3 Tips To Get Blog Posts To Go Viral On Social Media

I’m sitting here thinking of what to say on this post about social media. I usually like to start out, on my blog at BloggersMakeMoney.Com, with a little opener to the topic that I’m writing about. However, this is a serious idea to write about. When  you speak of posts going “viral” online, it means that everybody and their grandma shares the post. 

Not just one or two shares either, but thousands! It goes deepinside the social media platform that it is being shared on and if you’re lucky enough to have this happen to you, then you will see people sharing from all over the world! You have probably seen these before on Facebook where there is literally thousands of people that has shared one thing or another. This is what you want to achieve. This is every new bloggers dream, and every pro bloggers great story.

Social media has allowed us to call “mutiny” on the search engines online. Now, you don’t have to build continual backlinks to a post to get it noticed online. With social media platforms, you can literally side-step this technique and build a social following online. All it takes is one. That one important person that will be the first link in a long line of shares all across the globe. You want to target that one!social media

Ha! That’s what I say! Anyone who doesn’t really understand these social platforms cannot comprehend the power that they have on the internet. Now, I’m not telling you to stop building links. I am simply going to inform you how you can better build a social following that will hopefully/eventaully lead to viral traffic!

Tips To A Viral Blog Post

I recently wrote a topic called The Perfect Post:Blog Ideas For Viral Traffic that

you may want to check out. However, even if you have the perfect post, you still have to have the traffic to be able to have a shot at viral sharing.

Here Are Some Tips You Can Use(In No Certain Order) To Better Your Chances Of Viral Traffic:

Tip#1- Start A Social Sharing Group:

One of the best ways to start getting social media shares on your website is to start your own social sharing group.  Take action yourself!  Don’t wait for people to linger in to your site and hope and pray they hit the “Like” button!  Get some like-minded people that are as involved as you are in blogging, and create a group around them.  My good friend Enstine, has already given us some great ideas, that are right here on this blog, that refer to traffic strategies for bloggers, and social media sharing groups is one of them!

Tip #2-Stop Aggravating Me!

social mediaWell, you’re not, but your blog is!  Get some decent sharing icons up!!  How can you expect your posts to go viral if your sharing icons are nowhere to be found, or don’t work half the time! These are a couple of reasons why I won’t share your blog posts. It’s too much of a hassle to try and fix someone’s mistake and I find that most people, instead of actually taking the time to do whatever they need to do to make it right, they just opt out of the sharing altogether. The reason I say this is because I have had similar things like this happen to me on my blog. My “tweet” button didn’t work right. Instead of fixing it, I hoped that people would just tweet anyway. Nope. Fix your junk!

Tip #3-Start Actually Using Social Media Sites Yourself!

There has to be a day set aside, perhaps even two, for full-on social interaction with your followers and your friends.  Twitter is the easiest one.  In one post I show you how I manipulate Twitter traffic with this tool, however, you can’t do this on all of the social platforms.  Your presence is required.  What I suggest is this:  what do you do when you want great backlinks for your site?  You troll the internet, or CommentLuv enabled blogs to be able to leave a comment on.  This idea with these social platforms is no different.  Take some time and build your following and/or friends.  Get on Facebook and ask for the friendship.  Actually READ what people have to say about a certain topic.  Heck, they took the time to post it, so it must be important to them.  If you take the time to show some interest in their updates, tweets,  pins, etc., then it all comes around to you for the good!

Even though I get most of my traffic from Twitter, I love Google Plus. This is one of the easiest ways that you can build a following for your social media stats.  You can add anyone that you want into your circles.  Usually you are added back in no time at all!

Since the release of Google’s black and white animals, “The Panda” & “The Penguin”, I forsee somewhere in the near future that indexing in the Google Plus social site will have something to do with the algorithm one day.

In Conclusion:

The power of social platforms on the internet today has drastically changed the way we search online.  More and more people are turning to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Plurk, Digg, etc. This is literally millions of potential visitors that has the possibility of visitingsocial media your site.  People are not looking for quanitity.  They are looking for quality.  This is why it is so important to have everything in order on your post to get that one person to share!

What makes a post go viral?  Getting it in front of as many targeted people as possible and peaking their interest either by informing, helping, or answering a question that they have about a certain subject.

Should we stop building links?  No, link building will always be a major influence in site rankings, but to get to the heart of where people really live is to go where they hang out.  Social media sites.

So let me hear your thoughts in the comment box.

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Wade is an internet marketer, social media expert, and blogging success story. He has a FREE ebook that is guaranteed to Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight
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  1. Social media marketing done in proper way can really make any posts go viral. If the posts are useful for readers than they would get be shared by many people who read them. It is necessary to let the people know about what new things you are posting about through social networking sites.
    Techboy Rocky recently posted..LG Optimus G ReviewMy Profile

  2. Social media is the best place to getting much more exposures but if we take attention while writing the topic tittle then we can generate more exposure than normal. Also images are time to time doing an big role for inviting any one to visiting your site.

  3. Ian Eberle
    Follow me on Twitter:

    I actually get a lot of traffic from a directory called DoFollow.info. I also get lots of traffic when I guest post on a site like Daily Blog Tips or Basic Blog Tips. Although these methods create traffic, they don’t make posts viral. Only social media can do that in my opinion and with social media, you should be using tools like Tweet Adder and Easy Retweet.
    Ian Eberle recently posted..Fundraiser: Help Us Raise Money To Start a ForumMy Profile

  4. Wade
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Well said! Social media needs to be in everyone’s strategy!
    Wade recently posted..Why Anonymous Made Me Rethink My GoDaddy HostingMy Profile

  5. There is no doubt that being more active in the social arenas is going to help. Fix your Junk…I like that. Nothing more aggravating then a share button that doesn’t work. Make it easier for your followers to share not harder!

    Great tips here Wade!!

    posted by Galen Morgigno
    Galen Morgigno recently posted..Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing | Network Marketing WorksMy Profile

  6. Hi Wade , you know one of the biggest challenges I’ve had online is getting to know or find out what people actually want to read. It’s not always about going viral or having a large audience. If you find out what people want to read then you can go viral without much work.

  7. Great post..
    if you share a useful post definitely it will go viral on social media..your tips are amazing “Start A Social Sharing Group” is sounds good..give a try..thanks for sharing..

  8. The biggest reason why I don’t share few people’s post is that I can’t find a single social sharing buttons on their blog. I want to share their posts, but I can’t waste my time finding social sharing buttons so It is must to display social sharing buttons just after the post to make it easy for readers to share.

    This is also a great call to action.
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..BlueHost Discount 4.95 Promo Code For Hosting WordPress BlogsMy Profile

  9. Great post Wade, social media traffic is really cool. I currently get traffic from Facebook and twitter and am loving it.
    Joseph Adediji recently posted..3 Under Utilized Sites For Getting Huge TrafficMy Profile

  10. I’ve been a pat of numerous groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Sometimes groups seem to get too large for their own good. Adding more and more members makes the group lose focus.

    Just tonight, I removed myself from a mommy bloggers group that ran its course for me.
    tonygreene113 recently posted..NYPD plans to double size of gang unitMy Profile

  11. Great post, very educating

  12. Hi Enstine,
    Social media really can make one’s blog post viral, but of course you’re right too that if we want to have a blog post become viral, make the content interesting, helpful and written well. What’s the point of getting to share that blog post to all social media sharing sites if the content or topic itself is not so interesting or written poorly?
    Felicia recently posted..EPT Sanremo: Brandon Barnes Leads The High Roller Going Into Day 2My Profile

  13. Thanks for this Wade. I’ve been doing them but there are some ideas I just got from this. I’ll implement them right away
    Adesoji recently posted..This is Why You Should Advertise with SharetoriMy Profile

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