4 Top Free Apps for Social Media Management


It can be laborious to manage all the social media accounts when you have published a new article on your blog and the best way to do this is to use some good apps for social media management. Especially for bloggers, it can be a time consuming process to share your posts individually on every social media sites. We, bloggers always try to expand our reach as much as possible using different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Google+ etc.

Over the last few months, I have used quite a few Apps to manage all my social media sites with more ease. And here I’m going to list out some of those Apps that are going to help you manage your own social media accounts more easily.  [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why you shouldn’t worry about Google Author Rank

google author rank

The concept of Google Author Rank has caused quite a stir in the SEO world and has started a lot of debate in the Blogging Communities. It is supposed to become one of the most significant changes in the recent Internet history adopted by Google.

Recently, I wrote an article on it for a guest post on another blog. It received quite a few comments. Some mentioned that it was a great step being taken by Google. But a few of them got worried after reading the article. They believed that this step was going to endanger the new bloggers and some of them may even get wiped out from the search results. I couldn’t tell them how wrong they were (that would be like arguing with them) and they didn’t know what they were talking about.

So, I decided to write an article on why we shouldn’t get worked up with the Author Rank. Here are my top reasons for why I don’t worry about it.  [Read more...]

Socialoomph – Your Way to Get More Twitter Followers

Before I move on, you can Join Socialoomph here for free

Twitter has become the hot spot in connecting people; get an instant answer and for businessmen, it is a place to market. If you are planning to earn money out of the Twitter world, you should know how to use this social networking site. If not, your business deals will completely turn into mess or disastrous. Learning how to get more followers on Twitter is one of the main concerns of every businessman. To do this, they mainly provide numerous strategies just to make money on twitter. One way to get more Twitter followers   is through socialoomph.   [Read more...]

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