How To Get 1000 Visits A Day From Facebook Groups!

Some weeks back, I wrote a post on 23 active Facebook Groups for bloggers.  This post was received with a huge dose of excitement as most of my readers rushed and joined these groups.

However, becoming a member of 23+ Facebook groups does not guarantee traffic. While these groups are generally a huge source of traffic, it’s often very difficult for some bloggers to get more than 10 clicks a day. 

Why have Facebook Groups failed to generate traffic ?

There are a couple of reasons why these things don’t work for you:

Un-targeted groups: You don’t just join the groups because they have a large number of members. If you are in the wrong groups, you certainly will not have clicks to your articles

Inactivity: This is one of the biggest reasons members don’t get traffic from Facebook groups. Simply pasting your url in groups does not make you active at all. To a greater extent, you are a spammer.

Being active means sharing, commenting and liking others’ posts. This will inevitably draw attention from these members to your links.

Failure to reply to comments: Some bloggers are so inactive that they don’t reply to comments on their posts. This state of idleness is worst and only tells other members that you are a bot and not a real person.

Pasting raw links: This is a lazy way of doing it and it brings very little exposure. Some bloggers are so lazy or busy that they have no time to write a little description of their links. Look at the image below:

facebook groups

Poor Post titles: This is crazy! If your post titles are not attractive enough, this seriously reduces your chances to get clicks from Facebook groups. The more attractive your post titles, the more chances you have to attract more clicks.

Generally, if your blog is heavy to load, if you don’t provide exiting contents, etc, you are really going to be unable to attract and keep visitors.

Now let’s look at some tips to help you get more clicks from Facebook groups.

Tips to get more clicks from Facebook Groups

Describe your post: This may be a time consuming exercise but it’s worth doing it. You need to provide attractive description before pasting your link. Avoid copying and pasting the post title. Write something else to add more information to the post title

facebook groups

Kick out of the irrelevant groups: It’s an absolute waste of time belonging to groups that are not in your niche. I suggest you quit them and focus on areas that will bring you results

Be an active member: I mentioned above that merely posting links does not make you active. To be active, you have to leave comments on other posts, reply to   comments on your posts, like others’ posts and share them.

Killer tip: Visit other blogs from the Facebook groups, leave comment and mention that you found them on ABC Facebook group. From my experience, this works well to build relationships.

Try the Add Photo/Video option: This is another powerful option that’s little known and used. It’s exceptionally good in its visible position that brings more exposure.

You may not be creating videos for each blog post you write. However, using a smart picture here will go along way to attract hits.

facebook groups

In image above, 1) Upload photo, 2) provide a description, 3) add the link to the article

Don’t spam the groups: Almost all Facebook groups have rules to follow. Read them and be sure you are not stepping on their toes. Most will require not to post more than twice a day. Keep to that and be a good member.

Are you getting more results from Facebook groups? What are your secrets? Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

I’ll also appreciate you sharing this post with your friends on social media.

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Full Time blogger and Creator of Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.


  1. Shahzad
    Follow me on Twitter:

    After reading your posts I’ve also joined to the group. But the worst part of FB group is everyone share their content and no one interact with others posts.
    Shahzad recently posted..Selling Website? Here is 7 Current Trends of FlippaMy Profile

  2. Well getting traffic from facebook groups or your own facebook pages is not really hard. I recommend your tips to all bloggers who want to get traffic from facebook groups.

    Just keep in mind that without helping others you’ll not get any good result.
    Bashir Ahmed recently posted..Giveaway: Win Free 3 Premium VPN AccountsMy Profile

  3. Shehu Awwal
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Am glad i found this tips,..everything you explained is absolutely true, i am too lazy to add description i only add the links..Thanks for this great tip
    Shehu Awwal recently posted..Best Marketing Strategies To Invite More Web UsersMy Profile

  4. Shalu Sharma
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Your advice makes a lot of sense. I am guilty as charged. Poor tiles, just sharing links and being inactive is what most people do. I had given up on Facebook groups but I think I might get back to it and share it properly. Thanks for these cool Facebook tips.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Elephant on the roadMy Profile

  5. After reading your posts I’ve also joined to the group and guess what I got better result.. thnx alot.

  6. Great post Enstine. After all everything finally boils down to engagement without which it is almost impossible to generate traction. Given that the blogosphere is so noisy and is full of people, you need to connect and engage with real people to market anything!

  7. Hey Enstine Muki, Great tips bro. I am sharing my articles in Facebook Groups with just description and link without adding any images to it. From now i will try to share the articles by adding images. Thanks for sharing this great tips bro :)
    Sai Kumar (Crunchyhub) recently posted..Hostgator is Providing 35% off on all Web Hosting PackagesMy Profile

  8. Earlier I used to join lot of blogger’s groups in Facebook !
    And as u said in the beginning, I couldn’t even afford 10 clicks per day.
    Nowadays I’m choosing the most active groups so that my shares doesn’t go unseen !
    Anyways nice article Enstine !
    Keep Posting :D
    Akhil Pulotil recently posted..Media Tech Responsive Blogger TemplateMy Profile

  9. Muhammad Yaseen says:

    thanks i really liked and all the mistakes you have mentioned a am doing all those, from now on i will not repeat them thats for sure.

  10. Good stuff bro… You really got the flow of what needs to be done to get good traffic from Facebook groups. I once wrote a post about getting massive traffic from Facebook Group too. You might want to check it out
    Adesoji recently posted..10 Tips To Maximize The Value Of Your Guest PostsMy Profile

  11. anis
    Follow me on Twitter:

    awesome post Enstine i really were missing these tips i think after reading your article more traffic from facebook is a guerantee now !
    anis recently posted..Best Plugins to Create Your Own WordPress Theme !My Profile

  12. Very nice post bro!
    The making connections (killer tip) is the best tip among. However all are useful. I will start using them today :)

  13. Hello bro,

    Facebook group can get you lots of targeted traffic to your post. That’s why I always spend some time writing description, finding an eye-catching picture related to the post before I share it on any Facebook group.

    But we also have to remember to encourage other bloggers by visiting their blog and commenting on their posts. This can make them do the same on our blog!
    Thejas Kamath recently posted..6+ Proven Ways To Get Traffic From TwitterMy Profile

  14. Thanks for sharing these groups with us. I actually already joined some of these groups and joined rest groups.

    Hope it will help me in my blogging :)

  15. King Globalwalyy says:

    Thank you Very Much bro, though have been using Facebook group to drive serious traffic to my blog, but i think i need to copy some of your tips.. Thanks Once Again

  16. Hi Enstine,

    Great Share!

    I at times feel people are throwing the post URL over one another rather than engaging in fruitful conversation which really take the shine off from these so called Facebook communities. I don’t feel interested in LIKES without meaningful and insightful comments on my blogs. The agenda should be to build relationships and not to spam.

    It’s better to have or be a part of community which will really change the dynamics of engagement and take the experience many notches above the expectations.

    Thanks Enstine for this great share.

    Sapna recently posted..Hey Google Larry Page you have these businesses unexplored(An infographic)My Profile

  17. Before reading this post I never thought about how joining and being active on Facebook groups can increase site/blog traffic but it makes sense. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. I’m going to start capitalizing on Facebook groups .

    ps. I just found your blog and really look forward to connecting with you and learning from your posts.

  18. Yes, I’ve been posting my articles on a few Facebook groups from the last few days and have now started getting around 50 visits daily from there. Got to engage more in these groups to get more visits. Looks like they are a monstrous traffic source for you.
    PrIyAnGsHu recently posted..Affiliate Marketing 101 – Make Money Selling Affiliate Products & ServicesMy Profile

  19. Very detailed tips. I’ll sure try on these. Facebook groups is one of the most effective ways in social media marketing.

  20. Great Share Enstine.

    Keep putting such nice tips so that we can get more traffic. ;)

  21. Thanks for such a great article.
    I will start doing this.

  22. thanks to sharing this post with us, now i remember your all steps for post on facebook
    Anshul Singh recently posted..The Best Ways to Protect Your SmartphoneMy Profile

  23. Atul Kumar Pandey
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Nice bunch of information you has provided here. People are dreaming an overnight getting popular show, where they all fall quickly. Thus making every post with some sense will sure make us able to grow.
    Atul Kumar Pandey recently posted..Money Making Ideas for Retired PeopleMy Profile

  24. Wow! Awesome and detailed guide. I’ll sure try on these. Facebook groups is one of the most effective ways in social media i remember your all steps for post on facebook

  25. Aman Bansal
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Really need this article sir.Thank you so much.
    I have a page on fb “My Luxurious Dream” and it has likes more than 3000+ .
    I made it for my blog site.Bt missing traffic from fb.Your guidelines i’ll start to follow. :)
    Aman Bansal recently posted..Audi Main Launches for Geneva Motor Show 2013My Profile

  26. Your welcome. I always enjoy learning about how to grow my online platform.

    Talk to you soon.

  27. Great posting, Enstine. I like reading this very much. I have not optimized the use of facebook yet especially joining any group in with a similar interest as mine. I think if I can do all your tips above I must be able to develop my business well. Thank you for sharing.
    Heru Prasetyono recently posted..Shoe-In MoneyMy Profile

  28. Main Uddin says:

    It is a Great post , there is no doubt , those searching traffic from Facebook but one thing will stop me in future visit to your blog which is popup .I really dislike any type popup.

  29. Hi Enstine sir,
    Indeed an informative article, especially for newbies like us. I want to thank you for binding all the important tips into a single unit of post like this. I am definitely going to follow this, as I find myself doing some or the other mistake from the above mentioned.

    Keep on updating. An awesome one, I must say.


  30. Hi Enstine.. your topic is very much interesting and I think this is really helpful. It’s true that if you engage your site on a social media platform or group, you should also engage yourself contributing to the team regularly. Anyway, I will check the facebook group you mentioned above! Thanks for the share!

  31. I am a member of a couple of Facebook groups. I don’t use the groups for linkbuilding because neither one of groups I am a member of allow the posting of links. I guess this is because they want to keep spammers out of the group. I am going to have a look at your other post about active Facebook groups for bloggers, maybe I can find some groups that will allow me to post links. Thanks for the idea.

  32. Hey Enstine,

    I think having highly targeted FB groups makes all the difference. Just like in the real world, groups of people who truly share deeper commonalities and interests will interact more like a community – and tightly focused groups do just that.

    - J

  33. Facebook is like an open source of traffic. It gives us wide opportunity to socialize there generate many contacts and relations which are very important for your business. Find people with the same intereters there and develop your business either ofnline or offline.
    Heru Prasetyono recently posted..Shoe-In MoneyMy Profile

  34. Whats up Enstine?
    I really enjoyed the post. I just joined some of the groups after your recommendation, so I’ve not started seeing any results so far.

    How is Cameroon today? I didn’t hear from you again. Were you able to retrieve back your line?

    Regards to your family and have a wonderful week.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted..Are you Becoming Lazy Too? How to get back on TrackMy Profile

  35. wow. what a great article i see this here. really appreciate with your effort. Thanks a lot ….
    Muhammad Reaz recently posted..7 Things You Need For Your Home Online BusinessMy Profile

  36. Sue Neal
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine,

    I must admit that at the moment I’m struggling to cope with social media groups – I belong to a few, mainly in G+ rather than FB, but must admit I’m not that active simply due to lack of time.

    I agree with you it’s important to be selective and to make positive contributions if you are a member of a group – it’s no good if people are using them just to push out links to their own sites. I also agree with your point about adding a note when you post a link – it doesn’t take a second and makes it much more meaningful.

    Thanks for all this advice – very helpful,

    Sue Neal recently posted..Why Blog Commenting Almost Drove Me Round the Bend (and how you can help…)My Profile

  37. Nirmala
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Great post! am doing almost all things in the Facebook which were specified here to get visitors. I never be lazy to give title and description for my posts while sharing in FB grpups.

    Am getting traffic from there, but not much. Gonna try the missed ways to generate huge traffic to my blogs.

    Thanks for your killer tip Enstine sir! Am always curious to read your posts, pls keep writing!
    Nirmala recently posted..Writing tips for the bloggers to write the blog postsMy Profile

  38. My problem with facebook groups is that sometimes it gets too spammy. Facebook admins tend to leave it unattended. I like an active facebook to get into, and that has been quite a problem for me lately.

  39. Great sharing about getting traffic in FB Group.
    The time you share also matters, like in Malaysia, people online the most at 7-9am and after work 7pm -12am.
    I agree with you learning the art of sharing blog post not spamming it with raw links.
    Lead with Value and Authority.

  40. Yes, sharing blog post on any social media is somewhat time consuming but it is worth doing it. Be wise and creative in adding some description before pasting any link.
    Heru Prasetyono recently posted..Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Affiliate Marketer?My Profile

  41. Dheeraj Jain says:

    Hello admin, every kind of traffic has its own importance. Referential traffic is very important as well. Facebook is very popular so we can expect more form it. Thanks admin for updating us with very useful information. We will surely apply this. Please keep posting related to the same topic we will be waiting for the updates.

  42. Shaun Rosenberg says:

    I have a facebook fan page, but never joined any groups. I guess with something as large as facebook there are always going to be multiple ways to get traffic from it. I will have to check it out, thanks

  43. Phil
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hello Enstine,

    I really enjoyed this article and will definitely use some of these tips. I have a Facebook page for my blog and just joined a bunch of blogger groups.

    Phil recently posted..In NYC Big Brother is watching you – and helping you pee!My Profile

  44. Suresh Khanal
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Relationship building definitely works wherever it is. If we look at our own click pattern it is pretty obvious – we click on the post shares whom we know better. I agree, simply throwing links won’t drive much traffic unless the post title is really killer one.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..Stop Guest Blogging Right Now Or Do It RightMy Profile

  45. Nizam Khan says:

    Amazing and much useful guide on using Facebook groups. Well, it’s all about attracting peoples with attractive titles etc and engaging with them in effective ways in order to drive more traffic. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

  46. I just use Facebook for having fun only. I wasn’t aware that 1000 Visits A Day From Facebook Groups but now I’m very idea how to use Facebook Group.

  47. Great advice! Be active, don’t spam! Most groups will just deactivate your membership anyway if you joined!

  48. I have been doing some of these tips but not enough to reach 1000 visits a day, I only have about 300 from facebook, it is because I dont know how to do it RIGHT. Thanks for the tips now I know what I lack about getting traffic from FB.

  49. Toshiba Burton says:

    Glad I found your article, I’ve been submitting my articles to different facebook groups related to my niche for almost 2 years & it definitely brings me in a ton of traffic. I always make sure that I include some really good, eye catching images along with a headline that catches people’s attention & I usually have no problems getting them to click on my links which takes them right back to my website.

    Works really great especially if you’re consistent!

  50. Mohammed Siadath Ali says:

    you have written a fantastic post on getting 1000 visitors to blog from facebook groups. excellent work. i have even tried with your tricks, but if my blog is on technology how can i attract more of my users.? and i liked the title attracting trick which u have explained. thanks.

  51. Joe Hart says:

    Great piece of advice..Will put it into action and see how it fares..Thanks for the information.

  52. Jennifer Cunningham says:

    That was a great tip in your article about receiving 1000 Facebook views a day . I will make sure I describe my link. I respond but I don’t seem to get many views from it. Will keep posting.

  53. great and very informative Post,,,very useful tips and advices i get here , Facebook groups are very helpful for getting traffic , i always found very useful and helpful tips on your Post,,,thanks for all the helpful and informative Post,,,

  54. Great Als0 Very Informative P0st , Good job (Y) Enistine .. !! Keep it Up :)
    NooRan NaJeeb recently posted..Top Five Tips to make money onlineMy Profile

  55. My comment might be too late but I love this post. Well written and very informative.


    Oluwaseun Babajide recently posted..How Affiliate Network Can Bring You Additional IncomeMy Profile

  56. Thank you enstine, i have tried my level best for getting 1k visitors but i got success rate of 50 – 99 unique visitors. May be i missed something.Let me try once again!. :)
    REKHILESH ADIYERi recently posted..Get Ready to Witness Expanded Google Maps!My Profile

  57. Herby Fabius says:

    Hi Enstine,
    Another great tip. I just started to get into Facebook groups and I agree there are a lot of traffic potential if done the right way. Thanks

  58. rakesh kumar says:

    Still trying very hard to get 1000+ visitors from facebook daily, Hope these tips will help me to get that required traffic from facebook. Thanks for posting this wonderful guide on facebook.

  59. prowebguru
    Follow me on Twitter:

    nice post. I started joining these group. Going to try strategy you mentioned to get more blog traffic.
    prowebguru recently posted..Increase Twitter ReTweets & Followers with JustReTweetMy Profile

  60. umer hafeez
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Before posting the engagement rules should be kept in mind, title and pictures are way too awesome resource to get a new visitor, my opinion.
    umer hafeez recently posted..Why you don’t need Instagram on your Nokia Lumia?My Profile

  61. Sam Adeyinka
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Wow! my bad. No wonder have not been getting the most from facebook. Thanks sir!
    Sam Adeyinka recently posted..Profile Of Tonye ColeMy Profile

  62. Killer Tips!!!

    I will keep in mind this tips while updating next time

  63. Lenise Ramsey says:

    Thanks for the tips. This is all good advice. Just wanted to share some awesome training I came across recently that showed me everything I always wanted to know about marketing on Facebook…how to market without bothering your “personal” friends and family all the time, without building a fan page, and without paying for ads. If you want to know more, feel free to email me…or text or call me at the number below:

    Lenise Ramsey

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