Jason Mathes ~ Blogger of the week

Jason Mathes

Another week and another big bro blogger on board. Some of us are used to Jason and know him as a wonderful guy to hook up with. I know having him as a blogger friend will enrich your blogging community. Yes, this is another opportunity to meet another trust-worthy blogger. [Read more...]

Tim Bonner ~ Blogger of the week

Tim Bonner

Hello and welcome to this week’s blogger of the week. As usual, this week, we have a well respected blogger who is beginning to create a name for himself. Tim has been blogging for a year and some months but his results are worth years. I think this is the kind of smart and hard working blogger I always wanted to hook up with. Somehow, I don’t care much about longevity. I care more about results and Tim’s are very attractive.  [Read more...]

Reginald Chan ~ blogger of the week

reginald chan

Hi everyone, I’m excited this week to feature one very interesting guy. Reginald is an intelligent blogger, one whose blog I love reading. It’s not been too long I discover his blog but it’s gradually becoming one of my favorites. I think it’s cool to have him as part of my community.

Most of you already know the main reason behind this feature on my blog – give you the opportunity to meet and network with savvy bloggers. You know the more bloggers you network with, the bigger your community and the more your chances to succeed as a bloggers. [Read more...]

Abhi Balani ~ Blogger of the week

abhi balani

Hi everyone, Thanks for the love you are showing me during this harsh moment. Like Adrienne Smith, I have come to the knowledge that I have a wonderful blogging community.

Every arrangement has been made and we are kicking off to the village in a few hours from now. I’ll be back shortly after burial and will surely give you details including whether or not the niche site was sold. Check out this post for what I’m talking about

This week, we have my very good friend Abhi from India. Abhi is one of those who quickly caught my attention on BlogEngage. I remember him winning up to 4 BlogEngage contests and another on probloggingsuccess last year 2012. That crowns him up as a very hard working and smart blogger. [Read more...]

Tom Jamieson ~ blogger of the week

Tom Jamieson

Hey everyone, it’s another week we meet someone very interesting to hook up with. Tom is one of the bloggers I recommend you check out this moment. Tom has been my friend and customer, a very interesting guy. While interviewing him for this post, I found out another side of him. I love the fact that he’s a minister and speaker like me.

One thing I noticed about him is the speed at which he replies to my mails. It’s often very quick abnd I just love the conversation and engagement John. [Read more...]

Murray Newlands ~ Blogger of the week

Murray Newlands

Do you want successful and tough guys online to hook up with and build your own blogging community? Oh yes, if you want to succeed in blogging, you need to be surrounded by others who are succeeding. Most successful bloggers are those whose blogging community is made up of these active and successful members.

In this post, we discussed how and where to meet and network with probloggers. If you havn’t read it, I recommend you spend some time on it.

[Read more...]

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