7 reasons why bloggers fail with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a solid source of income to many website owners and bloggers. Like any other method to monetize and try to squeeze income from your blog, Google Adsense requires considerable targeted traffic, split testing and tweaking to achieve better results.

In this post, I want to examine some of the core reasons most bloggers fail to generate exciting figures from their blogs with Google Adsense. 

1 – Very low CPC (cost per click) ads

This is the main reason you are not making satisfying amounts with Google adsense units on your blog. Most people think traffic is top in determining how much one makes with this method. That’s not true! You can be generating very huge amounts with little traffic while someone with large traffic struggles to hit a fraction of your earnings. Let’s see how this works…

Let’s say you get $0.01 on one click and $0.02 on another. Your average CPC will therefore be ($0.01+$0.02)/2 = $0.015

If you get traffic that generates 100 clicks at $0.01 each, you end up with $1. This is miserable  enough to make you abandon. What if you get 10 clicks at $0.50? That brings in $5. 

From this simple examples, you see that traffic is not the main issue. CPC is what you should worry about.

2 – Very low or untargeted Traffic

In the point above, I explain how traffic is not the master that generates huge earnings from Adsense. This does not completely roll out traffic from the factor list. Traffic is still an important contributor and how targeted your traffic is makes it more crucial. If you drive irrelevant traffic to your pages, you get very negligible page views, Av Time on site, high bounce rates, etc and these are negative signals to search engines. This underlines the importance of paying attention to SEO as it’s an important source of targeted traffic.

3 – Too many ads

In order to generate more, some bloggers publish ads everywhere on their blogs. This is bad practice that works against its very purpose.  While it’s encouraged to place ads on areas with high visibility, this should not stand on the way. Visitors don’t come to your blog to view ads so ads should not be the first thing served or the only thing they see everywhere.

4 – Too much blending

While it is advised to blend the ad unites with your theme, this should not be aimed at fooling your visitors. Too much blending generates accident clicks. With many accident clicks or click by error, the advertiser’s page is closed almost immediately. Google cares about its advertisers and so works to protect their interests. Google is mart enough to know if your sites keeps generate accident or fraud clicks and they are ready to strike.

5 – Poor quality content

You should write for your readers who make the clicks that generate earnings. If your readers don’t find value in your contents, truth is, they are going to close  the page and move to the next. That’s not what a conscious blogger wants. You will want to provide content that’s good enough to keep your readers reading and coming back for more. This will greatly improve your chances of making more money with adsense.

6 – Lack of split testing

Split testing is an important practice in any business. It’s simply the testing of different options to see what works best and go for it. What works on blog A may not work on blog B. You must be able to test the various options of Adsense to discover what works best for your blog. You should test the different units, position, colors, etc. This is the only way to know what works and generates income the most.

7 – Wrong Adsense plugin

Most bloggers are in love with free stuffs and this is going a long way to work against them. While there are lots of free Adsense plugins out there, I recommend checking out CashDonator for your Ads and Sales management. This is the best I can recommend for management of different Adsense units on your blog posts.

Your turn to talk

Do you have Google Adsense on your blog? Do you think you generate enough daily earnings? What do you think must be done to increase earnings? Let me here from you in the comment box

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Full Time blogger and Creator of BlogExpose.com. Check out my blog where I share actionable tips on how to make money blogging.


  1. Abhi Balani
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine,

    I just lost my adsense since I started my blog on blogger. My adsense account got approved in 3 months on blogspot and then got blocked due to future risk. I have know idea why. I tried few times to set it up. But now I have left it. And I know I am earning much more than I would have earned with Adsense. So, I don’t mind. :D
    Abhi Balani recently posted..Support Me: Blog Engage Guest Blogging Contest #6My Profile

  2. ileane
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Hi Enstine!
    Thanks for writing about AdSense. I get questions about it all the time so your post will come in handy to refer to in my responses to people.

    I’m making more earnings from AdSense on my YouTube channel than I am with my blog and I like to keep it that way for now. I have a question about the CashDonator plugin. In the past I used a different AdSense plugin but when I went to my ad performance stats in AdSense there was no breakdown by type of ad or size. Does CashDonator allow those break downs to appear in the AdSense stats?

    Thanks for the post Enstine!
    ileane recently posted..YouTube Advertising Formats: The Essential GuideMy Profile

    • Hey Ileane,
      Glad to see you here
      In fact this is first in a series of Adsense post I’ll be making for the next few days. I’m sure I’ll be able to provide answers to your readers. I’m really excited to hear that.

      Meanwhile, as soon as I get enough bandwidth to cover videos, I’ll be able to follow you to the fullest on YouTube.

      CashDonator as per the current version unfortunately does not send back signals to Google Adsense. You will have to rely on channels to get more performance stats. It’s however a bright question that triggers my brain to working that out in the next version of the plugin.

      It’s always a pleasure to have you on my blog Ileane. Hope to see you here again and have a splendid weekend ;)

  3. ileane
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Cool! I love inspiring ideas. This was a big problem for me because as you know I follow Lisa Irby from 2createawebsite. As I was watching one of her tutorials about AdSense and finding out which ads were performing based on size and text versus image – I went to my account and saw no break downs! This was due to using the plugin.

    I would love to have a plugin that could track the break downs so I wouldn’t need to go back to AdSense and grab the code each time.

    btw – it turns out that the image ads perform better on my blog but when I actually look at those ads they are really images that are text with a link (mostly Google’s own ads). Go figure. LOL!

    Thanks and keep up the great work. I’ll be back to check out your upcoming AdSense posts.
    ileane recently posted..Resources I Rely on for Blogging and Social Media SuccessMy Profile

    • Good to see you again Ileane,
      Lisa’s blog is another source of useful and inspiring materials. I do check it out too

      Now, about Adsense, people love images more than reading through text. The proof is the wild spread of Pinterest within a very short space of time. Most often, on your Facebook timeline, you’d just love to scroll up and down and what catches your attention and causes you to slow down and stop scrolling is an imposing picture.

      Advertisers have also know this. that’s why image ads are becoming so popular on Google Adsense. Now, the issue is being able to filter and only show images with high CPC ;)

      I’ll be happy to see you again on my next post

  4. Great post again Enstine.
    I don’t have Adsense, I am not quite a fan of it. Applied 2-3 times, got rejected and left it. Now I am concentrating more on methods that rely on my work and not on clicks.

    I would surely apply for Adsense but just for paying off my bills :P
    Arbaz Khan recently posted..Taking Care of SEO is Like a Child’s Play.My Profile

    • Hey bro,
      Those Adsense guys are becoming very rigid these days. I remember in those early days, you didn’t need any application. Now you need to have a 6months+ website to be considered. I’m sure you will be accepted on your next try.

      Focusing on what you can offer is another solid way to generate income bro. Why some people need huge traffic and number of clicks to generate some crazy amounts, your talents and skills can get you quite huge amounts from only one or few clients. Keep up the great job and be more professional. It really pays.

      Hope to see you again bro

  5. Dave Lucas says:

    You missed the #1 problem! This happened to me and it happens daily to
    other bloggers… all a “jealous” or mean-spirited person has to do is
    click on your AdSense ads 4 or 5 times in a row for 3 or 4 days.
    You’ll get an email from Google informing you that you are getting
    bounced off the program. You get one appeal. You won’t be successful.
    I was reading about one blogger who had a really hefty income from
    AdSense when his account was suddenly suspended… last time I
    checked, he was out some really big bucks, and no way of getting that

    I wasn’t making a lot from AdSense, but it certainly was enough to
    have been a member of the program for years… through my sitemeter I
    know exactly where the fake clicks came from and who did it… but
    there is nothing I could do about it.

    I was able to find alternative ad sources and they now exceed the
    monthly AdSense payout!
    Blog On!

    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
      That’s really mean for bloggers to do that. Google will have to find a way out to handle this. Suspension is not the answer.

      Good to hear that you found something else that’s working better.

      Hope to see you again

  6. Enstine, I wanted to thank you for recently visiting my blog. I really appreciate your comments.

    I have not stepped into the realm of Google Adsense for my blog. After reading your article here, I will certainly have some guidelines to refer back to. Thanks for bringing the value to the table, my friend!

    posted by Galen Morgigno
    Galen Morgigno recently posted..Jeffery Combs Interviews Susan Sly | Oct. 2012My Profile

  7. Hello ,
    Really great topic and post.I agree with the points mentioned here.. I find something cool here.. Great share.

  8. Actually your points are good… but as all we know that google also does fraud too… I have seen it many times with my friends blog… and better is to chose another channel instead of google ads… go for adbrite…

    • Hey Sayeed,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Yes! While Google Adsense is generating a lot for some users, it’s also a problem to others.
      As you pointed out, there are other channels. I personally don’t have any experience with adbrite. I think I’ll give it a try too

      Hope to see you again ;)

      • Of-course you should give a try on that they are really well in that… actually there are many more… but I have tried adbrite and adsense if found adbrite is much more better than google adsense…

  9. Juan
    Follow me on Twitter:

    i dont really generate so much with adsense, i’m from asia and you know that cpc is low there
    Juan recently posted..Easy Strategies To Improve Your Leadership Skills With Management TrainingMy Profile

    • Hi Juan,
      Sure thing is CPC for Asian traffic should be lower but if you drive traffic from US Canda UK to your blog, you should see an improvement.

      BTW, thanks for stopping by and adding contents

      Have a splendid weekend

  10. Hi Enstine,
    I never made a lot from Adsense (on my personal blog), but for me it’s still okay that way rather than get my blog banned from Google Adsense. I agree with Dave Lucas, there are others who do mean things to your blog by clicking on your Adsense Ads. I sure wish Google could come up with something (like Penguin, Panda, EMD) that would protect honest blog owners who earn from Google Adsense, and not get their account suddenly suspended when there are those who click nonstop on their ads and get them banned from Google Adsense.
    Felicia recently posted..Howard Lederer Received Death Threats At Las Vegas CasinoMy Profile

  11. Yogesh
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Poor quality content and too much ads are the main points why bloggers fail. We should concentrate on these specially in my views. Bytheway your all points are as well important and every blogger should take care of these. Thanks for sharing.
    Yogesh recently posted..Basic applications for Nokia Lumia 920 and 820My Profile

  12. I certainly do agree with you on those points raised but somehow don’t agree with you. Adsense placements should be something of experimentation and proper optmization. A certain placement on my blog may work for me and maybe might not work for you.

  13. This is one of my favorite post. I will try and re adjust my ads now, again we all make mistakes.

    Thanks for sharing, as usual, I love reading your stuffs!

    Oluwaseun Babajide recently posted..Create A Free Website (WIX.COM) – It’s Fast and Easy!My Profile

  14. Oscar Frank
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Wow, this post would come in handy to answer most adsense questions directed to me. Thanks Muki
    Oscar Frank recently posted..5 Reasons Why Your Visitors Won’t Visit Your Blog AgainMy Profile

  15. Herby Fabius says:

    Another fantastic post Enstine. CPC is what we need to worry about the most. I never really look at that way I thought that traffic was the only factor to making money using adsense. Thanks for this info.

  16. Nikhil
    Follow me on Twitter:

    Nice write-up. Well, it all depends on the CPC. Those bloggers with low CPC tend to give up fast. But I guess they should be finding ways to optimize that. Also, one has to be careful while choosing the Adsense plugin for WordPress as there are some plugins which sap in some percent of your Adsense earnings.
    Nikhil recently posted..Banned From Adsense? Here Are The 20 High Paying AlternativesMy Profile

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