Shalu Sharma ~ Blogger of the week

shalu m

Another week rolls by in the blogging arena. This week, I present to you another blogger. It’s none other than Shalu Sharma. I am excited to introduce to you my friend Shalu. She’s a mum, a wife, a social media enthusiast, an author and a travel blogger with a difference. She is a blogger who loves to speak her mind; be it politics, about crimes against women or just about anything else you can think of. [Read more...]

When is the right time to fire your boss and blog full time?

fire ypur boss

Blogging is of course a profitable activity if treated as a real business. Apart from its income generating capacity, blogging increases the bloggers’ knowledge, brings him closer to many and opens an opportunity for more growth.

While some bloggers make a comfortable income from the activity, a majority are harvesting pennies from their different blogs. If John Chow can grow from $0 to $40,000/month in 2 years, it is safe to conclude that blogging can be taken as a full time activity. Yes! apart from Chow, so many bloggers are making a killing blogging and there are no signs that thumps will turn down in the future.

I have read inspiring stories of bloggers quitting their 9-to-5 jobs and becoming their own boss, focusing on blogging and generating enough to live a ‘beautiful’ life style. Yes, it’s possible to fire your boss, move from part time to full time blogger. [Read more...]

Jason Mathes ~ Blogger of the week

Jason Mathes

Another week and another big bro blogger on board. Some of us are used to Jason and know him as a wonderful guy to hook up with. I know having him as a blogger friend will enrich your blogging community. Yes, this is another opportunity to meet another trust-worthy blogger. [Read more...]

Reginald Chan ~ blogger of the week

reginald chan

Hi everyone, I’m excited this week to feature one very interesting guy. Reginald is an intelligent blogger, one whose blog I love reading. It’s not been too long I discover his blog but it’s gradually becoming one of my favorites. I think it’s cool to have him as part of my community.

Most of you already know the main reason behind this feature on my blog – give you the opportunity to meet and network with savvy bloggers. You know the more bloggers you network with, the bigger your community and the more your chances to succeed as a bloggers. [Read more...]

How to make your blog go Viral!

How to make your blog go Viral

Once you’ve got your dream blog up and running with great content, it’s time to build your readership!  Building your readership requires two main components:

  1. Driving traffic to your blog
  2. Retaining your new readers.

Every blogger has the dream of having a popular blog. No one wants a dead blog and that’s true. However, before your blog gets popular, you need to put in some more work and smartness. In this post, I want to share with you some 5 tips to trigger the viral power of your blog. [Read more...]

Making Money Blogging Starts with a Great Domain Name

make money blogging

So you’ve decided to start out on a new blogging escapade, huh?  You’ve chosen a topic, you’ve researched the keywords, and now you’re ready to select an awesome, traffic driving domain name.  But, did you know that the difference between making money blogging and losing money blogging can also be the difference between a great domain name and a lousy one?  As a result, it is vitally important that you select the right domain name straight from the start, as it will become your brand and your life for the foreseeable future. [Read more...]

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