The best financial application for your mobile phone


Mint is one of the most popular personal finance applications on the market today.  It allows you to create your own budget.  It monitors your spending and keeps you informed of how much you have left on your budget.  It can integrate with your bank accounts and investment accounts keeping you on top of your finances at all times.

Cash Flow

This is a great simple application which integrates with DropBox for backup/restores and to save any of your transaction reports to.
It is easy to input your daily transactions so no more having to manually track your expenses this great application will do it for you on the go and on hand at any time for you to view with its multiple reports.

This application has handy calculators to help you with various transactions like whilst shopping and will estimate the affordability for you.

Personal Capital

This application is similar to, where has more power budgeting tools this application helps with your net worth as well as your spending, investments and cash flow.
If you purchase the application you get Wealth Management services at a very reasonable price.