When is the right time to start monetizing a new blog?

A common question I get around is when is the right time to start placing banners and trying to generate income from ones new blog. Now, this post is targeting anyone starting a new blog ; newbies or experienced bloggers, as I attempt an answer to the question.

For most of us blogging to make money, there is nothing as interesting as seeing that your blog is really making money. There are a lot of ways to make money as a blogger – directly on your blog or offering blogging services on other blogs.

With the excitement and having read a lot of interesting stuffs (including income reports) on how to generate income blogging, one of the biggest temptations is to start pasting Adsense and banners here and there on a pretty new blog.

Before I move on, I must make sure you understand that it’s highly possible to generate full time income as a full time blogger. You may want to check this post on when to fire your boss and become a full time blogger. Another article to read is my first year blogging story.

Here’s how to monetize any blog.

more money from blogging

Monetizing a blog simply means to give the blog the ability to generate income by placing money making objects on it. Before we look at when to monetize a new blog, here in very brief terms are some of the ways to monetize your blog:

  • Place affiliate banners on the blog.
  • Place Adsense ads on the blog.
  • Advertise your own products.
  • Review products with affiliate links to the product page.
  • Get paid to post on the blog.
  • Get paid to place links on articles on the blog.
  • Sale ad space on the blog.
  • Place affiliate text links on the blog.
  • Use affiliate links within your articles.
  • Etc

When is the right time to start monetizing a new blog.

There is absolutely no established formula that shows when a new blog is ripe and ready to generate income. However, a number of factors can help come to some conclusions.

NB: If you are creating some niche blogs aimed at generating income, it is generally a good thing to get your money making tools on as soon as you go public. However, if you are creating a personal or business blog where you share you views and opinions with your community on a more constant note, a few things are worth noting.

The energizer to monetize a new blog

No matter how smart you are in placing banners and money making links on your blog, without this energizer, you’re better off not having a blog.  Targeted traffic, the main energizer is what your blog needs at any given moment to put its money making ability to work. So the right time maybe when you start experiencing constant traffic to your blog. This traffic however must be targeted to boost clicks and conversion. That’s my own opinion based on experience.

Think about it for a moment! You need visitors to click your Adsense links, you need them to click those banners and buy the products so you can make a commission, you need them to buy your products. There is absolutely no way you can make money blogging without the necessary amount of traffic.

No advertiser is going to purchase ad space on a dormant blog, not even your grand ma!

Prove your traffic

make money blog new blogTo make money by selling ad space or getting paid or sponsored posts, you’ll need to show proof of traffic and your community strength. A common way most bloggers do this is by showing their social media stats, Alexa ranking stats and testimonials. In the most part, advertisers will always find out how popular your blog is and authenticate your displayed stats.

Focus on the essentials first

Now, the most recommended thing to do is to focus and develop the essential components that drive real income into your account. Which are some of these components and how to focus on them?

1 – Focus on driving targeted traffic

Now, I think there is a need to lay emphasis on the word “targeted” This is because not every traffic is good at conversion. So how targeted your traffic is, is so determinant in the amount of money your blog can make.

So my take is, for every new blog you create, focus on driving targeted traffic to it. This has a lot to boost your income.

Building a consistent flow of traffic to your blog is not easy. One of the most result-driven things to do is provide articles that your readers love. Focus on user intent – what’s the purpose of someone visiting your blog posts - and you’ll find exciting amount of visitors coming from search engines.

The most recent Google major updates witnessed a significant shift from merely showing keyword based articles to trying to interpret the searchers’ intent and match it to the most relevant content. That’s why developing content for readers of your new blog is more important.

Another tip in getting more traffic is to be active on the blogosphere; Commenting on related blogs, posting content and casting votes for others on content syndication platforms, etc. These are community activities that keep you noticed by others and drive important traffic to your blog.

2 – Expand your social media reach

This is the social media era. As a matter of fact, most advertisers and paid post clients are more attracted to your blog if your blog’s social reach is considerable. What they want is more exposure to their products and if you can give them this exposure on social media, they’ll give you their money.

Be positively active on the most commonly used social media platforms ; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc and make sure you naturally get followers and friends. Keep away from buying followers and friends. This will fake your social proof and keep advertisers away.

Is Google Adsense a good option for beginners?

Google Adsense for new blogs

Google Adsense is one of the easiest and most common ways to generate income blogging. As a matter of fact, most income reports on blogs today highlight Google Adsense as part of their monthly income sources. Adsense has been paying huge sums to many users today. Some site owners with super-large traffic  earn over $1 million annually just from this source of income. But the question is whether Adsense is a recommended option for starters.

Looking at the way Google Adsense functions on your blog, there is a bit of a deterrent effect. Some pro bloggers like John Chow will totally discourage Adsense for new bloggers. The reason is that it takes your visitors completely away from your blog. You absolutely don’t have control on how the click takes the user to the new page. Unlike banners and other forms of text links where you can set the click target, Adsense clicks will completely defer the visitor and take him clearly off your page.

Well, some visitors may use the right-mouse button and open the Adsense page in a new window. However, this may not resolve the issue.

As a blogger, you want to keep visitors on your site as long as possible. This will have an effect on your bounce rate and time on site which are important search engines ranking factors. Having any form of ads that pay you cents and take your visitors away is that last option to endorse.

By the way, that’s how I see it. You are free to keep it on new blogs ;) If I’m to start a new blog today, Adsense ads will be the last option to consider.

Well, this post is over 1300 words long and I think I have made a point. I want you to make a contribution. Leave a comment below and let me and other readers know what you think.

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Full Time blogger and Creator of BlogExpose.com. Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.

About Enstine M. Muki

Full Time blogger and Creator of BlogExpose.com. Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.


  1. Hi Muki,

    You have spoken extensively about this topic, as a matter of fact everybody blogs for money however when an attempt to make profit proof futile we all try to accept the fact that making money from our blog should not be our topmost priority meanwhile an attempt have been made bu we failed; nonetheless, as you have said, there is no specific time to monetize our blog but the sole spirit that can bring joy even when we start monetizing our blog on time is quality and targeted traffic that can easily convert our effort to earning. Great post bro!

  2. Buddy i heard that Google adsense cancel your acc if there any malicious url,is this right or what?

  3. Hi Enstine,

    Great post, So interesting that I read every inch of it till I reached the end, I didn’t even know it’s up to 1300, looks like 700 – 800 to me.

    John chow has a point there, how I wish there’s a way to tweak google adsense code and make it open in new tabs.

    Well you’re right, there are things involved in affiliate marketing, it’s either you start of the first day or wait to build some traffic, reputation and trust.
    I started monetizing quite earlier, my blog was 7 weeks then and I’ve gotten some few amount of readers.

    In my opinion, I’ll say start monetizing even from the first day of your blog then go build readers and earn their trust, if google adsense isn’t a good start then affiliate marketing will work. Affiliate marketing is better than adsense anyway.
    Talk soon ;)
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted..12 Best Affiliate Marketing tips for BeginnersMy Profile

  4. Hi Enstine,

    Traffic as they say is the life line of any business. It doesn’t matter how great your content is, if you don’t get any visitors you may as well hang it up.

    I don’t believe in using Adsense for a brand new site. I followed John Chow’s course at the beginning when I set up my blog. I didn’t monetize it all for about 3 months.

    I was first trying to build up my visitors and then when I started getting a decent amount of visitors I started monetizing. After all what good is it to monetize your site from the beginning.

    You have no visitors, so no one is going to click on any of your advertisements. I just think its a personal choice for when someone chooses to monetize their site. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.
    Susan Velez recently posted..10 Lessons I’ve Learned From Creating My Own ProductMy Profile

  5. Hi Enstine,
    The idea of when to start monetizing a blog is always a a mystery and may differ from person to person. I guess there is no such rule of the thumb which exists. Though one should have at least a traffic to 500-1,000 visitors per day when it would be wiser to start displaying ads and start monetizing in any other way.
    As for Google AdSense, those who are making big money never complain. Though its true that you cannot control the ads being displayed on your blog. Hence beginners and newbies should try and avoid it as a monetizing method in the start.
    Thanks for this awesome article.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted..My Online Business Empire – New Proven Place to Skyrocket Affiliate Commissions.My Profile

  6. Monetize from Day 1 Enstine because you are never too young to learn. Many bloggers wait way too long and feel uncomfortable after trying to monetize. Those who start early have no issues making money with their blogs. Great share buddy!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..2 Quick Words for Attracting More Readers to Your BlogMy Profile

    • Hey Ryan,
      How are you this weekend?

      Well, it doesn’t hurt to monetize from day 1 but I think the real issue here is that many will think it doesn’t work if they don’t start seeing the money soon enough. It is always a good thing to keep the money making aspect secondary.

      However, if you also have an established profile online, you can always start a new blog and direct your current audience to it easily. You may not want to miss a day in this case. ;)
      Enstine M. Muki recently posted..How I speed up my WordPress blog in one day – from 10s to 3sMy Profile

  7. Hi Enstine,

    I wouldn’t suggest new bloggers to go with AdSense because to get some money out of it you really have to have a huge traffic. And that’s not the case with the newbies and eventually can end up with frustration and disappointment.

    I think the right time to start monetizing a new blog is when that blog gain certain credibility and trust from the readers. Now it all depends on bloggers skills, but I wasn’t making any money on my first year of blogging. I know it’s a long period but I was doing on trials and errors.

    As far as I’m concerned the most effective way of monetizing through blogging are product reviews. Now I have a policy not to recommend the product or service which I wasn’t personally tried. And I always say pros and cons so my readers can decide whether the product is really suitable for them. The bottom line, never try to fool your readers.

    Thanks Enstine for sharing this useful post.

    ~ Dragan
    Dragan Palla recently posted..Freelancing…and Actually Making Money at ItMy Profile

    • Hey Dragan,
      Thanks for reading and leaving an intelligent comment.
      Yes, product reviews generate real income. There are two ways here ; Paid to review a product or review and affiliate product. The second will keep generating income for a very long period of time.

      Thanks for commenting and thanks for your solid advice to newbies ;)

      NB: I use the new commentluv pro anti backlinking plugin so I have whitelisted you so you get the benefits

      Thanks for visiting and do have a wonderful week ahead
      Enstine M. Muki recently posted..When is the right time to fire your boss and blog full time?My Profile

  8. There is no hard and fast rule as to “when” is the right time to monetize a blog. However, I tend to agree with the fact that there are basics to put in place by the blogger if one really wants to make headway. Making the blog valuable to readers and drawing traffic should be in place first before any monetization system is employed.

    This post was kingged at the IM content syndication site – kingged.com where this comment was shared.
    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  9. floriefe may says:

    I think for me, before you start monetize your blog you should be able to consider many things. New bloggers should take time to establish their selves before conquering the world of consumers online and make profit out of it.
    Slowly but surely I tell you! Being wise enough to know your traffic can be a good basis to start monetize your blogs.
    Thank you again Enstine for another informative post!
    I found and “kingged” this on the Internet marketing social site Kingged.com

  10. Reginald
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hey mate,

    Monetizing … is a big word! The best time to really monetize is when you have enough traffic. You could start it as early as day one but don’t expect a windfall though. Only when you have a thousand traffic a day or so, then yes you will start seeing real money coming in.

    Thanks for sharing my dear friend! Have a great weekend :D
    Reginald recently posted..Two SEO Best Practices To Generate More Website TrafficMy Profile

  11. Now is the time to monetize a new blog. If not now, when?

    You must be ready to face the journey, ready to win every challenge and ready to punch every problem that will bombard you in your way. And who doesn’t know John Chow? I am a fan of him and I admire his blogs. But yes, he isn’t advising newbies to use Google Adsense, but doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you are a newbie.

    In the news aggregator and social bookmark site for Internet marketers – kingged.com, the above comment was left.

  12. Hello Enstine, I think this article is really important for new bloggers like me. I almost made the mistake of placing google adsense on my new blog without even having the slightest idea how it can take away my visitors completely from my site. After reading this article, I understand a very big concept about monetizing my site. Thanks for sharing
    Ngah Benoit recently posted..The ultimate guide to a healthy and successful relationshipMy Profile

  13. manish kumar says:

    thank you sir for sharing such a great information which is very important for new bloggers and even me also making lot mistake to post ads without lot of visitors in my little blog.
    Now first of all i will try to bring lot of traffic on my blog then i will paste ads on it.

  14. Md. Nasir says:

    Income ways are great but currently I’m running out of traffic, my site was inactive for last 2 years and now started working on it, its a Blogspot blog, not getting expected traffic, around 30 per day, any suggestion will be highly appreciating…

    Thanks in advance

  15. That’s pretty nice information.

    I am totally agree with the AdSense terms, it really drops your interest and users to come on your website. AdSense is not for the beginners until and unless they have scope of sudden growth.

    Thanks and really a nice share.

    Atul Kumar Pandey
    Atul Kumar Pandey recently posted..Top 10 Reasons to Shift Your Website from Shared to VPS HostingMy Profile

  16. Hi Enstine,

    All the points above mentioned are good sources of income for a blog. All except one: Adsense.
    I don’t think Adsense is good for a beginner. It may be very useful and lucrative for an experienced blogger but for a newbie … I don’t think so.

    From my experience Adsense is very annoying. I always avoid Adsense ads and it gets on my nerves every time. Also, the majority of the bloggers I know are not satisfied with the Adsense’s results.

    My conclusion was that, until you know very well how to do it, there is no point in using Adsense on your blog. You may earn some nickels, in time but you risk running into … Google. I don’t want to monitor all my activities on my blog just because Google may think one of them breaks their policies.

    Well, this is just my opinion and I will be happy to know I am wrong.

    One more thing. Could you please whitelist me? I got a messages about not being whitelisted, from your comment system.

    Have a wonderful day
    Silviu recently posted..How to Make a Podcast and Attract ListenersMy Profile

  17. Tobi
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hello bro, This is really an eye opening blog post…

    But to me i think once you see your blog doing well in terms of traffic and you see comments flowing in, there is nothing bad as the next move is to turn your traffic into money..
    Thats my cent!!! Happy blogging
    Tobi recently posted..How To Get Direct Advertisers For Your Blog To Increase IncomeMy Profile

  18. Hey,
    Loved that Grand ma quote.
    For advertising on personal blogs, you have to build a strong base of loyal readers and a regular stream of targeted traffic. To make sales or to get clicks on your ads,the basic thing you need is the traffic.
    Without traffic, there is no point in selling anything to your readers.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted..5 Ways to Avoid Google Penguin 2.0 WrathMy Profile

  19. I have always struggled with this because I never know how much is to much and the right placement of things to make it subtle and not annoying! I think I just have to balance it with traffic which I am slowly working the kinks on.Also I think its important to note that just having traffic doesnt matter it has to be the right kind
    Martha Preston recently posted..Fusioncash Gets A Makeover:10 New Ways to Earn Extra MoneyMy Profile

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