5 Simple Tips for Better Social Media Results

Social media is important these days. It’s not just mildly necessary anymore. We can’t act like it doesn’t exist, and if you’re trying to make money on your blog there’s a good chance that you’re losing some income if you aren’t attempting to conquer social media.

Arguably, social media today is as important as good SEO, and that’s not just speculation. We know this because of the results we see when it does work, and we can actually benefit from this dynamic. It gives us options. SEO is still vastly important, but if it’s not your strong suit, perhaps social media and public relations can be.

Let’s talk about 5 simple tips that will get you better social media results quickly.

Develop Social Media Etiquette

When most of us began using social media during its rise, I am sure a lot of us didn’t expect it to become so important for good business strategy. What we were given was a tool, and that tool has evolved.

Don’t Hurt Your Chances

It’s silly to think you can say anything on social media if you’ve got stake in your business there, as well. It’s so easy to hurt your chances at a strong community or network when you jeopardize your own reputation online. No one wants to associate with or promote someone who is careless about what they say and do within their networks.

Be mindful, be strategic and make your words count. Nothing is truly lost on the Internet, and you’d do well to treat your online presence as you would your dreams and passions. You guard them, cherish them and show them to people who will give you their support.

Setting the stage early on as a professional, someone who not only knows what they’re talking about within their field, but also conducts themselves politely and productively is a big first step in changing how we are perceived in these growing networks.

Display Your Knowledge

Such a simple premise that it’s easy to overlook. Social media usage for business is like your public relations campaign in a normal setting, except amplified. What you display matters, so why not compliment good social media etiquette with a solid display of your knowledge?

Again, it sounds so simple, but there are dynamics here that require practice. You are responsible for commanding authority on a subject. If you’re an internet marketer, people can’t believe for one second that your strategies are gimmicks or schemes. A genuine approach to your business strategy will show, and it will become vastly important as you navigate each network.

Things that show a wealth of knowledge on a subject are affected by accessibility. Make your strengths known and easy to see. Testimonials, articles, guest blogging, Q&A – anything that engages while promoting what you know.

Seek New Networks

Seeking new social media networks is one of the best ways to strategize the third step of strong social media usage. It’s great to focus on two or three really large networks with a lot of potential, but you never know what else is out there. If you already do well on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in general, I have a suggestion for ways to find more targeted communities – we’ll call these social media niches.

Social Media Niches

Seek out groups, or tribes, that relate to your content. Small or large, they’re guaranteed to be somewhat interested in your blog or business because they will have similar content themselves.

The great thing is that ‘new networks’ don’t always mean you have to leave your established ones. Many of these communities and groups can be found as accessories to sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others.

The potential for growth in these smaller networks is greater because you have groups of people who will help articulate your approach, especially since you will be able to compare content.

Finally, don’t be afraid to branch out to that alien social media site you haven’t really used before. There are many social media networks that are for very specific fields and users, all you have to do is look. There might even be a forum available that will help you strategize your approach for your blog or business.

Manage Social Media


Social media management is the one thing in this list of tips that you cannot overlook.

You’ve worked hard to set up your networks, communicate with groups of people and learn what you need to do in order for your online marketing approach to be successful. The worst thing you can do now is let it falter.


Social media marketing is about growth all the time. In fact, it has a real snowball effect when you stay on top of it. Unfortunately, though, when growth isn’t maintained at a decently regular level you start to lose ground. This means less traffic for your site, less engagement with your support community and less potential for leads and clientele.

Worst of all, you kind of have to rejuvenate things if your networks fall to the wayside. This happens because of the growth factor I mentioned. If you stop letting people know that you matter by engaging with them, they’re going to forget and move on. It’s not personal, it’s survival. Your networks will reward you when you put effort into them, where on the other hand they will stop generating as much if you aren’t committed.

Put Resources to Work

What’s a networking campaign without social media tools? After all, you can’t have the time to do all of this yourself, can you?

The bottom line to social media marketing is learning where you can make its tools and resources work for you. There are premium tools, free tools and even people for hire who will help you reach your social media goals. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Buffer – If you lack time, Buffer is your friend. You can schedule network updates in 3 seconds by clicking a button. There’s a free version, as well.
  2. Hootsuite – Obvious, but so useful. Go for the paid version and you’ll likely never need any other update scheduling tools.
  3. SocialFlow – Learn what content will be effective, and when. You can request a demo to give it a shot.
  4. Shareaholic – Engage your readers and track usage-based analytics. A quick way to learn which content is most effective.
  5. Mention – Track alerts related to your business and its content. You can market better when you know what’s making waves publicly.

Finally, do some research on your own. Putting the time into your business is as important as seeking out every strategy you can find. The resources that work from some may not work for all, but it’s your job to know which works for YOU.

Your Turn

Social media might not be professionally crafted SEO, but it contributes to it and equalizes the playing field in many ways. We have more tools than ever at our disposal to help cultivate audiences, convert them into users and generate income. It’s a numbers game, but that doesn’t mean engagement and real interaction go out the door. The genuine relationships crafted in your networks will reap tremendous rewards. You just have to get started and stick with it.

Got questions or comments? I’d love to hear what you think. I’d also like to thank Enstine Muki for giving me the opportunity to guest blog here, and share some of my thoughts with all of you. My home is over at Janzen Web Dynamics, where I write on issues in blogging, social media and WordPress. Happy networking!

Meet Connor Janzen

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Connor is a college student studying architecture at the University of Kansas. He is involved as a leading member of Open World, a cause attempting to aid schools internationally, and is a part-time social media and web development enthusiast. Feel free to check out his website, or follow him on Twitter!


  1. Martin
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Better social search presents opportunities for communicators who include search in their social media strategy, as well as a few risks worth managing.
    Martin recently posted..The science behind Premium WordPress ThemesMy Profile

    • Connor Janzen
      Follow me on Twitter:


      Good to hear the analysis. We can definitely see the benefits that social search has given us throughout the last few years. Managing that dynamic well has become increasingly important.

      Thanks for commenting, enjoyed reading the article you posted recently.

      Connor Janzen recently posted..Successful Networking StrategiesMy Profile

  2. It takes time and lots of patience to gain huge traffic from facebook or twitter into your blog.
    wilfred imbukwa recently posted..How to Enable CommentLuv on BloggerMy Profile

  3. Hey Connor,
    Lemme say – Awesome Post :)
    You really rolled out almost every advantages of Social Media in it. And thanks a lot for sharing those tools like Buffer and HootSuit.
    Amal Rafeeq recently posted..5 Best Roads To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Blog – Ultimate GuideMy Profile

    • Connor Janzen
      Follow me on Twitter:


      I’m really glad you enjoyed the post and the tools I offered. I hope you find them useful. It’s good to hear you agree with many of the advantages of social media, as it’s so important to use as an active blogger these days.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Connor Janzen recently posted..Successful Networking StrategiesMy Profile

  4. himanshu
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Its really a good tips for me.We can also increase our google plus one through sharing post on communities of google plus.
    himanshu recently posted..30 Free & Premium Pinterest WordPress ThemeMy Profile

  5. anis
    Follow me on Twitter:

    this is an outstanding post bro thanks for sharing
    social media is so important for every business!
    thanks man!
    anis recently posted..8 Powerful Tips to Become a Better Blogger With an Outstanding Blog!My Profile

  6. Siddhartha Sinha says:

    Hello Connor,

    Definitely Social Media in now a days plays an important role especially in building traffic and I am agreed 100% with you that one should focus on new Media if has come because there is a great chance of getting huge traffic as you are one of the 1st one who used that network, definitely going to help you lot.

    Siddhartha Sinha

    • Connor Janzen
      Follow me on Twitter:


      Great to hear from you on this issue. It’s true that we really have to turn a strong focus to social media. I like your idea about using new networks first, as this can really give you an upper hand as it develops.

      Thanks for sharing thoughts!

      Connor Janzen recently posted..Successful Networking StrategiesMy Profile

  7. Okto
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Social media is a great platform for socialize. To get better result I think it’s better to increase our role in giving feedback than just promote our links. In general, I do like social media since it gives me more chances to know new readers and fellow bloggers.
    Okto recently posted..How to Get Advertising Pay You BlogMy Profile

  8. I think social media is vastly related to SMM(Social Media Marketing) than SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Most of the hyper link(out of facebook) of social media are nofollow by google I see. Blogging is much helpful for SEO.

  9. Excellent posting is one of the best ways for getting links and increase your site rank. It shows that you are not a spammer and try to provide some useful content to your users.

  10. Pramod
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Sharing knowledge and promoting isn’t enough.. making people know about your community and making them join your network is the most important task to accomplish .If you suceed in making people aware of your presence ..You’ll be unstoppable.Thanks for sharing these tips dude !
    Pramod recently posted..Top 5 Best Dual SIM Android Smartphone’s under 5000 | 100$My Profile

    • Connor Janzen
      Follow me on Twitter:


      That’s true. Sharing what you know is just a helpful tip on displaying authority and expertise. You definitely have to extend your network to people and have them become a part of it. Presence is all about connecting, engaging and reciprocating the favors others do for you.

      Glad you enjoyed the article!

      Connor Janzen recently posted..Successful Networking StrategiesMy Profile

  11. I am one of those people who has been using social media networks for a while, but are still struggling to make it work for them. Would it be a good idea to engage with other bloggers in the hope that they return the favour?
    Dean Saliba recently posted..Three Ways to get your comments noticedMy Profile

    • Connor Janzen
      Follow me on Twitter:


      That is an excellent idea. You might try using a community like Triberr to join tribes with other bloggers who love to promote content for each other. Join other communities within social networks as well who are willing to help you promote. Most often, you get back what you put in, so if you can help other bloggers by engaging their content they will do the same for you.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Connor Janzen recently posted..Successful Networking StrategiesMy Profile

  12. Thomas Banter says:

    If i’m being completely honest I think that the best way possible to increase ones site rank and PR is by posting quality content, there is no alternative really. If you consistently are posting this sort of content then it proves that you are not spamming and hence you will notice a vast rise in SR. That’s just my two cents anyway, what do you think?

    • Connor Janzen
      Follow me on Twitter:


      I think you’re right, thanks for the honesty. There’s absolutely no replacement for good, quality content. I don’t mean to imply that good SEO or SMM can replace that, but they certainly do help when it comes to getting that material out there! I believe the corollary between good PR because of quality content and good SR because of good networking practices go hand-in-hand to create killer results on your blog.

      Thanks for contributing your thoughts!

      Connor Janzen recently posted..Successful Networking StrategiesMy Profile

  13. Okto
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I believe it’s a wise decision to treat social media engagement as similar as to nurture email lists. Put larger percentage on contribution and lesser self-promotion/monetizing purposes.
    Okto recently posted..How to Improve Costumer Experience With Live Support ServiceMy Profile

    • Connor Janzen
      Follow me on Twitter:


      That’s true. Contribution is extremely important. I think self-promotion is necessary, but it shouldn’t be overdone and it shouldn’t make unrealistic demands of the audience. SMM is just another tool for getting the word out, and we should do this considerately.

      Thanks for another comment on this issue!


  14. yogesh pant
    Follow me on Twitter:

    the social media sites can provide a real help as many of the potential readers of our posts find it easy to learn something from them. They find it great to have some knowledge from these sites. What we have to do is to be consistent in providing them the content they like.
    yogesh pant recently posted..New ideas for blog postMy Profile

  15. Silviu
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Connor,

    1. Social media has it’s role. However, it is not a panacea. If you quit any other tactics, domains, strategies, methods and use only social media you are in for a big failure. That’s because social media were build to efficiently fulfill only particular types of function. It cannot replace SEO, for example. Usually, social media are very good to increase exposure for your brand.
    2. Be polite and show your knowledge. This goes without saying. If you are smart enough, of course.
    3. Social media is tough. Very tough. Working with only ONE social media network is difficult and time consuming. When you use 2-3 and adventure yourself in another 2-3 social media niches you risk a lot.
    4. There is a very controversial principle: the only thing that matters i growth.
    When the only thing that matters is growth, you risk losing all. Growth has its limits.
    This is an idea that is very hard to swallow. Life has ups and downs. Economy has ups and downs. Your business WILL experience ups and downs. There is no such thing as linear, exponential progress. so you need to develop a thinking that is more complex than the simple growth tactic.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted..Are you Afraid of Social Media Automation?My Profile

  16. Samir
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Connor!

    Great tips for Social Leveraging.
    Posting non-link updates is a great way to let your followers/ friends / fans know that you are actually there! I think many bloggers (especially the new ones) ignore this (perhaps I do too to some extent) simply because they expect SOCIAL leveraging to be as EASY as keywording up a blog post for SEO.

    Helping out a friend in any way is a great way to bond in my opinion.

    Just visit their blog(s) and send a message saying you found something about their design or content which might require attention, or simply to thank them for giving you a new post idea!

    Even if your FB page has 100K+ fans, it is ultimately about conversion from peekers to visitors. In fact, most fans on FB probably don’t even visit your blog unless you share something REALLY INTERESTING to them.

    Engaging those fans using polls and short updates instead of just shared blog posts might just turn out to be a good idea :)
    Samir recently posted..England Royal Third In Line – Kate Middleton In LabourMy Profile

  17. The process to gain huge traffic from social media, especially from Facebook and Twitter can be a pain to some if not most.

    Patience is a virtue. And yes, etiquette and resources somehow also came in my mind. And do all in a properly managed way. That is the correct way I presume…

  18. Hi Connor,

    Lovely write up! I think it is all about spending valuable time on that specific platform. For example, if you want to be doing FB promotion etc, being involved enough in the right group could easily increase your engagement level.

    This is definitely a great share and thanks Enstine for publishing it.

    Have a great weekend guys.
    Reginald recently posted..Optinskin vs Hybrid Connect – Best Mailing List PluginMy Profile

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