Top 5 Recent Facebook Updates Impacting Your Blog and Social Media Use

In the last couple of days, Facebook has rolled out various updates relevant to each segment of its user base. As a blogger, you must be using Facebook Profile and Pages for engagement and networking.

Here is the lowdown on recent Facebook updates.

1.  Better Login Control System

This is targeted towards third-party mobile app developers who access your Facebook profile. As per the recent update, the mobile app developers have to seek another layer of permission from you before sharing your information with Facebook.

Earlier what used to happen is you connected with the social networking site via a third-part app that requested you to share some basic information like profile details, friend network, news feed and others with the intention of writing on individual Facebook accounts. You could either accept these terms or not connect via the app at all.

But all this changes now. To give users more control over what to share with third-party app developers, another layer of permission screen is added enabling you to decide what information is collected and used by the developers.

Facebook comments on the enhanced app login system that separating the sharing options means “people can decide whether they only want to use Facebook Login for fast registration without also sharing back to Facebook”.

2.  Facebook Pages Manager

The iOS and the Android version of the Facebook Pages Manager app have been updated to help you manage your FB pages in a better way.

Image 1 - Facebook Pages Manager Update


In the iOS update, you can view improved page insights, create new pages and edit the page cover photo. In the Android update, you can add new admin members to any page, monitor updates from other Pages, upload one or more photo at one time to a single post and easily tag other people in comments.

3.  “High Quality” News Feed Update

In a bid to reduce clutter on your profile news feed, Facebook has revised its algorithm to weed out “low quality” updates.

You must have noticed that updates from ‘Liked’ pages are rarely seen these days. There are mostly ‘Sponsored Posts’ recommended by the social media site depending on your preferences.

To determine the “high quality” content of the feed updates, Facebook conducted a survey in which questions about the relevancy of posts, post sharing potential, post author, trust factor and general outlook towards certain kind of posts were taken into consideration. Based on the result, they built a system to determine the usability and interactivity of posts and display them on the newsfeed.

According to their media announcement, this new update will be rolled over in the coming few weeks, for both desktop and mobile versions.

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4. Embed ‘Public’ Facebook Posts on Your Blog / Website

Personally, this is an awesome update.

Like you embed YouTube videos or SlideShare on your blog posts, you can now embed ‘Public’ marked Facebook posts as well.

How to Embed ‘Public’ Posts?

‘Public’ posts are those which have the ‘world’ symbol around it. Click on the small downward arrow on the right hand side and find the ‘Embed Post’ option. See the screenshot below.

Image 2 - Facebook Embed Posts Update

On clicking the ‘Embed Post’, you will get the code. Simply go to the HTML editor of your blog and add the code.

Facebook Embed Posts Code

…that’s it.

This will save a hell lot of time previously taken in getting screenshots and uploading them as images.

5. Access to Shutterstock Images for FB Advertisement

If you want to advertise on Facebook, now you can use the image repository of Shutterstock for free, directly from the ads development section.

Facebook has partnered with Shutterstock making millions of images free-to-use for its users. The images can be used in Facebook ad formats without any problem. The image uploaded has been revamped to incorporate Shutterstock images. You can upload multiple images on multiple ads at one time.

Here is how it will look after you get the update.

 Facebook Partners with Shutterstock


Over to You

What do you think of these Facebook updates? Are they really beneficial? Share your thoughts with me in the comment box below

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  1. Shathyan Raja
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi, Nice round up article with the latest updates from Facebook.

    According to me, The Embed Post is one of the attractive update especially for Blogger so that we can embed these post in our blogs to show something easily to readers than taking screenshot as we did before. And off course Facebook Page Manager for managing our page easily from mobiles which will be handy to update often.

    Thanks for the article :)
    Shathyan Raja recently posted..SERP Moment footage of Google+ Search Engine OptimizationMy Profile

  2. Chitraparna, thanks for taking out your time to write this detailed and informative post. I am glad Facebook management is beginning to think straight. The era of imposing whatever they liked on their users is gradually fading away. It looks like they are now beginning to think of the rights of their users now as against what obtained in the past.

    Better Login Control System: This is a welcome development as one would have the right to decide the kind of information to divulge to third party Apps which were taking undue advantage of their users in the past. At least you will no longer be forced to accept the one directional rule imposed on you by the Apps developers.

    High Quality News Feed Update: This also makes a whole lot of sense. It used to be a situation where you get updates based on almost everything that someone likes. For example if you liked some of those poor quality sites that some people pay to get ‘like’ from, it would appear on your update. But now that those poor contents are being filtered out, it is a welcome development.

    Shutterstock Images for Advertisement: Shutterstock is one of the best pictures repository for bloggers and business owners. If Facebook is partnering with them and making their pictures available for free to enhance their advertisement quality, then it is the right step in the right direction. At least you will no longer have to scout for quality pictures before setting up your advertisement campaigns. Things are really getting better.

    Chitraparna, thanks once again for this wonderful post. Do have a blessed weekend.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted..Interview With Lisa Buben of “Inspire To Thrive” – BSGIS 18My Profile

    • Hi Jose, glad to see you on Enstine’s blog.

      Its true that FB is thinking about its users rather than imposing its rules; however, I feel, that security and our data use is still a major issue. Don’t you think so?

      Even though the News Feed update is good, its not perfect as of now. Sometimes i see Feed updates show up on Wall that go back 8-9 months. Why do these show up? I find them irrelevant and irritating. It seems FB is recycling content, no idea.

      Have a great week ahead.

      ~ Chitra
      Chitraparna Sinha recently posted..Why Should You Use the Zoho CRM Software for your Small Business?My Profile

  3. Lisa
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I love the new version of pages manager for Facebook – I feel like they listened to me this time :) It’s very helpful as I do a lot on the go. I will be very interested to see how the new updates look in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for sharing these latest developments there.
    Lisa recently posted..Triberr Reader Is My New Blog Reader and Traffic DriverMy Profile

  4. Ileane
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Chitraparna! Nice to find you here on Enstine’s blog.
    I started using Facebook embedded posts right away and I think I like them. I’m not sure why but they seem more interesting than embedded tweets.
    I just got my first SmartPhone and I added the Pages Manager app but I haven’t used it yet. Thanks for the tips!
    Ileane recently posted..5 YouTube One Channel Designs That Will Inspire You To ActionMy Profile

    • Hi Ileane,

      Glad to see you on Enstine’s blog. A commentator “Sunidhi” asked whether the use of embed posts will help to increase traffic. I gave her my answer but was wondering if you could shed more light on the topic since you are already using the feature :) :) or perhaps write a blog post on this….whichever suits you best.

      ~ Chitra
      Chitraparna Sinha recently posted..How to Build Your Brand with Business Cards?My Profile

      • Ileane
        Follow me on Twitter:


        I’m not sure what Sunidhi means. I guess it depends upon if you are talking about traffic to your blog or traffic to your Facebook page. Let’s assume she is talking about traffic to your blog, then I don’t think it will because the FB post that you are embedding will only be seen by people who are already on your blog in the first place. People who see what you shared on Facebook have no way of knowing that you embedded it on your blog.

        Traffic isn’t really the goal, it’s more about engagement (from my stand point). Hopefully the embedded FB post will get more likes and possibly more shares which should help improve Edgerank. But I haven’t done it enough to notice any improvements.

        Hope that answers the question!
        Ileane recently posted..How NOT to Get Your Guest Post Accepted (and 3 Steps to Take Instead)My Profile

  5. Pramod
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Chitraparna !
    I was totally unaware of these new updates on Facebook . The Facebook page manager and the Facebook embedded posts sounds interesting .. i would be checking it out .Thanks fo sharing these updates with us .

    Pramod recently posted..WordPress security plugins : Exploring Wordfence SecurityMy Profile

  6. I love how Facebook continue to update its features for the public as well as business people to maximize this site for everyone to benefit and enjoy. Thanks for sharing these updates I still am not aware of.
    Alexis Marlons recently posted..Help with Setting up a BusinessMy Profile

  7. I had no clue about these Facebook changes. I have to admit that I am still learning how to use Facebook effectively in my business.

    Your post will definitely help me get a better understanding of how to use it. The embed public Facebook pages on your website looks pretty cool.

    I will definitely need to check this out more to make sure that I get a full understanding of how it works. Thanks for sharing these updates.
    Susan Velez recently posted..Labor Day Weekend Day Off From SchoolMy Profile

    • Some say using Facebook for business is easy but I don’t think so. With every start-up / business using FB for social media promotion, it is somewhat diluting its importance. Moreover, there is no shortage of scammers. One has to be very careful and strategically plan on using FB for business promotion. Of course, creativity is the prime concern as well.

      Glad you liked my post Susan. Keep visiting :)

      ~ Chitra
      Chitraparna Sinha recently posted..Should You use 0845 Telephone Numbers for Small Business?My Profile

  8. New facebook feature to embed public post in to your blog/website is really amazing. is their any wordpress plugin that can embed all public post from specific page or user to your website.
    Thanks for a great sharing..!

  9. Sunidhi Dass says:

    Thanks, this is something new that i never heard till date. all the features sound interesting and will check out all of them. can facebook feature of adding public post to your blog / website can help to get more traffic? please suggest..!

    • Hi Sunidhi,

      Interesting question. Embedding Facebook public posts on your blog will surely increase engagement because you’ll be, indirectly, promoting others. For instance, if you embed something from my FB wall and notify me, I will promote your blog post to my social circles as well. Hence, yes, you can assume that it will help to increase traffic by some margin.

      I hope this answers your question.

      ~ Chitra
      Chitraparna Sinha recently posted..Trace Viber Conversations without Leaving a Clue!My Profile

  10. 4 is a winner through and through. Embedding posts on your blog can really jazz things up in a big league way.
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..4 Easy Online Businesses to StartMy Profile

  11. Hello Chitraparna,

    Very unique post written by you.You have given us all the Facebook in just one post.Access to shutterstock images for FB advertisement is new for me..Thanks for notifying about it.
    Himanshu recently posted..Giveaway #2 – Win 15 Premium WordPress Themes By Tesla ThemesMy Profile

  12. Jitendra Vaswani says:

    Woh Chitra, I wasn’t aware of these latest facebook updates, I really like shutterstock images access. facebook is better now with these updates.

  13. I like the new page manager,it’s quite helpful and the changes are great.But the most helpful feature is without a doubt the Embed feature.Saves a lot of time and is very handy indeed.
    Abhishek recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumoured Unveiling On 27 SeptemberMy Profile

  14. I quit using Facebook for a long time, but I still use it with a VPN, I use it only for site pages, don’t have a real profile there. But this are great updates, good information.
    I don’t even use Google, because they track every move.
    Sita Gabriel recently posted..5 New Font Types For Google AdsenseMy Profile

  15. Andy Bland says:

    I love love the Facebook Pages Manager on my iPhone..

  16. Jeevan Jacob John
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hey Chitra,

    These are some great features. I am especially waiting for the “new” Timeline; curious about their algorithm.

    Also, It is good to see that Facebook is giving more control to its users.

    Embed posts are a great feature (I think they got it from Twitter :D). It allows bloggers to quote other bloggers (I wonder whether they notify the original posters about the embed – that’s something FB should include).

    Anyways, thanks for the roundup on the latest features :)

  17. I would love to use better Facebook login control system as I was fed up with these third party apps which want its access on our personal information for using it. It would be great if I can come to know about all the information I am sharing with developer. Embed ‘Public’ Facebook Posts on Your Blog / Website also seems to be an awesome update. Thanks for this great post Chitraparna.
    alan recently posted..Download Dolphin Browser for PC, Dolphin for Windows7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  18. Hari P V
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I like the new page manager,it’s quite helpful and the changes are great.But the most helpful feature is without a doubt the Embed feature.Saves a lot of time and is very handy indeed.
    Hari P V recently posted..Top 5 Benefits Of Homepage BacklinksMy Profile

  19. Hi Chitraparna,

    Thanks for sharing this. Honestly speaking, Facebook updates too many times until I totally lost track of it. What I noticed was the notification changes (did it happened?) which I feel it is much better and easier for ‘control’ … at least for people who has so limited time like me.

    Nonetheless, great write up and thanks for sharing!
    Reginald recently posted..What Is NoFollow Rule And How It Affects SEO?My Profile

  20. hi Chittraparna,

    There are too many updates on facebook a i see in every one or two months facebook updates with new features this very good but shutterstock iis new for me also . thanks for publishing a nice article
    Abhay recently posted..Dolphin Browser For Android,Download Dolphin Browser.apkMy Profile

  21. Ariful Haque
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi, Chitraparna Sinha
    Nice to meet you, yes fb definitely works for people and awesome features they add….in respect this article was great and learn lots of things…..thank you…
    Ariful Haque recently posted..Custom Robots Header Tags For BloggerMy Profile

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