeled as “Black Hat” methods with article marketing.  You never know if you’re going to be sandboxed, and when or if, Google will de-value that link building company that you are working with.
  • You Know It’s There- With submitting to social bookmarking sites and such, you know that your content has been counted.  This is realized when a trackback is sent to you from these sites.  As mentioned above in commenting, you never know if your comment will be approved.  This is why it’s so important to READ THE POST and comment in a educated manner.
  • Proven Traffic- Social sites have proven traffic.  With millions of people logging in to the major sites like Facebook and Twitter, you know that you have a large potential to get as many of these people to your site as you can.  Link building is more of a ranking thing.  Yes, it can work out to major traffic in the end(if you do it right), but it is never guaranteed that anyone will see it.  It takes literally thousands of links to some major keywords before people even see your link! 

Let me re-iterate.  I am not downgrading link building.  I am merely pointing out that some link building strategies that you may be doing, may cause you trouble in the end.

With Google on the rampage, it may be better for a total re-vamp of your social media strategy as a whole!

Ok, I told you I would reveal my strategy with you…here it is…

The only link building, true link building that I do is commenting.  There, I said it!  Have I used article marketing services before?  Sure.  Do I use them now?  Nope.  The reason being for the answers above.  I don’t trust Google…heck, I don’t trust any of the search engines.  I believe that one day social media will be integrated into the Google algorithm in some way.  This is why my main focus is on these social sites.

Forget about it.  If you’re trying to learn how to blog like a professional, then all you really need to worry about is consistency.  Keep giving your readers that great content, share it socially, and with time, you will come out on top.  I have learned that worrying about building links just leads to ulcers and stress…plus it takes the fun out of blogging!

In Conclusion:

So what do you think?  Am I wrong?  I won’t get mad, really!  What type of strategies do you use that actually work for you?  Have you slowed down on link building already?  Tell me your opinion…

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About Wade Harman

Wade is an internet marketer, social media expert, and blogging success story. He has a FREE ebook that is guaranteed to Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight
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  1. I believe in real traffic though I have been doing guest posting in various other blogs to build links but those are pure links with no spam around.

    Guest blogging have given me so much in last few months. It was the biggest but a nice decision by me, as to get into such things I’d to leave my professional logo designing business but to gain some exposure and to get into a network with people like you I’d to drop my business for sometime.

    Now, my business as well as my passion – blogging, is doing well in Google. I have crawled enough exposure. Social media is also doing a great work in my case. Being in good groups helps!

    So for those, who are just after making links let me tell you that you people will get stuck now or in sometime. But, if you believe in social media then you can build links as well as gain exposure which is essential I think.
    Irfan Siddiqui recently posted..Tips on Increasing Website Traffic through Google ImagesMy Profile

  2. ileane
    Follow me on Twitter:

    This is why using Google + is of the utmost importance right now. I know that Facebook is huge and all of that but most of what you find there is pictures, quotes and contests. Google is placing a big focus on social so that eventually Google + will give business owners a bigger ROI than Facebook. The only way you can get attention on Facebook these days is with paid advertising. Hopefully Google will take a long time to catch up before they start placing ads on Google +
    ileane recently posted..Google Authorship A to Z WorkshopMy Profile

  3. Wade
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Lol @ Ms Ileane! I hope you’re right! But I wouldn’t put it past them at all! G+ will probably be the first social media platform to be integrated into that algorithm.
    Wade recently posted..How To Blog Like A ProMy Profile

  4. Juan
    Follow me on Twitter:

    i dont know, i dont like the traffic from social media, they just read the article that we post only, not to intent to find it itself by search engine, the link building is good for me this far
    Juan recently posted..KFC Zinger Burger MalaysiaMy Profile

  5. Ian Eberle
    Follow me on Twitter:

    So if Google is devaluing backlinks, does that mean that the algorithm is based on the best content? If so, my recommendation would be to write better content!
    Ian Eberle recently posted..Getting Serious About WordPress SecurityMy Profile

  6. Social Media = Referral Traffic
    Google and Link Building = SEO Traffic
    Which is more targeted ?
    My next question is, where is Google driving to?

  7. Oh really? Link Building vs Social Media?

    Well, i too believe that social media is more important after the animal updates, And as Ileane said that Google+ is the most effective and most important now.

    When It comes to link building, I must say that guest blogging is the only and most effective link building method.
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..5 Ways To Gain The Trust of Your ReadersMy Profile

    • Wade
      Follow me on Twitter:

      Ehsan, you’re definitely right. I use blog commenting and guest posting to build links too. I also use some Web 2.0 sites on more important pages (see post below). However, the only problem I have with guest posting all the time is that you are giving other sites great writing when you could be doing it on your own. But this is something I struggle with a lot.
      Wade recently posted..Web 2.0 Tools To Benefit Your BlogMy Profile

  8. Okto
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Wade,

    What an interesting issue you bring here. I am agree with you that blog commenting is a bit old fashioned but most powerful way of link building for blog.

    Thanks for the post
    Okto recently posted..How to Create New Posts that Bring More Traffic into Your Blog Eventhough You Have No Subscribers Yet.My Profile

  9. Carsten Lange says:

    Wade, that is absolutly true. Linkbuilding is on its way down, cause Google wants to find a solution against all these link farms out there. Cheeting with the use of social media ias much tougher and hardly a cost efficient way for companies to raise there Google ranking.

    But: don’t forget Google+. It’s the network to focus on for ranking.

  10. Wade
    Follow me on Twitter:

    You are right. Google+ is the platform you need to focus on.
    Wade recently posted..Dismantling the Social Media Giants: Twitter RevealedMy Profile

  11. Hi Wade,
    I believe you have a strong point here on social media being the solution if a blogger suffered from the effects of Google’s Panda and Penguin as well as the Exact Match Domain updates.
    I strongly agree with you too that the only true link building method that is very effective is commenting. If it does not give any purpose, then you won’t see people spending their precious time commenting on different blogs.
    Felicia recently posted..Daniel Negreanu’s Back With A RantMy Profile

  12. Not convinced Google google doesn’t count links, I think it’s just re-evaluating them in a completely different way. Before it was very easy to get large numbers of backlinks, which all had some value, even if it was very little. Get enough and you got rank.
    It’s changed from being a numbers game is all.

    • Wade
      Follow me on Twitter:

      I never said that Google doesn’t count links. Sure they do. How else does one get to the first page? I am just merely saying that if you rely too much on link building alone, then you are setting yourself up for failure.
      Wade recently posted..Top WordPress Plugins You Should Be UsingMy Profile

      • Sorry, I’ve read so many posts lately saying link building is dead, I think I may have misinterpreted the quote from Best Ranks – “…with the sole intention of devaluing backlinks.”
        Regarding your idea of building links purely by commenting, seems like you might be ahead of the curve there. A blog post with lots of comments on may seem like a popular page, but ultimately that depends on whether people are discussing the post or just link spamming it because comments are open. I think google will be able to tell the difference soon if it doesn;t already, and if this is the case, it will become more difficult to mass produce such a technique, which is what the black hatters are always looking to do, further increasing it’s value.

  13. Google is focused on earning more from their Adwords service, that is why they keep launching all these algorithms. Gaining traffic from social media strongly depends on your niche. In my niche it’s likely not effective. Have a nice day!

    • Hi Dmitri,
      Glad to see you here this weekend and thanks for your contribution. I hope my readers will learn something from what you’ve said.

      Have a splendid weekend and I do hope to see you again ;)

    • Wade
      Follow me on Twitter:

      @Dmitri, what niche would that be? I couldn’t imagine where social media wouldn’t help or benefit your site. You obviously created the site because people are interested in what you have to say…that said, social media should help.

      In the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Google Algorithm didn’t include more social perks in it.
      Wade recently posted..Twitter Tools For Boosting TrafficMy Profile

      • Actually if you don’t come up with something new or trending, chances are you won’t gain a lot from social media. As to niches, I suppose industry websites won’t benefit 99%.

  14. terry knight says:

    social media is a strategical approach to follow for getting some time for traffic as the link building approach is quite better after now a days after release of google updates

  15. Bo Kauffmann says:

    Yes, social media is the hot topic…. but I recently read that e-mail is still king. Build a good e-mail list, and you can market to them directly. More people use email than all social media (facebook twitter, linkedin etc. ) combined…

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