Top 5 Recent Facebook Updates Impacting Your Blog and Social Media Use

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In the last couple of days, Facebook has rolled out various updates relevant to each segment of its user base. As a blogger, you must be using Facebook Profile and Pages for engagement and networking.

Here is the lowdown on recent Facebook updates.

1.  Better Login Control System

This is targeted towards third-party mobile app developers who access your Facebook profile. As per the recent update, the mobile app developers have to seek another layer of permission from you before sharing your information with Facebook. [Read more...]

5 Simple Tips for Better Social Media Results

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Social media is important these days. It’s not just mildly necessary anymore. We can’t act like it doesn’t exist, and if you’re trying to make money on your blog there’s a good chance that you’re losing some income if you aren’t attempting to conquer social media.

Arguably, social media today is as important as good SEO, and that’s not just speculation. We know this because of the results we see when it does work, and we can actually benefit from this dynamic. It gives us options. SEO is still vastly important, but if it’s not your strong suit, perhaps social media and public relations can be. [Read more...]

How To Get 1000 Visits A Day From Facebook Groups!

Facebook groups

Some weeks back, I wrote a post on 23 active Facebook Groups for bloggers.  This post was received with a huge dose of excitement as most of my readers rushed and joined these groups.

However, becoming a member of 23+ Facebook groups does not guarantee traffic. While these groups are generally a huge source of traffic, it’s often very difficult for some bloggers to get more than 10 clicks a day.  [Read more...]

23 Active Facebook Groups For Bloggers


Facebook groups are a huge source of traffic today. Unfortunately, most bloggers are missing the point. These groups are free to create and free to join. However, in this post, I’m not talking about creating groups. I just want to list a few groups that I use to pull traffic to my blog.

Before listing these facebook groups, I must point out to you that it’s crucial to pay attention to group rules. While all these groups I have listed below accept links to your post, you are required to be active on them. Be sure to Like, comment and share posts by others. That way, yours will be Liked, commented and shared.  [Read more...]

Free Facebook Viral Script for unstoppable viral traffic


Facebook is obviously the biggest social media site to tab into for huge traffic. I have written a simple yet powerful viral script to help you get unstoppable viral traffic from it. This script is able to change the traffic history of your site. You will be able to use it to pull traffic to any page of your choice

In this post, I’m just introducing you to the script and giving you basically how to use it for traffic. In one of my subsequent posts, I’ll bring out how to use this script to generate income. First, let’s see how it works.  [Read more...]

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